Friday, May 15, 2009

Sleepless in Louisiana

On Wednesday Brandon missed his sisters all day long. He kept asking for them. When Jordan got off of the bus, she ran to the window of their room and talked to Brandon through it. They were just too sweet. She must have missed him too.

Thursday found me racking my brain to come up with a photo of the day picture. I have taken a picture of the front of the house, so I figured why not the back? The funny thing is that I realized I caught Ronnie's "other woman" in the photo as well. See that big satellite dish on the roof of my house? That is the other woman. I get jealous of the amount of time he spends with her. If it is NASCAR season, you can forget about it!

Today I am sleep deprived. For about a week now, Jordan has been a little sick. Off and on she would just have a monstrous cough, and then it seemed to go away. Last night around nine, she started coughing really badly. Ronnie gave her a breathing treatment, but it only seemed to get worse. Around ten she seemed to be struggling to breathe, so I brought her in to the emergency room. After three hours there, she got a chest x-ray and everything looked clear. The doctor said that her allergies were making her cough, and the coughing led to an asthma attack. It was not a fun night. The photo below was taken at one o'clock this morning. She looks like she is feeling a lot better in it. LOL

I have been trying to streamline my online time lately. I am cutting down on lots of things. I will only be posting here on my blog about once a week now. Most likely on Fridays like today!

If you are a scrapbooker and have some free time this weekend, you should stop by and participate in their Spring into Summer Crop! They have prizes up for grabs and some really neat challenges. In fact, I am going to end this post now to go start scrapping some of the challenges!



Jane said...

Just stoppin by to say HI!!
I love the photo of Jordan and Brandon!!! Too cute!!

lifeheARTist said...

That photo of the kids is adorable! And, I had to laugh at the "other woman"... my hubbie is equally attached to his "other woman". We are indeed a NASCAR household! ; )

Michelle said...

That is so cute.. B and J. Looks like Ben with Brit when she gets home from school. She does look like she is feeling better!! I hope your day was a good one, aside of grocery shopping, and you had some relaxing time to yourself. BTW, Greg's other woman isn't our sat. dish - it's a book. His nose has always been buried in a book. Lately, mine in a scrapbook. This time, it was him complaining. :D

Agnes said...

I also love the photo of Jordan and Brandon :-D So adorable.

LOL about the "other woman"!

Have a great weekend Heather :-)

jacqueline said...

that is a sweet photo of Jordan and Brandon. :) seems like they missed each other so much!

if i live in your place, i'd spend most of my time in the backyard. :) it must be so fun out there. :)

Amelia said...

men most of time forgot about other things especially if they have to watch or do something that interest them...laughing in the other woman!!! ;)

hope Jordan will be fine soon ;)

Elizabeth said...

Jessica just had to know who Jordan is. :D That's mommy's friend's little girl. :D

Leah. said...

Less blogging? *gasp*
The horror!!!

Glad Jordan is feeling a bit better!

Nnairda's said...

Love the pic of Jordan and Brandon...what a great moment you captured!

Have a scrappy weekend!

Z said...

I am so glad she is feeling better and that it was nothing serious. great pic of the back of the house--hhmmm you gave me some ideas--thanks. take care and will be waiting to hear from you weekly.

MaRLeNeF said...

Awww hope you dd feels better, love that 1st picture it's so sweet! xxx Marlene