Sunday, May 24, 2009

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Time to share the photo of the day pictures I have taken in the past few days!

I already shared the video of Miss Jordan's preschool graduation, but here is the best photo I got of her while they were singing. The lighting is positively terrible in the gym, so it is a bit pixellated. She loves to sing. LOUDLY. Thank goodness she is actually a good singer. LOL

I almost forgot to take a photo of the day on Friday. At the last minute I took this photo. It is an updated picture of my scrapbook area. Yes, it is quite cluttered, but it is extremely organized and I can put my hands on anything I need within seconds. It is my own personal playground with really expensive toys!

Poor Lady. She has not been feeling well at all. I found three new bumps on her skin that look just like the cancers we had removed before. I am bringing her back to the vet this weekend. She does not seem to be in pain. She just acts tired a lot. Say a prayer for her if you have got a minute please. She means a lot to us!

Ronnie is a bum! Okay not really. Yesterday he took a nap in the middle of the living room floor after he cut the grass. Lady decided that he looked like he was comfortable, so she joined in the fun. I snapped a sneaky photo that he does not know I took, or he would make me delete it. He hates having his photo taken.

We had big plans to go to the park this morning on Memorial Day. We got the kids all dressed, and Jordan picked out her own clothes. (She is developing her own girlie sense of style!) When we opened the front door to leave, it was storming. Our plans were washed out. So we went out on the carport to play with their sandbox out of the rain. Miss Jordan was happy to pose for photos for me.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope yours is dryer than mine!


Leah. said...

Sunday is Memorial Day there? Crud. That means I missed the new A&E show Obsessed I have been dying to watch. LOL. My priorities are straight hey?

Love all the photos. Terry was standing behind me and saw the one of your hubby and said "If you ever post a picture of me sleeping, I'll kill you" LOL It's a good thing they don't see everything isn't it?

I hope Lady is okay. I will pray for her!

Agnes said...

Happy Memorial Day, Heather!

I LOVE the photo of them sleeping!!! They look so comfortable!

lifeheARTist said...

I'll keep your furry family member in my prayers! {{{HUGS}}} Love the photos & I'll GLADLY trade you the heat that we have here for some of those storms! ; ) I'm SO totally jealous of how GREEN your yard looks! Absolutely GORGEOUS! I can't even imagine what our water bill would be if I ever attempted to have such a lush looking yard. We got home about 1am from our camping adventure... I'll have to blog later. Now, for the unpacking, unloading and MOUNTAIN of laundry I'm facing! LOL! Happy Memorial Day!

Dawn said...

Those pictures are all so precious! I feel so badly for your Lady :0( It's so heartbreaking... Our Memorial day as beautiful but uneventful since we decided to have another garage sale in the larger town 30 miles away so we had to make a trip there to drop stuff off at my brother-in-laws sisters house. I can't believe you think your scrap area is cluttered...LOL Have you SEEN mine? :0)

Amelia said...

ho w lovely Ms. Jordan is ;) so pretty!

Michelle said...

Look at Miss Jordan!! So pretty! And look how long her hair is!! I would gladly trade you your rain for our extremely windy days. Wishing Lady all the best. I hope she is o.k. Oh, and I will not photo my scrap area.. it's a mess!!! Paper and sketches all over the floor!

MaRLeNeF said...

Jordan is so pretty, love the dress! You're so good at keeping up with the daily pictures. I'm so far behind with mine LOL :) xxx Marlene

Angi said...

Girl, I dunno how you crank out so much work in that lil area, that is filled with so many storage containers! Where do you put your legs?

jacqueline said...

Seems like Jordan doesn't have even a bit of stage fright. :) and she looks lovely in the pink dress. she's got sense of fashion! :)

Ronnie and Lady, cute sleeping buddies. LOL