Monday, May 4, 2009

What I Learned Today

This first photo I have to share is from Saturday. Miss Jordan got this Backyardigans Doodler from her great grandma two Christmas' ago. Recently it has been the object of renewed interest as she LOVES writing her letters. Her name, my name, and the dog's name have all received rave reviews. Here she is concentrating intensely.

Since Jordan loves everything to do with the Noggin TV show Ni Hao, Kai-Lan where they eat with chopsticks and learn Chinese words, I thought I would make a Chinese dinner for her complete with chopsticks and fortune cookies. She loved it, and kept trying to stab her food instead of pick it up. Alexis, who is nobody's fool, tried the chopsticks for a minute before diving straight for her spoon and shoveling the fried rice dish I made in as fast as she could. You know I am going to end up scrapbooking it. This photo of Alexis was my favorite of the night.

Today's photo is of Jordan's cool new trick. She decided she was tired of being too short to reach the drinking glasses, and being an independent little mite, she pushed a kitchen chair up to the cabinet instead of asking for help. While it is not entirely safe, you have to admire her ingenuity.

Before I go, I thought I would share a list of some things I have learned from my children today:

1. A piece of paper, a bit of ribbon, and some tape can be used to quickly create a kite that can be used indoors.

2. A two year old with a destructive streak can decimate his kite quicker than you can blink.

3. A five year old who has her kite destroyed by the above kite killer will retaliate.

4. A dining room chair can substitute for a ladder and provide grand adventures when you get stuck up there, and cannot get down.

5. Wet toilet paper provides and altogether unpleasant experience and is not at all useful until it dries out again.

6. Tomatoes make a LOT of juice when smashed on the kitchen table by an overactive five year old.

7. Tomato seeds are hard to wash out of washcloths.

8. If you are on the phone with someone important (Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs, etc.), both your five and your two year old children will decide that they need you at that moment.

9. If you do not respond immediately… be prepared to clean up smashed tomatoes.

10. In the middle of all the chaos, while you are muttering about running away to France, a smile from your two year old (that is holding his decimated kite that now looks like a crumpled paper ball on a ribbon) is enough to convince you to stay.

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Michelle said...

I love the photos of the girls! Lexie is a pretty little thing!! I hope you got all the tomatoes cleaned up!! Thank you for the wonderful package!! I have big plans brewing!!

Agnes said...

LOL Heather, LOL!!!

You have the best kids I tell you!!!

Amelia said...

now I know what to expect when my kids turn 5 years old...hahahah!!!!

your daughter Alexis is so pretty! ;)

jacqueline said...

i love your list, Heather. :)

Leah. said...

THis post is hilarious!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Cute post! Though I wont touch wet and then dried toilet paper. Man oh yuck, there's a story there I tell you what.

Alexis is growing up so fast, and I agree with Amelia she is beautiful.

It's great that Jordan loves to write, that's a wonderful thing for her to practice (so she will have pretty girl handwritting) and you can be twice as happy she's using the doodle board instead of zillions of papers.

Jane said...

This is a beautiful post!! I love the things that you learned from your kids!!! We have been through the Chinese thing too because of the show I love it!!