Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scrapbook Layout Sharing

I have bunches of scrapbook pages to share that I have done lately. If you would like to see any of them larger just click on the image and it will open in a new window. You will also be able to view a product list and read the journaling there.

This layout was made with the April Mosh Posh kit!

Another one with the April Mosh Posh kit...

And yet another one with the April Mosh Posh kit... Can you tell that I liked it? LOL

This one was made with the Urban Prairie collection pack that Felix and Dee special ordered for me through Scrappersaurus.

Another Urban Prairie layout inspired by a super cute Page Maps sketch.

One of my favorite layouts I have ever done of Brandon. Captain Chaos is his nickname.

My first set of ATC's. I really enjoyed playing with alcohol ink to achieve the colors here.

A birthday layout of Brandon from his first birthday.

An Easter layout I did with super cute Moxxie Easter paper that I found at Scrappersaurus.

While Ronnie and Alexis were gone attending THIS year's NASCAR race, I thought I would hurry and get LAST year's photos scrapped.

Yet another NASCAR layout, but this one is much busier!

And last but not least another one of My Little Monkey... Brandon!

Do not forget to stop by Scrapperie for the Snail Mail Soiree challenge. We are making a card a day, (So far I have done 28!) and you will have a chance to win prizes if you complete and upload cards. (Do not forget to link them to the challenge thread!) You still have time! The deadline for entries is May 3rd.


I will be doing a guest design team spot for Scrapperie in the month of June and am so excited!

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My Camera Is Home!

Okay that is totally terrible! I should say my husband and kid are home, but I am so relieved to have my camera back in one piece that you will have to forgive me! Ronnie and Alexis has a blast at the NASCAR race, and thankfully they were not hurt when that big wreck happened on Sunday and debris flew into the audience. One woman even had her jaw broken. My prayers go to her and her family as she recovers! Ronnie and Alexis were sitting in the same section she was for the Saturday race. I am now officially convinced that NASCAR is more dangerous than I had previously believed.

Ronnie took lots of photos. Here is an awesome photo he took of the cars coming around the track toward them during the Busch race on Saturday. Pretty neat huh? This photo was edited with the Coffee Shop Vivid action because it was a bit dull SOOC.

He also took this one on Saturday, and I have to say I really love the angles and composition of this one. SOOC with no edits. The boy may have potential! LOL

Here is the photo of Miss Alexis. She posed in front of every car, and tires, and pit boxes, and... well you get the picture. Thank goodness she does not mind having her photo done. Daddy has a bit of the paparazzi in him as well. LOL He gets it from me I think. This is one of my favorite photos of her taken on Sunday when they got to go down on the track and into the pits with their pit passes.

Last night I caught another sneaky photo of Ronnie while he was folding clothes. I really missed him. It was hard doing everything by myself. You do not realize how much they help until they are not there. I think I will keep him around for a while. He folds laundry! LOL I may complain less... for a day or two. Hehe

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Super Cool Scrappy Giveaway

For National Scrapbook Day Kim Strother is having a big scrappy giveaway on her blog. Check it out here!


She's got some fabulous stuff she's giving away in honor of National Scrapbook Day. So hurry and go enter!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Camera Withdrawal

This is my photo of the day for Thursday. Ronnie did not appreciate being called "recliner man". I do not know why. LOL He hates having his photo taken with a passion. I had to sneak up on him and take the photo quickly. That recliner is the most comfortable thing ever. I bought it for him years ago. It is a tall man recliner and is huge. Brandon and I frequently sleep in it when he is not feeling well. I love that thing. It is so much a part of what makes our home a home.

Another sneaky photo! Ronnie had the day off on Friday so he could pack for his trip to the NASCAR race in Talladega, Alabama this weekend. He and Alexis go to the April race every single year. It is a lot of fun for them. I got this photo as he took the kids off of the bus and walked them to the door. It was taken through my front window. Yes, I am sneaky, but I have to be or he makes faces! Something about this photo just makes me sigh. He is such a good Daddy. He feels so bad that Jordan is not old enough to go to Talladega yet. The loud noises would just be too much for her. She is very sensitive to noise, and of course she begged to go with him. I said "No", so I am the bad guy. =0( I am having camera withdrawal because Ronnie took it to Talladega with him, but I should have some really cool photos to share when they get back. So that is a good thing. Right? Who am I kidding? I miss my camera!

Ronnie called this evening and they had a really great time at the race, and are looking forward to the cup race tomorrow. I am looking forward to some more scrapbooking time. I made my first set of altered trading cards today, and 2 layouts. Hopefully I will get to create some more tomorrow. My in laws took Brandon and Jordan out to eat this morning, and then they brought them over to my sister in law's house to play until four o'clock. I was all by myself for most of the day. For the first part I was loving the peace and quiet, but around lunch time when there was no one to eat with I missed them. They drive me nuts, but they are mine! I even went and got them early.

Now I am up late posting this then I am going to bed. It is so quiet and weird when Ronnie and Lexie are gone.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Digital Template Freebie for Colleen

I got a sweet email the other day from a lady looking to buy my digital designs. I have not been selling my digital designs in any stores. I have still been giving freebies away periodically. I got kind of burnt out after a lot of things happened in the digital business. (Not going to go into all of that!) Since I did not have the exact template she was looking for, I re-created it for her as closely as possible. I hope this works for you Colleen. I thought maybe someone else could use it too. I only ask that you respect my TOU! Thanks.

You can download it here: http://www.4shared.com/file/101398962/9c5c7af2/MMD_Template_for_Colleen.html

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Cool Trick/Questions Session 19

Our dog Lady has still been sick off and on. She is getting older, and has slowed down a lot due to her arthritis. We had to have the vet order a higher dose of her epilepsy medicine because when we went in the last time her blood levels were not right. So we had to stop by the veterinarian's office on Monday after Jordan's therapy appointment to get the new medicine. Thank goodness it is a bit cheaper than the last prescription and looks like it might last a bit longer. (We don't call her the million dollar dog for nothing!) The POTD for Monday is Jordan and Brandon oh so patiently waiting for me to be finished checking out and getting directions for the new medicine.

Yesterday Brandon was cranky all day long. I left him in his pajamas because he whined when I tried to get him dressed. Basically he whined whenever I tried to do anything with him. He is still getting his molars in, and is teething like crazy. He chews on his fingers like there is no tomorrow! I went to check on him in the afternoon, and this is how I found him. All I have to say is that he is lucky he is cute! It was a rough day. LOL I know the photo is not the greatest quality, but I certainly was not going to turn the flash on and wake the little crab up!

Today's photo is a milestone! It is the first time I got Brandon to eat broccoli. What is that you say? It does not look like broccoli in the bowl? That's because I mashed it up with rice after cooking the broccoli down until it was mushy. Don't worry. I cooked the rice in the broccoli water so he still got all of the good nutrients, and the best part was that he did not even notice! Cool trick huh? It does not take much to make a Mom excited these days. LOL Scrapbook paper and children eating vegetables make my day.

(*Edited with the Honey Retro-Coffee Shop Action)

Questions Session 19

Bet you thought I forgot? Nope. It has just been insane here lately. Now that I am finally catching up a bit I am back to questions. Just a reminder for those who are new to my blog. I have been posting scrapbook journaling questions/blog topics for people to respond to. Please feel free to join in. I found a list on a website by Sherrill Pierre that I use as well as my own questions.

Question One: What sound is most comforting to you?
Lying in bed at night listening to my husband breathe while he sleeps. Yeah, that sounds kind of crazy. A big part of it is knowing everyone is where they are supposed to be, safe and sound and tucked into their beds. It is very comforting!

Question Two: What bores you?
I am not a big fan of television. I think a lot of it is mindless, and it bores me. I would rather read a book than sit there staring at the television. It just feels more productive to me. I do keep it on at times for background noise when the house is too quiet, but that is very RARE!

I am looking forward to reading everyone's answers! Happy Earth Day, and as always... Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Look Who Turned Five!

I am so far behind on sharing photos and updating everything that has been going on!!! Here is the photo of the day from Friday. I almost forgot to take a photo, and I remembered right as I was tucking Jojo into bed.

Jordan turned five on Saturday with an absence of fanfare for sure. We were planning a trip to the zoo, but unfortunatley we got rained out. Instead we decided to have her cake and presents at our house on Friday night with just our immediate family, and then to drive down to my grandparent's house to visit them on Saturday. We missed our Easter visit to them because everyone was sick. Of course I took plenty of photos anyway. After all, what's a birthday with out photos to scrapbook? Here is Miss Jojo on Friday evening opening up her presents!

And here she is blowing out the candles on the cake that I made at the last possible minute. Please do not laugh at it! I tried. LOL

She asked for a Yo Gabba Gabba DJ Lance Rock hat that sings when she dances. We got it for her, and I just have to giggle every time I see her in it. LOL

I got quite a few awesome photos at my grandma's house on Saturday. Her house is nature central, and about as close to a petting zoo as you can get outside of a real zoo. LOL In fact when Jordan heard that we were going there instead of the zoo, she was perfectly content. She wanted to see the new baby goat! More on that later... Here is Saturday's photo of the day. All three of the girl great-grandchildren (say that three times fast) were fascinated with the butterfly chrysalis' we found on and around the house. We got to see all of the different stages... Caterpillars building chrysalis', finished chrysalis', butterflies emerging from the chrysalis', and even one drying off enough to fly away. It was awesome.

My grandma found a crysalis that had fallen off of the house, so she put it in her bug house to bring inside. She plans to keep it safe until the butterfly emerges and she can let it go. Note that I said my grandma has a bug house. Yep, she is that cool! LOL

Here is the butterfly that we got to see hatch, dry off, and fly away. He dropped to the ground to finish drying off, and you KNOW I am planning a scrapbook page about butterflies don't you?!

The kids also got to visit with my grandma's new baby fainting goat. He was soo cute, and of course I took my turn holding him. I wanted to bring him home, but Ronnie said, "NO!" I tried to explain the benefits of a living lawnmower, but he wasn't having it. The baby goat's name is Goat Possum Longman. (Yes, Jordan -the great namer- named him.) Jordan liked looking at the goat, but she could not be persuaded to touch it. Brandon wouldn't sit still long enough to hold it, so I put it in the wheelbarrow with him and hurried to take a picture. I did not realize it would upset him so much, and I realized he was crying as I took the photo. How pitiful is this? I felt so bad, and snatched him out as soon as I realized. Of course Alexis the brave held the goat and had to be persuaded to give him back.

My grandmother's house always has the most beautiful flowers, and I had dressed the girls in their Easter dresses to go down there. I needed to get some use out of them since we missed Easter. LOL Anyway, I snapped this photo of Lexie in front of a rose bush. She is too cute, and always willing to be my model.

This last photo is my photo of the day for Sunday. It is something I rarely see. The two little kids playing together without fighting or fussing. Something about this photo just makes me sigh. It is not just the photo. It is remembering that it was a beautiful day, and the breeze was so nice. It was wonderful to sit in the sun and watch them in the pool. Ronnie was sitting out on the carport with me, and he kept saying, "This is really nice isn't it?" And you know what? It really was. It was the kind of day that makes you feel lucky to be alive, and grateful for your blessings.

A few of my friends have emailed me and have asked where I have been. It has just been really hectic here with birthday parties and Ronnie's plans to be out of town this weekend. I am struggling to keep up with everything. Not to mention that Ronnie was home sick for three days. If I owe you an email please know it's coming. It does not help that the library called me to pick up my copy of Eclipse today. I've got my nose stuck in that book, and am just loving it. I took a break to come post this, and now I am off to make myself some more espresso. The bus should be here any minute, and I will need my strength. LOL

Thank you for stopping by,

P.S. I think this is the longest blog post ever!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


My friend Mandy Koeppen tagged me with this adorable award. Thank you so very much Mandy! You rock! Here are the rules:

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.

2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.

3. Nominate 10 blogs.

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5. Leave a message for your nominees.

Here are my nominees (in no particular order):


I am glad to pass on this award to my friends! I hope you all know just how much I love reading your blogs and reading the comments you leave me!


P.S. I will be back for photo sharing and other stuff!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photo of the day sharing...

The first photo just cracks me up. It is so typically Brandon. I find cars everywhere in my home. In my dresser drawers, in the washer machine, in pockets... You name it, and there is probably a car there. On this day I opened my silverware drawer to begin putting up silverware, and saw a van rolling around in it. Proof that I finally have my little boy, and every time I see it I just smile. (I left it in the drawer. I would hate for him to do back and look for it only to find it gone!)

The kids are out of school this week for Easter/Spring break. It has been a lot more relaxed around here. I am not rushing around trying to get them ready for school in the mornings. Even though having all three of them home is hectic, I have really been enjoying the time with them. I just wish Jordan and Brandon would quit fighting so much! This photo was taken yesterday evening. (Don't you think the lighting is fabulous? I am proud to say this one is SOOC with no editing.) I was sitting on the carport watching the kids play in the sand box, and I noticed Brandon sticking his tongue out while he was concentrating really hard. I do the same thing even now. Ronnie is always telling me to put my tongue back in when I am scrapbooking. LOL It tickled me so I took a photo of him.

We spent the majority of the day over at my sister-in-law's house today. Since she is a teacher, she is off of work too. We went over there to eat lunch and hang out. We ended up going to a plant nursery to check out plants, and we were surprised to find out that they had a deer, turkeys, and ducks. The biggest hit with the kids was the koi pond where they had a ton of fish that swam right up to you. It was so cool! The kids were fascinated, so I grabbed my camera and snapped this.

I hope everyone is having a good week. I am having a hard time staying caught up with everything with the little ones home. I know I am due to post questions and layouts again, but we have been having too much fun. LOL Hopefully next week!

Thanks for stopping by! I have got to go cook dinner.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We have been planning our Easter celebration for a while, but our plans changed at the last minute. We were supposed to go to my grandparent's house, but unfortunately I got sick. My grandmother recently got out of the hospital where she was diagnosed with COPD, and I did not feel that going down there to visit was in her best interest. I would have felt so bad if she got sick. Instead, we planned to stay home, and adapt as best we could. The kids had a blast decorating cupcakes with "grass" (shredded coconut dyed green with food coloring), and hiding jellybean eggs in the "grass" on the cupcakes. Then we dyed Easter eggs. I caught this particularly adorable shot of Ronnie helping Jordan with her eggs.

This morning when the kids woke up they got their Easter baskets, and ate candy before the sun was up. Alexis and Jordan each got a cute Summer outfit, and Brandon got a tiny baseball glove and ball. After I drank my coffee and the sun came up a little, I went outside to hide Easter eggs. When we let them loose to go hunt, this was one of the first photos I snapped. It is my photo of the day for today.

However, it was NOT the best photo I got. I liked it because it had all three kiddos together in the shot. Here are some other shots that I loved! These are all edited with Coffee Shop Actions. (Thank you!) The first photo is Alexis sitting in the grass in her Easter dress. This one is edited with the Orton action. I love how soft and dreamy it ended up!

Here is our Easter pug! Lady Belle laid down in the midst of a pile of Easter eggs, and I just could not resist snapping a few photos of her. I love how this one came out. It was edited with the Vivid action.

Here is Miss Jordan going through her eggs to see what kind of loot she got! She was eating her jelly beans and sitting in the grass. I love the way her hair was blowing in the wind. She is just too cute. (Edited with the Lomo action.)

Last but not least in any way, here is Mr. Bubba bouncing on his pony. I love the look of joy on his face. That boy just makes me smile every time I look at him! I edited these two with the Color Pop 2 action.

See Auntie Lisa? I told you they loved their bouncy toys! LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I wish each and every one of you a truly Happy Easter!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday I had to go over to my friend's house because the school neglected to tell her that her son was getting out of school early. They put him on the bus, and she was not at the bus stop to meet them. She baby sits other kids during the day, and could not fit them all in the car, so I went over there to watch the other kids while she went to get her son. I felt so bad for her. She was so upset, and so was her son. She handled it a lot better than I would have. I would have thrown a fit at the school over them being irresponsible and not letting her know, but that is just me!!! Here is the photo I took while I was over there. Her house is so fabulous! She has a room that looks just like a day care. Brandon loves going over there to play with the other kids and the piles of toys.

Today is my birthday! This morning Ronnie went and bought doughnuts and hot chocolate so I would not have to cook. He watched the kids all day long so I could have some peace and quiet to scrapbook. I got three layouts and one card done! I also got my birthday gift from Ronnie. A year's subscription to the Mosh Posh kit club. I am so thrilled! I have been eying that kit club forever. He could not have picked a better present. Here is a photo of my piece of strawberry shortcake. I am relatively simple. Some whipped cream and strawberries, and I am a happy chickie! A pretty yummy photo of the day if you ask me.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a very happy Easter everyone! I am sure I will be back after Sunday with a ton of photos to share.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Honey Bunny

We have had an extremely busy and difficult couple of days. For my photo of the day on Sunday I took a picture of our house after I got home from shopping. I was so glad to be home because I have been sick and I really did not want to go shopping anyway! Here it is... Home sweet home! It is not the biggest house, but it is cozy, and it is ours.

Every year around Christmas and Easter I buy the goofy ears that Wal-mart sells and take photos of the kids in them. It is a neat way to see how they have grown over the years. I took this photo of Jordan on Monday before we rushed to bring her to therapy. She goes to therapy every Monday morning from nine in the morning to eleven fifteen in the morning. Brandon and I usually walk around the hospital or wait in the car and watch DVD's on the DVD player. He loves that.

Tuesday was Alexis' turn to be the bunny. Of course she is too grown to pose as a bunny, so she chose to be all cool and collected in her photo. She would not even give me a real smile. Seven going on seventeen sums her up perfectly. I still like how the photo came out though.

We had to bring Jordan in to her Cerebral Palsy specialist on Tuesday. She has been complaining about her legs hurting more than usual, so she had to go in for x-rays. It has always been a concern that her leg muscles being so tight may pull her pelvis out of alignment and cause scoliosis. We are still waiting to hear from the doctor about how the x-rays turned out. While they were doing the x-rays Brandon threw a huge tantrum. He was convinced that they were hurting her when they took her. It was so awful. He just kept wailing... "I sad, I sad." =0(

Today was Mr. Brandon's day to have his photo taken in the bunny ears. He was not very interested and the first few photos I have are of him pouting. Finally he calmed down and I was able to get this shot.

Today was a continuation of the torture for Jordan. She had to get new leg braces which is always really hard. They have to put a cast on her legs and cut it off so they can get the perfect mold for her feet. She just cries and cries, and of course since she was crying Brandon was sympathetically crying with her. I know that those people must dread us coming for the noise quotient. I dread it because I hate having to hold her down and listen to her cry. It stinks not to be able to fix it for her.

I have been keeping really busy making cards for the Scrapperie Snail Mail challenge over at Scrapperie.com. They are having a different card challenge every day with the idea of having thirty completed cards at the end of the month. I am hoping to stay caught up!

This Friday is my birthday. I will be twenty nine. I do not have any huge plans. Ronnie is cooking me a strawberry shortcake, and I already know what my present is since he told me. He is no good at keeping secrets, but it is okay because I do not like them anyway! If I do not post again before this weekend, I would like to say Happy Easter to you all! I am sure I will be back with a TON of photos to share.

Thanks for stopping by my blog,