Sunday, March 1, 2009

POTD’s and an Update

Alexis and Brandon are feeling better, but Jordan and I are not! Ronnie never did get sick, which just baffles me.

The POTD for the 27th is of Jordan trying on Ronnie’s old glasses. She found them at the bottom of his dresser, and was modeling them while laughing hysterically.

I am an Aunt again! My sister-in-law had my nephew Christian Wesley on Friday! He is just the cutest little baby. I am so excited to go cuddle him once everyone is feeling better.


Yesterday Ronnie and his friend went to race at the Pinks All Out competition in Baton Rouge, La. His friend won both of his races, but sadly his class was not picked to advance. I did get some super cool photos out of it, including this one that I am using as the POTD.


Here is a photo of the host of the show just for Leah, because she likes him so much. LOL


This is Ronnie’s friend’s truck. It is pretty cool!


Here is today’s POTD! Lady was passed out on the floor sleeping. She was sleeping so hard I could not even see her eyes. After a while she looked up at me and snorted, I guess she was telling me to leave her alone and let her sleep. LOL


I am all caught up! I will try to come back and check in tomorrow. It is almost bed time here, and I still have a million things on my to do list!

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Agnes said...

I hope you and Jordan will be feeling better by tomorrow...
Oh my, Christian is so adorable :-))))

jacqueline said...

hi there Heather! nice photos you got there. :) good to hear that you guys are getting better one by one. :)

go get some sleep now. :)

Rleen said...

WOW! Heather, those photos are fantastic! I love the photo of Jordan she's so cute and your nephew is adorable. TFS!

Amelia said...

it's good that Brandon and Alexis were all fine now...the dog is so cute!!!

take care Heather!!

Mandy said...

Love the photos!Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Glad some already are.Congrats on being an Auntie again he's so cute!

Elizabeth A. said...

I'm sorry half of your house is better while you and Jordan are still in the dumps, but hey it's Monday you can go to the doctor now! :D My DH brings it home and DD and I get sick while DH stays healthy the entire time. It used to make me crazy, but now I make soup with loads of garlic anytime I hear there is something going around.

When you said Lady had passed out I jumped, I'm glad she was sleeping so peacefully.

Leah. said...

Like him so much!!! You are so nice to me. That guy irritates me.

Love the photos you got though. It would have been cool if they got picked :(

Love Jordan in the glasses! LOL
Lady, looks so sweet. I love that photo.

Feel better :)

TheresaK said...

awwww....that is an adorable baby!! I hope you all feel better soon!!

MindyRadio said...

That picture of Lady is so so funny. LOVE IT!

Amanda Sevall said...

Congrats on being an auntie! It's the best isn't it?! :) Love all these pictures you are sharing! Are you going to do a POTD album for the year?