Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don’t Cry

Lately God has been reminding me that although things seem tough at my house, things could be worse. When I checked my email on Wednesday, there was one from a young mother who was looking for groceries for herself and her son. Things have been bad here lately, but they have not been that bad for a while. I went to my pantry and packed up everything I could for her. When she came the next day to pick them up she cried, and I cried with her. I certainly hope that things get better in this country soon.


On Thursday, I almost forgot to take my photo of the day. I snapped a picture of my menu plan that I have on the side of my refrigerator. I have been trying to decrease spending and cook more at home. When I saw my friend Leesa’s Menu Plan Monday on her blog, I was inspired to try it myself. Not the most exciting photo, but certainly a part of our lives lately. The best thing is that Ronnie has quit asking me, “What’s for dinner?” LOL


Friday found us outside yet again. The kids are really wearing out the sprinkler. We go out early in the morning, and they play for about an hour before it gets hot. The best part is that I get to sit in the shade and drink my coffee uninterrupted. I have been getting a lot of good reading time in. That way everyone wins! We all get to do what we want.


On Saturday, I got this shot of Alexis while she was sitting in time out. She was not paying me much attention, and she surely does not seem to be upset at being in time out. *Sigh* This photo says a lot about our lives right now. She is off of her bipolar medication, and saying she is having a hard time does not come even close to what we are dealing with here. She is still my beautiful little girl though. Three more weeks until she sees the psychiatrist again. We will make it!


We spent Sunday at my grandparent’s house. It is a two hour drive to get to them. The whole way down there Jordan kept telling me she was going to hold Maw Maw’s baby goat. I told her she was talking big, and I seriously doubted it! The last time we went down there, she refused to even pet it. Well I will be darned if she did not do it! When we got there she said, “Somebody get me that goat!” Here she is with her Great-Uncle Goat Possum Longman.


This photo from Monday cracks me up. Jordan came home from her first day at Summer camp covered in green paint from head to toe. She was so speckled with green that she looked like the Incredible Hulk. (Or the Crebidal Hulk if you ask her.) I was trying to get a photo of her green hair when she started telling me about her boo boos on her knees. Right before I snapped the photo she made a pout face, and this is the shot I got. Goofy child.


Here are her green boo boo knees! I kissed them and made them all better.


Last but not least, even though it is not a photo of the day… I had to share this one. Brandon has great taste in shoes don’t you think? LOL He looks so proud of himself. Jordan was wearing my high heels, so he went and pulled out my flats. Trust me when I say this is a future scrapbook page! They are on the wrong feet and everything. Hehe



Elizabeth said...

Wow setting up the sprinkler before morning coffee, yikes! With only one child dd just doesn't get into it as much as if there were two.

AMKrogsgaard said...

I absolutely love reading your blog. The daily pictures is such a great, unique idea, and its part of why I love your blog!

Leah. said...

You are such an amazing person, and so thoughtful. I love that about you!!!

Gorgeous photo of Alexis!! She is in my thoughts and prayers.

Enjoy your sprinkler. I love your photo heavy blog posts :)

Michelle said...

Hey girlie!! What a sweet thing to give to others - a great quality that you have. Wishing you and Lexie all the best with the meds issue!! Beautiful shot of Lexie. She really is a pretty girl!! I LOVE the pics of J!! She is so cute! Brandon is too funny. So reminds me of Ben!!

Katherine said...

Congrats again on your win. I'll get your stuff off to you ASAP! :) I always enjoy reading your posts, and I left you a little award on my blog!

Agnes said...

You're such a wonderful person, Heather!

Lovely photos :-)

Amelia said...

kids are kids ;)

i have something for you here http://ondiamondmum.blogspot.com/2009/06/jadore-tien-blog.html

Leesa said...

I'm so glad that you decided to start doing the meal planning! :-P