Sunday, May 24, 2009

Splish Splash I was taking a bath...

I had to drop in and post this in between my normal pic of the day updates. Tonight I was taking a bath. I had my book and the bath water was just starting to cool from the boiling hot temperature I require for comfort, when all of the sudden I heard the door handle rattling and giggles from behind the door.

The door burst open, and as soon as Jordan saw that I was in the tub she demanded to be my hairdresser and wash my hair. It was really cute. It did not take her long to decide that she needed to be in the tub. She got undressed and climbed right in. As soon as Brandon saw that she was in the bathtub, he wanted in too! All of the sudden my relaxing bath got VERY loud. I was tubjacked! Ronnie thought it was funny so he went and grabbed the camera. With some creative editing I can share a photo of the two monkeys who tubjacked me.

I think that may be my new favorite photo ever!


Agnes said...

LOL "tubjacked".

They are so adorable, Heather!

Rleen said...

WOW! They are so cute and so much fun in the tub! I love this photo. TFS!

Have a wonderful day!

Summer said...

Lol for tubjacked..hahaha
definitely1It should be your new favorite photo.=) It was so cute.Looking forward on your next post,and have a great day ahead.=)

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Solo said...

Looks everybody had fun.=) And i was really laughing for "tubjacke" term..hahaha Hope to see more from you friend.;D

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enJAYneer said...

hi there.. nice post.. thanks for sharing!

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Leah. said...

Tubjacked!!! LOL!

lifeheARTist said...

How cute is that?! Why is it that when ever us Moms go into the bathroom for whatever reason we gain an audience? I've never been able to figure that one out! LOL! And just so you know, as they age it DOESN'T change... EVER. PERIOD. *sorry to burst any bubbles out there* While my older boys wouldn't fathom climbing in with me, they still (in their 20s!) have NO problems coming in to the bathroom, taking a seat and carrying on a conversation with me while I shower! What is up with that? I need a vault or safe type door on my bathroom... one that only I have the combination to. haha! ; )

Amelia said...

kids really want to play in the water :) looks like they are having fun ;)

Elizabeth said...

So cute.

jacqueline said...

it must have been a whole lot of fun, Heather!