Friday, June 26, 2009

Father and Friend

Summer camp is finally over. While Jordan had an absolutely fabulous time, all of the driving was killing me. I now completely sympathize with my dear husband who drives 2+ hours a day to commute to work.

It has been a while since I posted, so of course I have project 365 photos to share! On Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day with the best Daddy in the whole world. We baked cookies for Ronnie, and made him a rockin’ Father’s Day card. Jordan picked out “Rock Star Dad” as the sentiment. Here is the card…


Here is the photo I took of Ronnie and the kids sitting at the table waiting for their chocolate chip cookies.


Monday morning found Brandon feeling under the weather. His allergies have been acting up, and he has just not been feeling well. He slept most of the time while I was driving Jordan both to and from camp. (Note the super cool Transformers shirt. Ronnie is reliving his childhood.) I love the way the light hits his little face in this photo. *Sigh*


This week’s post is a little bit of a Brandon show. I kept getting cute shots of him. Tuesday was no exception. He is getting too big to ride in the top part of the grocery basket. So I let him ride in the bottom part of the basket for the first time. He was absolutely thrilled and grinned like a goober the whole time. I could not resist snapping a photo although I am sure the other shoppers thought I had lost my mind. The photo is a bit grainy, but his joy shines through!


We had a really bad storm come though on Wednesday, but let me tell you that it was totally welcome. We had not had rain for weeks, and the temperatures had been over 100 degrees. The storm blew everything all over the yard. My umbrella, the sand box lid, and the kid’s toys. The worst part is that it blew our tomato plant over, but it does not seem to have suffered any lasting effects. (Thank goodness! Jordan would be ticked.)


Yesterday we had the privilege of a private show with a wonderful Clydesdale horse Jordan met through her hippotherapy Summer camp. His name is Clyde, and his handler is named Bonny. That in itself makes them too cool. Jordan was so taken with Clyde when she met him at Summer camp that Bonny invited her out to her farm to visit Clyde and her other horse Val. She got the horses to do all of their tricks for Jordan, and of course you know I got several photos of her. This was one of my favorites.


I had to share the next photo. Even though it did not make photo of the day for yesterday because Clyde is way cool, it is one of the best photos I have taken lately in my opinion. Miss Jordan is so cute! You can tell how hot it was by how pink she turned from the sun. She was munching on some watermelon to cool off a bit.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Sunshine

I swear you would not believe how hot it has been here in Louisiana! I got in my car the other day and the thermometer read over 100 degrees! No wonder I feel like I am melting half of the time.

Of course you know I have to update with my Project 365 photos, so here goes!

Tuesday was such a busy day that I almost forgot to take my picture of the day. (I know… story of my life huh?) At the last minute I remembered, and I took a photo of one of my most favorite things in the world. My green laptop. It just so happens to be my connection with the world as well. I love that thing, and the fact that it is green… just makes it that much more awesome.


Jordan has been in Summer camp all week, and I decided to try to do a few things with the other two kids so they would not feel left out. On Wednesday we met Lexie’s friend at the park to play in the fountains. Of course Lexie and Brandon could not wait to get in the fountains, so they played for about thirty minutes before their friends got there. Unfortunately, Lexie fell really hard while running around, and I had to bring them home twenty minutes after the other kids got there. She scratched up her arm and ankle, and I had to use a million band aids to cover it all.


The farm Jordan goes to for her Summer camp has the most beautiful scenery. Old buildings falling down, cows grazing in the pasture… not a day goes by without seeing something that is pretty as a picture. Here is Thursday’s photo. I really like the darkness of the trees in the foreground.


On Friday Jordan got her certificate for attending the first week of Summer camp. They had a little celebration on the farm property, and she got a ribbon for pole weaving in the horse show. She was completely thrilled, and she is very excited to be going back next week. I am not as thrilled as she is, because it means driving for two hours a day. It makes her happy though, so I do it.


Last night in a fit of weirdness, I set up our old two person tent in the center of the living room floor. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I do this every Summer. Indoor camping is MUCH cooler than outdoor camping. The kids really enjoy it. I can not wait until they are a bit older and we can really go camping. Right now I would be worried that Brandon would wander off into the darkness while Alexis whines about how hot it is and Jordan sings campfire songs at the top of her lungs. Here is Mr. Cheese (Brandon) smiling hugely. I think he’s the most fascinated with the tent. He keeps calling it his house.


Award Tour

I was recently nominated for a few blog awards, and I need to pass them on! Amelia gave me this really pretty "I Love Your Blog” award. Thank you!


I am passing it on to Liz, Agnes, Marlene, and Katherine.

I also received this Honest Scrap award from Katherine and Marlene both! Katherine makes the prettiest and most detailed miniatures ever, and Marlene makes beautiful scrapbook pages. Thank you both girls!

blog award 2

The rules for this blog award are.......

* Post 10 honest things about yourself and post the award on your blog.
* Give this award to a few people who follow your blog.

10 honest things about myself:

1.) I know all the words to Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice.

2.) I wear flip flops in the Winter time, and the Summer time. Pretty much all the time.

3.) I only have 7 more books to read to meet my goal of 100 for this year. Yes, I read a lot!

4.) I have a love/hate relationship with going to the grocery store. My husband never knows if he is going to have to go or not, and if he offers to go when I want to go, I get aggravated.

5.) I like to play in the rain, the sandbox, and the kiddie pool.

6.) My husband is mad at me because I think it’s funny that Brandon likes to wear my shoes. (It is SO funny!)

7.) I have a tattoo. It was a huge mistake. I absolutely hate it.

8.) I’ve been watching a new series called Dexter about a serial killer who kills other killers. It’s really interesting.

9.) I am sarcastic as all get out. You could tell couldn’t you?

10.) Now that I’m a parent I fully understand the value of peace and quiet. I never understood why it was so important before.

I am passing this award to… Leah, Jane, Michelle, Jill, and Mandy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don’t Cry

Lately God has been reminding me that although things seem tough at my house, things could be worse. When I checked my email on Wednesday, there was one from a young mother who was looking for groceries for herself and her son. Things have been bad here lately, but they have not been that bad for a while. I went to my pantry and packed up everything I could for her. When she came the next day to pick them up she cried, and I cried with her. I certainly hope that things get better in this country soon.


On Thursday, I almost forgot to take my photo of the day. I snapped a picture of my menu plan that I have on the side of my refrigerator. I have been trying to decrease spending and cook more at home. When I saw my friend Leesa’s Menu Plan Monday on her blog, I was inspired to try it myself. Not the most exciting photo, but certainly a part of our lives lately. The best thing is that Ronnie has quit asking me, “What’s for dinner?” LOL


Friday found us outside yet again. The kids are really wearing out the sprinkler. We go out early in the morning, and they play for about an hour before it gets hot. The best part is that I get to sit in the shade and drink my coffee uninterrupted. I have been getting a lot of good reading time in. That way everyone wins! We all get to do what we want.


On Saturday, I got this shot of Alexis while she was sitting in time out. She was not paying me much attention, and she surely does not seem to be upset at being in time out. *Sigh* This photo says a lot about our lives right now. She is off of her bipolar medication, and saying she is having a hard time does not come even close to what we are dealing with here. She is still my beautiful little girl though. Three more weeks until she sees the psychiatrist again. We will make it!


We spent Sunday at my grandparent’s house. It is a two hour drive to get to them. The whole way down there Jordan kept telling me she was going to hold Maw Maw’s baby goat. I told her she was talking big, and I seriously doubted it! The last time we went down there, she refused to even pet it. Well I will be darned if she did not do it! When we got there she said, “Somebody get me that goat!” Here she is with her Great-Uncle Goat Possum Longman.


This photo from Monday cracks me up. Jordan came home from her first day at Summer camp covered in green paint from head to toe. She was so speckled with green that she looked like the Incredible Hulk. (Or the Crebidal Hulk if you ask her.) I was trying to get a photo of her green hair when she started telling me about her boo boos on her knees. Right before I snapped the photo she made a pout face, and this is the shot I got. Goofy child.


Here are her green boo boo knees! I kissed them and made them all better.


Last but not least, even though it is not a photo of the day… I had to share this one. Brandon has great taste in shoes don’t you think? LOL He looks so proud of himself. Jordan was wearing my high heels, so he went and pulled out my flats. Trust me when I say this is a future scrapbook page! They are on the wrong feet and everything. Hehe


Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Blink

Where did my baby go? It seems like yesterday I was bathing him in the kitchen sink, and now look at him.

This is one of my favorite photos of him in a while. It just screams childhood, innocence, and joy. I have it set as my desktop background. I am trying to remember to slow down and be happy with the little things in life. Sometimes when you look back, you realize the little things were actually big things. Like bathing your kid in the sink while he could still fit in there. *Sigh*

Scrapperie June Guest Design Team Reveal

I know everyone remembers how excited I was in January when I found out I would get to be a guest design team member for the month of June at Scrapperie! Sandi puts together absolutely fantastic kits. The color combination in the June kit was wonderful! The reveal day was yesterday, so I can finally post the projects I did. You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them and see more details.

If you are interested in purchasing the fabulous June Kit from Scrapperie called Salon de The, you can click here... Scrapperie Boutique.

I would like to say thank you to Sandi for the wonderful opportunity to be a guest designer for Scrapperie. It was a whole lot of fun! Scrapperie also has a wonderful message board and inspirational gallery. Check them out if you have time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Everyday Love

Lately my photo of the day selections have not been anything too special. For example, Saturday’s photo is a picture of my clean living room. I am still working on Spring/Summer cleaning, and although I detest cleaning, there is really something to be said for having a super clean house. (This was taken with no flash. I’m practicing using natural lighting more.)


On Sunday, I walked into the kitchen after cleaning up in my bedroom and found this stuck to my refrigerator. The girls are fascinated with things that have magnets in them lately. I did not even know that the My Little Pony was magnetic, and honestly I can not say why it would be, but it made for an interesting photo. (Another one taken with natural light, although in hindsight it appears a bit blue toned.)


On Monday Ronnie was running late coming home from work, so the kids sat down to eat dinner before we did. Here is a photo of the three of them chowing down. They all love peanut butter sandwiches, and it is just about the only way Jordan (my little semi-vegetarian) will eat any protein. I did a little bit of editing on this one… not too much though.


The next photo needs a lot of explanation. Yesterday morning I let the kids play in the sprinkler before it got really hot. When it was time to come in, I got Brandon undressed and dried him off, then I sent him inside to wait for me. I dried Jordan off and walked into the kitchen to throw the dirty towel in the laundry hamper, and I found this. I grabbed my camera and snapped away. He was eating the rest of his dried cereal that he had asked to eat for breakfast. I could hardly take the photo because I was laughing so hard. Do not worry! I sanitized and scrubbed the table right after I got clothes on his crazy butt! (Edited within an inch of it’s life in PSE.) He is going to love this one when he is older don’t you think? LOL


We have not been up to much around here. Keeping three kids occupied is a pretty full time job! I have been scrapbooking of course, but my online time has taken a hit. I had to prioritize a lot, and decide what was most important. Not easy!

I have also been working on my guest design team work for the June Scrapperie kit. It is a gorgeous kit full of rich colors. I am so excited to reveal what I have done with it, but I can not until reveal day on the 14th. If you are interested, you can check out all of Sandi’s fantastic kits at

Until next time….

Little Good News

I won the April Readers Gallery contest at the Pencil Lines blog! I was so excited when they emailed me. I had to do a digital layout with a template from Paislee Press. I love her designs, so I was really excited to experiment with the template. Here is the layout that I won with...

Check it all out at Pencil Lines.

In other good news, I have been participating in the Sue Cummings Spotlight over at You can check the contest out here. I got the good news this morning that I was nominated for layout of the day. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I win, but even if I do not... it was still super cool to be nominated. Here is the neat button I got.

and here is the layout that I entered.

I will be back later with a POTD update!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mile in these Shoes

Just to let everyone know, there are a lot of things going on in my life lately with the kids out for the Summer. I have also been having some health problems, and I am dealing with issues with Alexis’ medications, so I am not posting as much as I would like to. I have not disappeared!

Here are the latest pictures for my photo of the day project. On May 31st, we played board games as a family. Brandon has a hard time reaching everything from a chair, so he usually climbs on the table and sits there. They were playing the fishing game, which is Brandon’s favorite.

Since the van has been out of commission while waiting on the rear window to get fixed, I have had to find sitters for two out of the three kids if I need to go anywhere. On Monday I had my sister in law watch Alexis and Brandon so I could bring Jordan to therapy in Ronnie’s old beat up truck. Here is a photo of her eating her after therapy snack (chocolate chip cookies). I do not think she would have shared if I asked her. What do you think? She looks kinda mean. LOL


On Tuesday, our activity of the day was watching the movie Finding Nemo. I snapped this photo of all three kiddos riveted to the television screen. I teased Ronnie so badly about buying this huge television, but you can tell even in this photo how awesome the picture is. The colors are so vibrant.


On Wednesday, I noticed our tomato plant (Mirrow) has started growing tomatoes. We have three tiny tomatoes, and Jordan is just thrilled! Here they are!


Last night Jordan was practicing her reading. I found a great website years ago with reading and alphabet practice called The kids all love it and it has several different stages of difficulty. The best part, is that it is free! Here is Miss Jojo getting educated. =0) Do not blame me for that messy desk, it is Ronnie’s, not mine!


Last but not least, this morning I caught an adorable photo of Brandon trying to walk a mile in my shoes. He did not get very far because he had them on sideways. LOL Is he not the cutest thing? He said, “Itsa Momma shoe!” “We go bye!” I think he is tired of being cooped up in the house. Hopefully once the van gets fixed tomorrow we will be able to go places again! (Edited with the CoffeeShop Hot Chocolate action.)