Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick’s Day/Questions Session 17

Yesterday for St. Patrick’s Day I baked green cupcakes for the kids. I tinted the batter green, and the icing! The kids really loved them, and it made my day. We usually do not do much for St. Patrick’s Day, but I wanted to make the day special for them. Jordan was convinced that leprechauns brought them to her house. LOL


Today’s photo is of the flowers the Jordan picked for me. Our Azalea bushes are blooming in the front yard, and she is always picking me flowers. Even weeds! I do not mind though. I always find a vase and stick them in it no matter how squashed they are by her little hands. It is a little thing that means a lot to me.


Questions Session 17

Question One: Tell me about your car. What color is it? What kind of car is it? Do you love/like/hate it? Why?

I drive a red Dodge Grand Caravan, and I completely love it! I always swore I would NEVER drive a minivan, and I meant NEVER, but when we decided to have three children I decided a van would be the most cost effective and spacious way to go. I am glad I did. I have power side doors, and they open at the press of a button which is important when you are trying to keep all three kids from running off into traffic. I did choose a red minivan because I figured if I HAD to drive a minivan, at least it could be a cool color. I have to mention that it also has a name “Vannie”. Jordan names everything. (See the post about Truckie and Parry! Hehe)

Question Two: Do you lie to yourself about anything?

I lie to myself about how much time I have left to get things done. I am a procrastinator when I do not want to do something, and I will put projects off by telling myself, “I will do it in an hour.” Then when an hour comes I say, “I will do it first thing tomorrow morning before anything else!” LOL Even when I know I will not and will end up waiting until the last possible second. It is a habit I should break.

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agnes said...

Minivans are fun!

Heather isn't green your favorite color? I knew you were going to come up with something for St. Patrick's Day :-)

Adriann said...

Love the flowers! We don't have a lot of flowers in our yard and so William will often find wildflowers or weeds to pick for me. Children are so sweet and endearing!

Congrats on your DT assignment!!


Summer said...

Oh Heather..
Those cupcakes look great..;D
They look so yummy..Hope you have a nice day friend.;D

jacqueline said...

lovely flowers from your lovely fairy, Jordan. :)

Amelia said...

Hi Heather!!! Happy St. Patrick Day!

the cupcakes looks yummy!

about the car, I love and missed our car back in Manila. It's a toyota and colour red since that's our favourite colour. I used to drive that around the village...

about telling a lie...I haven't procrastinate I do things the way it was scheduled. I got frustrated if I didn't finished my task. I don't know I am really like that...

Michelle said...

Your cupcakes look so good!! We didn't do anything for St. Patty's Day (and should of being I am 1/2 Irish!) Your flowers are beautiful!! Not a single thing blooming here - talking snow mixed with rain - winter is not over yet, up here. I drive a Toyota Sienna Minivan, burgundy colored and love it! Yes, I do procrastinate some, depends on how much energy I have.

MaRLeNeF said...

Hi Heather :) Those cupcakes look soooo yummy! I think I'll have to make some of those soon for my boys! xxx Marlene

Elizabeth said...

LOL about your GREEN cupcakes. It must have been something in the air that blew through the gulf because we too made green stuff that otherwise we wouldn't have done.