Monday, April 20, 2009

Look Who Turned Five!

I am so far behind on sharing photos and updating everything that has been going on!!! Here is the photo of the day from Friday. I almost forgot to take a photo, and I remembered right as I was tucking Jojo into bed.

Jordan turned five on Saturday with an absence of fanfare for sure. We were planning a trip to the zoo, but unfortunatley we got rained out. Instead we decided to have her cake and presents at our house on Friday night with just our immediate family, and then to drive down to my grandparent's house to visit them on Saturday. We missed our Easter visit to them because everyone was sick. Of course I took plenty of photos anyway. After all, what's a birthday with out photos to scrapbook? Here is Miss Jojo on Friday evening opening up her presents!

And here she is blowing out the candles on the cake that I made at the last possible minute. Please do not laugh at it! I tried. LOL

She asked for a Yo Gabba Gabba DJ Lance Rock hat that sings when she dances. We got it for her, and I just have to giggle every time I see her in it. LOL

I got quite a few awesome photos at my grandma's house on Saturday. Her house is nature central, and about as close to a petting zoo as you can get outside of a real zoo. LOL In fact when Jordan heard that we were going there instead of the zoo, she was perfectly content. She wanted to see the new baby goat! More on that later... Here is Saturday's photo of the day. All three of the girl great-grandchildren (say that three times fast) were fascinated with the butterfly chrysalis' we found on and around the house. We got to see all of the different stages... Caterpillars building chrysalis', finished chrysalis', butterflies emerging from the chrysalis', and even one drying off enough to fly away. It was awesome.

My grandma found a crysalis that had fallen off of the house, so she put it in her bug house to bring inside. She plans to keep it safe until the butterfly emerges and she can let it go. Note that I said my grandma has a bug house. Yep, she is that cool! LOL

Here is the butterfly that we got to see hatch, dry off, and fly away. He dropped to the ground to finish drying off, and you KNOW I am planning a scrapbook page about butterflies don't you?!

The kids also got to visit with my grandma's new baby fainting goat. He was soo cute, and of course I took my turn holding him. I wanted to bring him home, but Ronnie said, "NO!" I tried to explain the benefits of a living lawnmower, but he wasn't having it. The baby goat's name is Goat Possum Longman. (Yes, Jordan -the great namer- named him.) Jordan liked looking at the goat, but she could not be persuaded to touch it. Brandon wouldn't sit still long enough to hold it, so I put it in the wheelbarrow with him and hurried to take a picture. I did not realize it would upset him so much, and I realized he was crying as I took the photo. How pitiful is this? I felt so bad, and snatched him out as soon as I realized. Of course Alexis the brave held the goat and had to be persuaded to give him back.

My grandmother's house always has the most beautiful flowers, and I had dressed the girls in their Easter dresses to go down there. I needed to get some use out of them since we missed Easter. LOL Anyway, I snapped this photo of Lexie in front of a rose bush. She is too cute, and always willing to be my model.

This last photo is my photo of the day for Sunday. It is something I rarely see. The two little kids playing together without fighting or fussing. Something about this photo just makes me sigh. It is not just the photo. It is remembering that it was a beautiful day, and the breeze was so nice. It was wonderful to sit in the sun and watch them in the pool. Ronnie was sitting out on the carport with me, and he kept saying, "This is really nice isn't it?" And you know what? It really was. It was the kind of day that makes you feel lucky to be alive, and grateful for your blessings.

A few of my friends have emailed me and have asked where I have been. It has just been really hectic here with birthday parties and Ronnie's plans to be out of town this weekend. I am struggling to keep up with everything. Not to mention that Ronnie was home sick for three days. If I owe you an email please know it's coming. It does not help that the library called me to pick up my copy of Eclipse today. I've got my nose stuck in that book, and am just loving it. I took a break to come post this, and now I am off to make myself some more espresso. The bus should be here any minute, and I will need my strength. LOL

Thank you for stopping by,

P.S. I think this is the longest blog post ever!


Michelle said...

I think I was posting a comment, as you were updating this!! :) Great photos of the kids. I am glad they had a good time this weekend! Poor Brandon! I love the pic of J with the hat and glasses, and of Alexis with the little goat!! Enjoy your book!! :)

heather munsterman said...


jacqueline said...

happy 5th to Miss Jojo! :)

it took me to try thrice before i was able to do that tongue twister.. LOL

the kids look awesome in the pictures. :) i just love looking at them everytime.

i know that when i miss you here, your hands are full of some other things. :)

that cake by the way looks great. baked with love for sure! :)

Leah. said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!!
The cake is perfect, much better than I could ever do.
*sigh* I just love Alexis's dress so much!
and the shot in the pool? sooooo nice. They look so happy. I'm so jealous that you are swimming already!!!!!!!! We don't even have leaves on the trees yet!
Miss you lots!!!!!!
Enjoy the book.... then we shall chat again. I hope.

MaRLeNeF said...

Happy Bday to you little girl :) Beautiful pics as always. I can't believe your kids are in a pool already LOL We're just starting to warm up here. Have a great day! xxx Marlene

Elizabeth said...

The cake is perfect. In years to come she will look at the photos of all the cakes and 1 she will love the ones you made for her the best, and two she will love you all the more for having made them for her. Nothing can compete with that.

I love the baby goats when had a herd for a while when I was growing up (not the fainting ones I saw those on the Discover Channel).

I'm glad you got to go for the visit even if you got rained out at the zoo. Did you tell everyone that means "rain Check?" hehehe

Summer said...

Oh yes...Happy 5th Birthday Miss Jordan..;D
An i did to enjoy that tongue twister;D
Lovely pics as always friend.;D

Amelia said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan! big girl already :)

the cake looks nice and yummy :) of course was done with love!

nice shot on the pool, the black and white was something!

Solo said...

Oh happy birthday to Miss Jojo.;D
And Lexie is so pretty,and oh Brandon is crying..;D
Great pics as always..;D

Jane said...

Awww happy late birthday JORDON!! love all the photos!!!

Mandy said...

Great photos! Happy Birthday to MIss Jordan!!

Jill Sarginson said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan!!!!!! Great pics too!

TheresaK said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!!! Great pics too!!