Friday, May 1, 2009

I hate to sweat! /Questions Session 20

I have lived in Louisiana all my life. One would think that after twenty nine years of sweltering heat I would get used to it, and not mind sweating anymore. Nope. Every time the weather gets warmer I get slightly more cranky, and a bit more stinky as well. I hate when the thermometer climbs over eighty degrees. I wish we could have Fall for the entire year. Don’t you?

I am behind on sharing photos lately. Here is Mr. Brandon on Tuesday. He was watching television like that and appeared to be quite comfortable. It must be a guy thing.


On Wednesday we went to the girls’ school for Alexis’ Terrific Kid breakfast. This is the third year in a row that she has been a Terrific Kid. The award is for children that behave especially well in class, and go out of their way to help others. Ronnie’s parents came up, and we all made a big deal out of it. We are very proud!


We also got the excellent news on Wednesday that Alexis will be moving to the gold level in gymnastics which is amazing. She is so tiny, and since she has done so well, she is in a class with older girls. It makes her appear even tinier. This brings her one step closer to her dream of getting on a team this Fall. It is something she really wants to do, and I am hoping she is able to do it. I will be so proud. However, I do NOT think I will like driving her over there four nights a week for practice. Still if it makes her happy, I will do it.

Thursday found me grocery shopping. I detest grocery shopping almost as much as I do sweating. This trip was no exception. The only redeeming quality was that I got lots of good bargains, and a few scrapbook supplies jumped into my basket as well. Shhh!


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It really does look like there are TWO Brandon’s in the pool in my backyard does it not? LOL Bubs had a play date today. It was really cute because the little boy is his age, and almost as tall as him. They were both very shy with one another because it was the first time they met. After a while they warmed up. I hope they get to be good friends.


My friend Kim came over with one of the little boys she babysits, and when he saw the “Big Kids” in the pool, he got mad and wanted to swim too. Instead of putting him in the big pool where the boys were being rough. I dug out my turkey roasting pan and filled it with water so he could splash. We never dreamed he would climb in it, but he sure did. Then he gave himself a round of applause for doing so. LOL Yes, we are definitely weird around here.


Jordan has not been feeling well at all, and to top it off I got a note from school today saying that I can keep her home from school because of her weakened immune system because of the swine flu that is spreading through the United States. She is considered special needs, and due to her lung issues if she gets sick she gets REALLY sick. We have a reported case of swine flu in our area, and I have decided to keep her home. If I did not, and she caught it. I would feel horrible. To me her health is more important than her schooling right now.

I have a video to share of Jordan riding her horse from a while back. It was the first time she was allowed to let her horse trot, and she was thrilled. (She is the second one to go on the video.) Her horse got tired halfway through, and Jordan kept hollering at the horse to go faster. She is a little daredevil for sure. Here it is…


P.S. Yeah, that is me talking. I know. I have an accent. LOL

Questions Session 20

Question One: How freaked out are you over the swine flu right now? Are you taking any extra precautions?

As I stated above, I am planning to keep Jordan home from school. We are not taking Jordan anywhere that is not necessary. No public places at all. I have to confess that when we went to Wal-Mart for groceries on Thursday a woman coughed near me and I freaked out. Yes, I am a germaphobe, but I have had to be cautious because of how sick Jordan gets.

Question Two: Which season is your favorite season and why?

Any season but Summer. Seriously. I do love having the kids home, but the weather, not so much. I really wish they would keep the kids in school for the Summer, and let them out for the fall for vacation. It would be much nicer.


Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy National Scrapbook Day tomorrow to all of my scrapping buddies!



Michelle said...

J sounds so cute, hollering at the horse to go. Lexie is tiny! Seeing her stand next to a classmate you can really tell!! Way to go, Lexie!! Congrats on your award! If I could trade you weather for awhile, I would!! It's 55 and windy, which means it feels much cooler!! No confirmed cases here, but Brit has some hand sanit. in her desk at school, and I have kind of laid low for awhile. No unnecessary running. I love spring and fall.. spring cuz our winters are SO long. I love the change of colors in the fall. The first frost to freeze off most the bugs, the colors, crunching leaves.. Happy NSD to you, too, Heather!!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like congrats for everyone! On teams what kills you is not the driving to practice, it's the cost of everything. The costumes, the makeup, ect. at least that's the way it was with my Sister on the Dance Show Team. Everything is already selected, so you can't say "OMG! I will not pay $40 for nylons even if they are the special dancin' type!"

Bubs is so big! WOW! What a great job you do raising them all!

Question 1 I'm a freak and I firgure we'll all die when it's our time to go, so I'm not worried. Crazy hu?

Question 2, I love something about every season, but I hate the cold. Brrr's are ICK!

Leah. said...

COngrats to Alexis!!!!

Kids are funny. Sitting in a turkey pan is hilarious!

They look like they were having a blast playing in the pool.

LOVE Wal-Mart!!! I was just there doing the very same shopping today.

Summer is my favourite, even though the humidity is quite brutal here. I imagine where you are doesn't even get cold in the wintertime. Here we get 5-6 months of nice weather if we are lucky and then it's cold, cold, cold under 7,000 feet of snow. I will endure the heat as long as I don't have to look at snow.

I'm paranoid about Swine flu, mostly because I don't think people will really do anything to stop it. I never see people staying at home when they are sick, they are working sick and out sick all the time. Trust me I see it at work all the time. People have come in with stomach bugs just so they can have a freaking cup of coffee? So yeah, I'm paranoid. Good for you on keeping Jordan home. I don't blame you one little bit!

jacqueline said...

it's always nice to have a face to match the name... and now, hearing your voice (in the background of that video) completes the identity. :)

i was laughing when i saw Brandon's position as he was watching TV.. LOL.. yeah, guys! :)

Jordan seemed to enjoy the horse back ride.

Alexis is so impressive... i hope to see pictures of her while doing her gymnastic stunts. :)