Friday, May 8, 2009

The Brandon Show

Poor Brandon... I had to bring him to the pediatrician for his two year old check up on Tuesday. He did not have to get any shots, but he did have to have his finger poked to make sure his lead level in his blood was okay. Let me tell you he was NOT a happy camper. Even his sucker did not cheer him up. He was so upset. This photo was taken thirty minutes AFTER we left the doctor's office. Usually I can get him to smile and cheer up when I pull out the camera. He loves to say cheese, but he wasn't having any of that. While we were at the doctor's office I asked yet again about his speech delay, and I also expressed concerns about his hearing again. He is a very bright little boy, he is just not talking as much as he should be and seems to have problems hearing me. So his pediatrician referred him to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor.

On Wednesday we were just hanging around the house and Brandon came up to me and started smiling and saying "Cheese". So of course I had to grab my camera. Here he is cheesing it up!

On Thursday, Brandon had a play date. I have been trying to get together with a friend of mine once a week so Brandon can play with the kids she babysits. He had a blast playing in the fountains with his new little friend. They look so much alike that they could be brothers. I ended up getting a bit sunburnt. Maybe next time I should get in the fountains too. LOL

Brandon had to go to the ear nose and throat doctor this morning. They could not do his hearing test because he would not cooperate. They are going to have to put him to sleep to get it done. He cried when they just looked in his ears with the ear thing. (I know, not the technical term.) Since they are going to have to put him to sleep to do the test, they have decided to go ahead and put tubes in his ears. (He has had many ear infections.) I had to do a hearing and speech checklist that was just awful. It turns out he is even farther behind than I thought he was, which makes me feel like a horrible Mom. I kept telling the pediatrician that something was not right, and she kept putting me off. I am really mad that I did not put my foot down sooner. Ugh. Anyway, they will be calling me to set up the date and time of the surgery/test soon. I will just have to squeeze his therapy in between the girl's therapy. Here is a photo of him waiting in the doctor's chair before the doctor came in.

I am off to go catch up on things around the house. It seems like I am behind on EVERYTHING!

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Michelle said...

Oh, Heather, I am sorry to hear it didn't go well at the dr's the last few days. I hope all turns up fine when they check his hearing. Maybe tubes are the solution. Get rid of that pressure in his ears. Really cute pics tho.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Dear! That's so sad. I'm sorry about all the trouble, I didn't know about all the ear infections. My mom would tell you that the "youngest" learns to talk slower than those before them, because the older kiddos can translate, and with boys more so, but it really sucks that they need to do all those things! My prayers are with you.

Leah. said...

First, I WOULD like to see you get in the fountain!!

Secondly. NOT A BAD MOM!!!! You are an amazing Mom. This is not your fault at all! Look at what happened with Joseph. We can't get him to shut up now. This will happen for him. He's just having a slow start.

Be a little kinder to yourself. You are amazing!

Agnes said...

Oh dear. Everything will be fine, I am sure.

He's so cute in those pictures, Heather!

Amelia said...

Hi Heather! hope Barndon will be fine soon. am sorry to hear that.

nice photo on the water :) kids really love to play in he water..

you're not a bad mother...your simply an awesome mom, Happy Mother's Day to You! ;)

Summer said...

What i'd like to say first is,happy mothers day to you Heather!!=)
And i8 hope that Brandon will be better soon.Look at those pictures,specially the shot on the fountain.I think you really need to join the kids on the water next a great week.;D

Solo said...

Brandon was so cute..But i'm praying that everything will be ok..;D

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! And, do not blame yourself! It is the doctor's job to listen to you if you express concerns, you did everything you could. I will be praying for him and really hope everything turns out okay...maybe the tubes will help the other stuff as well...?