Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Honey Bunny

We have had an extremely busy and difficult couple of days. For my photo of the day on Sunday I took a picture of our house after I got home from shopping. I was so glad to be home because I have been sick and I really did not want to go shopping anyway! Here it is... Home sweet home! It is not the biggest house, but it is cozy, and it is ours.

Every year around Christmas and Easter I buy the goofy ears that Wal-mart sells and take photos of the kids in them. It is a neat way to see how they have grown over the years. I took this photo of Jordan on Monday before we rushed to bring her to therapy. She goes to therapy every Monday morning from nine in the morning to eleven fifteen in the morning. Brandon and I usually walk around the hospital or wait in the car and watch DVD's on the DVD player. He loves that.

Tuesday was Alexis' turn to be the bunny. Of course she is too grown to pose as a bunny, so she chose to be all cool and collected in her photo. She would not even give me a real smile. Seven going on seventeen sums her up perfectly. I still like how the photo came out though.

We had to bring Jordan in to her Cerebral Palsy specialist on Tuesday. She has been complaining about her legs hurting more than usual, so she had to go in for x-rays. It has always been a concern that her leg muscles being so tight may pull her pelvis out of alignment and cause scoliosis. We are still waiting to hear from the doctor about how the x-rays turned out. While they were doing the x-rays Brandon threw a huge tantrum. He was convinced that they were hurting her when they took her. It was so awful. He just kept wailing... "I sad, I sad." =0(

Today was Mr. Brandon's day to have his photo taken in the bunny ears. He was not very interested and the first few photos I have are of him pouting. Finally he calmed down and I was able to get this shot.

Today was a continuation of the torture for Jordan. She had to get new leg braces which is always really hard. They have to put a cast on her legs and cut it off so they can get the perfect mold for her feet. She just cries and cries, and of course since she was crying Brandon was sympathetically crying with her. I know that those people must dread us coming for the noise quotient. I dread it because I hate having to hold her down and listen to her cry. It stinks not to be able to fix it for her.

I have been keeping really busy making cards for the Scrapperie Snail Mail challenge over at They are having a different card challenge every day with the idea of having thirty completed cards at the end of the month. I am hoping to stay caught up!

This Friday is my birthday. I will be twenty nine. I do not have any huge plans. Ronnie is cooking me a strawberry shortcake, and I already know what my present is since he told me. He is no good at keeping secrets, but it is okay because I do not like them anyway! If I do not post again before this weekend, I would like to say Happy Easter to you all! I am sure I will be back with a TON of photos to share.

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Agnes said...

Heather! Happy Birthday!!!! ****** And you're still in your 20s :-)))

I really like your house. So very neat :-))) And the kids are so cute (well, except for Alexis, she's not cute she's STUNNING)

Have an awesome birthday :-))))

Michelle said...

I love your house!! Love the white woodwork inside and the ceramic tile. The kids look cute in their ears!! :) Sending hugs your way. I know how hard it is to have to hold your child down and not be able to comfort them... I hope you are feeling better. BTW, what did Ronnie get you for your bday? (P.S. strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight!) Have a very Happy Birthday!! Hugs~

Leesa said...

Your house looks so much like mine that its scary, just different colors and your lawn looks amazing!

I will take the time now to say Happy Birthday!!!! I'm early, but I want to make sure I tell you.

Your little ones are so adorable! That was the first time that I really got to see them well. The ears are too cute! Hugs to you for what your daughter is going through and having to deal with your very sympathetic son. He sounds like he sure loves his big sister!

Amelia said...

advance happy birthday Heather!!! :)
have a blast and enjoy!

your house is so nice and the paint is lovely :)

MaRLeNeF said...

Happy Birthday Heather ~ hope you have a wonderful and fun day!!! Your house and kiddos are adorable! Hugs, Marlene :)

Elizabeth said...

Was your house a different color when you moved in? It looks nice, I like the maroon on the white (if my eyes are working and those are the true colors I'm seeing). It reminds me of how much my own house needs painted. I hate painting, worse yet I hate knowing that I'm throwing all that money out after paint when I really want siding. LOL!

Dear Jordan, you take such good care of her. She's blessed to have you. :D

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Heather, Happy Birthday to you!!!Hope you have a fabulous day! Another thing we have in common both April Babes.

I love your house! The kids are so cute in the hopper ears.Happy Easter to you and the fam!So sorry Jordan has to go through all that it's so nerve racking I know. Mav goes to his ortho next week to see what our next step will be I'm a litlte nervous and stressed about it.
Have a great day!Hugs

Angi said...

happy birthday girlfriend. make the most of your day and enjoy the whole weekend. you deserve it. hope you get some great birthday surprises!

Leah. said...

I think your house is cute! AND you are right, it is all yours!!!! THat must be a great feeling.

{{Hugs}} for Jordan, she is such an amazingly strong girl and Brandon is such a sweetie too!

I love all the photos of the kids in the ears. Alexis looks very mature.

I hope you have a rocking birthday chicky!!!!!! and enjoy your strawberry shortcake. I want to know what your present is too!

Colleen said...

Happy Happy Birthday Heather!!

Sounds like you have a lot going on at home these days, but those smailing faces make every second of it worth it, don't they!

Love the pics you posted! Hope you get spoiled today!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Heather!! I hope you get all the love and attention you deserve! :)

TheresaK said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!
love the pics of your kiddos!!!

jacqueline said...

i agree with Agnes, the house looks very neat! :)

the kids looks lovely with the bunny ears on. :)

I hope that Jordan will feel better soon.