Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Cool Trick/Questions Session 19

Our dog Lady has still been sick off and on. She is getting older, and has slowed down a lot due to her arthritis. We had to have the vet order a higher dose of her epilepsy medicine because when we went in the last time her blood levels were not right. So we had to stop by the veterinarian's office on Monday after Jordan's therapy appointment to get the new medicine. Thank goodness it is a bit cheaper than the last prescription and looks like it might last a bit longer. (We don't call her the million dollar dog for nothing!) The POTD for Monday is Jordan and Brandon oh so patiently waiting for me to be finished checking out and getting directions for the new medicine.

Yesterday Brandon was cranky all day long. I left him in his pajamas because he whined when I tried to get him dressed. Basically he whined whenever I tried to do anything with him. He is still getting his molars in, and is teething like crazy. He chews on his fingers like there is no tomorrow! I went to check on him in the afternoon, and this is how I found him. All I have to say is that he is lucky he is cute! It was a rough day. LOL I know the photo is not the greatest quality, but I certainly was not going to turn the flash on and wake the little crab up!

Today's photo is a milestone! It is the first time I got Brandon to eat broccoli. What is that you say? It does not look like broccoli in the bowl? That's because I mashed it up with rice after cooking the broccoli down until it was mushy. Don't worry. I cooked the rice in the broccoli water so he still got all of the good nutrients, and the best part was that he did not even notice! Cool trick huh? It does not take much to make a Mom excited these days. LOL Scrapbook paper and children eating vegetables make my day.

(*Edited with the Honey Retro-Coffee Shop Action)

Questions Session 19

Bet you thought I forgot? Nope. It has just been insane here lately. Now that I am finally catching up a bit I am back to questions. Just a reminder for those who are new to my blog. I have been posting scrapbook journaling questions/blog topics for people to respond to. Please feel free to join in. I found a list on a website by Sherrill Pierre that I use as well as my own questions.

Question One: What sound is most comforting to you?
Lying in bed at night listening to my husband breathe while he sleeps. Yeah, that sounds kind of crazy. A big part of it is knowing everyone is where they are supposed to be, safe and sound and tucked into their beds. It is very comforting!

Question Two: What bores you?
I am not a big fan of television. I think a lot of it is mindless, and it bores me. I would rather read a book than sit there staring at the television. It just feels more productive to me. I do keep it on at times for background noise when the house is too quiet, but that is very RARE!

I am looking forward to reading everyone's answers! Happy Earth Day, and as always... Thanks for stopping by!



Leesa said...

The second picture of Brandon sleeping is just too sweet! Sometimes I wish Noah would just crash anywhere when he get SO tired. I have to agree about the sound of your husband breathing at night. It is a very comforting sound. I also had to giggle some... sometimes my husband has this weird snore/gargle thing that drives me CRAZY! Then all I want to do is either push him off the bed or put my pillow on his face! lol

Elizabeth said...

Kudos on the mashed up veggie. After the day I've had anything would be worth cheering about.

Leah. said...

I'm going to have to try that brocolli trick!!! Good work. I hope his teething finishes up soon. Looks like he had a hard day too :)

Sound most comforting to me?

That's a hard one but I think music is a sound most comforting to me. It really pulls me out of a bad mood or calms me.

What is most boring to me?
Waiting rooms, waiting anywhere in fact, standing in the line up at the bank. It really gets my anxiety going to just stand around and do nothing.

Miss you lots!!!!!!!

TheresaK said...

awesome idea aobut the rice!! my kids eat broccoli so that I don't have to worry about!!!

Awww, your poor puppy!!! Topanga is like our million dollar dog!!!!! I hope the new meds work for her!