Monday, March 2, 2009

Whoo Hoo He Is Two!/Questions Session 15

Today is Brandon's second birthday! I can not believe how quickly he has grown. He is as tall as a four year old and rambunctious as all get out. He loves cars, trains, and anything related to transportation. He is the most loving little boy, and we are so thrilled every day to have him in our lives. He celebrated his birthday by passing out on the floor in his room with his hands tucked under his tummy, and his legs pulled up like a little frog. He seems so grown up sometimes, but times like these remind me he is still pretty little.

Only one question today... inspired by a question a friend of mine had to answer on her daughter's pre-kindergarten application. List five words that describe your children. (If you do not have children, list five words that describe you!)

Alexis: Determined, Energetic, Introverted, Enthusiastic, and Tough

Jordan: Exuberant, Musical, Intelligent, Sensitive, and Stubborn

Brandon: Brave, Intense, Loving, Forgiving, and Tender

Me: Determined, Musical, Creative, Introverted, and Intelligent

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Amelia said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Brandon!!!! :))

that's a cute pic of him and also the post!!!

Agnes said...


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!!!

MindyRadio said...

Oh, that picture of Brandon is just the sweetest thing!

Leah. said...

Oh fun question!!!!!!

Jordan: Stubborn, opinionated, smart, helpful, talkative, social.

Joshua: Sweet, thoughtful, artistic, lazy, shy

Joseph: Destructive (LOL) sweet, silly, loud, tender.

I'm throwing Terry and I in too.

Terry: Thoughtful, charismatic, stubborn, gooooood looking (LOL)

Me: Stubborn, opinionated, sensitive, kind, TEMPER!
(it's that Aries stuff. LOL)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON! Sorry I didn't say it sooner. I was sick!

Nichole said...

I cannot believe I never thought to come over here!!!! duh!!!!!

but I found you now! hahaha

that photo is adorable! happy birthday to him!! I love 2. it's such a fun age. they really start coming into their own....!

Amanda Sevall said...

That picture is too funny! Hope Brandon enjoyed his birthday :) As for my words.... fun, loving, intelligent, creative, opinionated. That was a fun question :)

Elizabeth said...

Me: quilter, friend, creative, introspective, mother (that was hard!)

DH: deep, introvert, quiet, giving, loving LOL!

and I'm still mum on Jessica's words till I know the status of her application, wish me luck tomorrow! :D

jacqueline said...

uh-oh! i thought this saturday (7 march) was brandon's birthday! lol.. my embarrassing mistake again.. :)

happy belated birthday to brandon anyway. :)