Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bad Day

I wrote this in Windows Live Writer which makes the photos smaller, but you can click on them for a bigger view. It is a big time saver for me when I do not have as much time to post! 

On Tuesday, I had to take all three kids with me to my doctor’s appointment. I was dreading it like crazy. Seriously. They usually misbehave so badly when we go somewhere that requires more than five minutes of sitting. I had to go. I have had migraines on and off for years. Lately though, they have become unbearable. First one side of my head goes completely numb, then my vision is disturbed and I can't even drive, and then the pain comes!

The doctor thinks that my migraines are triggered by stress so I'm trying to simplify everything. He gave me sample pills of a migraine medicine so I would not have to pay for a whole prescription of something that might not work. The biggest surprise of the day? All three kids behaved amazingly well. It was awesome.

We picked up Jordan’s new braces on Tuesday, but I think they are the wrong ones. I tried to tell the guy at the orthotics place that they were wrong, but he was not listening. I am going to have to call her doctor to get all of that figured out.

Below is the photo of the day for Wednesday. I decided that every day of Summer vacation we would do one special activity. So far we have played Play Doh, played in the sand box, and colored. Lots of fun stuff. The catch is, that the kids have to behave to participate in that day’s activities. It seems to be working so far.

Summer vacation is hard. They are so used to routine, and this just scrambles them all up! They were coloring and playing stickers for Wednesday’s activity. I edited the photo with the Honey Retro Coffee Shop action because the lighting in my dining room is awful.


Thursday, Jordan had her hippotherapy appointment. She had a blast riding her horse. Brandon and Alexis had a wonderful time playing in the lovely red dirt of the riding ring. They were driving Brandon’s toy cars in piles of dirt. I was faced with the dilemma of keeping them happy or keeping them clean. As you can see, I chose happy. Much to my detriment because later I had to get all of those red dirt stains out of their clothes. LOL


Our activity yesterday was supposed to include swimming in the little pool I bought the kids for the Summer. The little pool met an untimely end because of an inefficient swim diaper, so the sprinkler was called in as a replacement. I think they had a blast! They kept laughing and shrieking. I hope the neighbors were not trying to take a nap.


Today was not the greatest day. It started off really well, but then went downhill really fast. I left home early this morning to bring Alexis to visit with her biological brother at the park. When we got there, she got out of her seat, then I was getting Brandon out when all of the sudden the back window of the van EXPLODED. I have no clue what happened. It is insane. Insurance is not going to cover it. It will cost 300 dollars to replace, and our deductible for insurance is 500. So we are going to have to pay for it out of pocket, and we do not get paid for a whole week. Guess who will be staying home? Me!

Ronnie bought Lady to the vet this morning for another 100 dollars, and the vet says that she looks really bad, and to watch to see when she develops pain. We do not know how much longer she has. We are taking it day by day. It is five o’clock now, and I am hoping things can only get better. Here is the photo of my poor van. (I blocked out my license plate number.)


It is not all bad news though… Our little tomato and pepper plants (AKA Patches and Mirrow) are doing really well! I am planning to scrapbook about them and I took their photos today. We are getting our first flowers on the tomato plant (Mirrow).


Patches is holding his (her?) own as well with teeny tiny peppers in the center of the leaves. It will be no time before we have cayenne peppers to throw in the pot!


Jordan is ecstatic about the plants. She is very involved in the process and can not wait to eat her tomatoes. At least that is what she says…


Michelle said...

Don't they offer glass coverage, especially considering you have full coverage on your van? They do up here. But, as Greg says.. you live down in the bayou. Really.. you do have my utmost permission to smack him a good one for being such a smart mouth. Sorry to hear about your van! :( I hope that Lexie had fun with her brother atleast. And, if you lived closer, I would come rescue you and get you out of the house!! Hope your day gets better! :) Hugs!

Leesa said...

Holy goodness! You were not kidding about that back window! That sure is scary and I am so glad that no one was hurt.

lifeheARTist said...

Oh man! {{{HUGS}}} What a day! Let me know how the maxalt works for you. I've got a prescription for that because I absolutely hate taking imitrex... get very sick from that; though migraine free. I haven't tried the new Rx yet because I'm afraid of not going with what works...despite the other lousy side effects. : ( Have the doctors done any tests to check other possible causes for the migraines? I had to have a hysterectomy because of hormone induced migraines but since then (about 8 years ago) they've slowly started creeping back. The weather & barrometric pressure really has an affect on mine. I sure hope you feel better soon and that Lady perks up too! Hang in there girl!

Leah. said...

Well, I hope that migraine medication works!! I know how it feels to have a migraine :(

Where do you get Alexis's dresses?
I have to know!!!!!

The van window? So strange huh?

Don't you wish you could have stayed in bed and read a good book like I did? LOL

Tommorow will be better I bet. The kids look great!

Elizabeth said...

That totally sucks about your van window. Like Leesa said thank goodness no one was hurt.

I think it's neat you're trying to do something different everyday to keep the kids busy. For a routine you could make every Tuesday sprinkler day, and so on. Bet you already thought of that. And of course rainy day projects. I need to do something like that as I'll be having my little brother's over at least once a week this summer. My plan was to make a calendar with a different theme each week. Now I am doubting my own ability to follow through.

Nonoy said...

Oh thank god that your adorable kids just stay behave while you are at home,and suffering from that migraine.=( But i hope that everything will be better and ok soon..=) Have a great day friend.=)

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Jill Sarginson said...

Wow re: your back window ... wonder what the heck happened?

And sorry about Lady. :(

The kids activities sound fun ... and hope your migraines are going away with the meds! :)

Angi said...

that totally sucks about your van window. have you tried pricing it at those places that advertise windows for $100 - or see if you can find a replacement at a junkyard?
my durango is still in the shop waiting for the new instrument cluster panel. it's been there for a month now and I have no idea when I'll be getting it back. the only upside is that dodge is paying for my rental upfront.
I hope your migraines go away :)

Amelia said...

hope your migraine is not that serious. now that it's summer kids are all present and that requires a lot of energy...hope you'll have enough rest to attend to the kids needs...physically tiring but very fulfilling to be a mom ;)

Nnairda's said...

Sorry to hear about the van.

I love your idea about the activities and I need to give that a try.

Hope you have a relaxing stress free weekend.


jacqueline said...

i also suffer from migraine once in a while, and mine seems to be just hormonal. bad thing is, i'm allergic to pain killers so i just lock myself in a dark room and bury my head in pillows. cold compress helps though and a mild head massage from husband. :)

here in the Philippines, there is a TV commercial for formula milk that shows kids getting themselves dirty while exploring things. and i think a line in it goes like "Sorry Mom, i got dirty, i got stinky, but see, I learned." :) i just thought of it when i saw the pic of Alexis and Brandon. :)