Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Patches and Mirrow

On Saturday morning we woke up early. The kids have their internal clocks set to six in the morning. Ronnie went and picked up breakfast at IHOP. He declared that I was having a Mother's Day weekend, and he wanted to do something special. When he got back we had a nice family breakfast with only a minimum of spilling and arguments. After breakfast was over, we all went to the Home Depot to buy the things I needed to improve my garden. It has become a bit of a tradition for me to go pick out what I want from the plant store instead of getting cut flowers that die a few days later. On the way, Ronnie stopped to get me gas. I never pumped my own gas for the first six years we were married. He always did it for me. In the last couple of years I have gotten in the habit of doing it myself, so having him do it on Saturday made me remember how he used to do it for me, and I snapped this photo.

After we finished up at the store, we came home and unloaded everything from the truck. The kids "helped" me plant the plants and mulch the gardens. Brandon kept digging up the plants I planted to bury his cars in their place. Then when I would pull them back out he would get mad. Jordan kept complaining she was too hot to plant anything. Ronnie cut the grass, and I wrangled kids. It was quite interesting, not at all relaxing, but still fun.

Later on that evening when I went to teach at Scrappersaurus, I realized I even had a bit of a sunburn. Yay Spring! I am so glad it is warm again and we can play outside! Speaking of playing outside, that is how we spent most of Sunday. The kids played in the kiddie pool in the back yard while I sat with my feet in the pool and read a book. Brandon was so excited to get in! He would not even wait until I had his clothes changed. He hopped in fully clothed. I had to get his shorts and diaper off and make him get into a swim diaper. He was so mad! He got over it quickly though.

Do you Freecycle? http://www.freecycle.org/ We do! I picked up this really cool tool bench for Brandon yesterday for free. He was so very thrilled with it that I had a hard time getting him to come inside to eat lunch. After his bath last night, he went by the back door and cried until I let him outside to play with it again. We also donate stuff through Freecyle! It is a great way to share the things you do not need anymore.

Today's photo is of Patches and Mirrow. Jordan named the tomato and hot pepper plant I planted on Saturday. Mirrow is the tomato plant, and Patches is the hot pepper plant. See? I am not kidding when I say she names everything. The kids are very excited to be growing their own vegetables. I have wanted to try container gardening for a while. We will see how it goes!

Alexis has gymnastics tonight so I have to go help her get her homework done so we can go! I hope everyone else had a wonderful Mother's Day!


jacqueline said...

wow! quite a weekend Momma Heather. :)

it's always nice to look at your kids' photos. :)

lifeheARTist said...

sounds like it was a pretty good Mother's Day weekend! : ) The side pic of your hubby looks so much like my brother in law. I did a double take! LOL! Good luck with that garden! I've got to blog about my garden update. Not sure why but I've managed to actually grow a few things...total MIRACLE! LOL! ; )

Leah. said...

SOunds like a great Mother's Day. I hate flowers. Terry never buys them for me thank god. I got a really nice plant arrangement. I wish I could plant but they don't recommend it here until after May 24th.
Wondering if I can do freecycle here?
Love that you are swimming in Spring. I'm soooooo jealous of that.

Dawn said...

that is really funny about Brandon planting his cars and Jordan naming the plants! It sounds like you had a great mothers day. It's usually a pretty depressing day for me so Nate took me out to dinner. I texted my mom and MIL to wish them happy mothers day...how lazy am I? Oh yeah, about that gas pumping thing...I hate doing that myself and avoid it at all costs. :0) But I can do it when I have to...I have seen a few people who cant even figure it out, that's always comical. =0)

Amelia said...

gardening is so much fun Heather :) minus the sunburn...ahihihi!

it's really nice to see husband's doing the things they do for their wives...just like the old times :)

so cute the kids can now enjoy the outdoors and the pool...spring time once again! ;)

Agnes said...

I am so late, but Happy Mother's day, Heather :-)

Summer said...

Belated Happy Mother's day Heather..=) I always wanted o see your photos here,they are all so pretty,thanks for sharing them always.Hope to see more from you,have a great day.=)

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Michelle said...

So funny! Brandon planting his cars!! Lucky you to have Ronnie bring you breakfast and declare you are having a Mother's Day! Greg has never done that. He doesn't even remember to buy a card from the kids. I love the pics of the kids in the pool and B's new tool bench!! Still debating if I want to plant flowers. Trying to convince Greg to till up a spot in the back, being they won't be opening that next phase for awhile. I want a veggie garden. He is so good with that stuff! Have a great weekend!!

Elizabeth said...

What cute little plants! I hope they row big and strong and make lots of veggies!

Angi said...

good idea on the container garden. let me know if it works! I worry that I would forget to water the plants, as I hardly remember to water what we've got now. it sounds like you had a great weekend and mother's day!