Friday, June 26, 2009

Father and Friend

Summer camp is finally over. While Jordan had an absolutely fabulous time, all of the driving was killing me. I now completely sympathize with my dear husband who drives 2+ hours a day to commute to work.

It has been a while since I posted, so of course I have project 365 photos to share! On Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day with the best Daddy in the whole world. We baked cookies for Ronnie, and made him a rockin’ Father’s Day card. Jordan picked out “Rock Star Dad” as the sentiment. Here is the card…


Here is the photo I took of Ronnie and the kids sitting at the table waiting for their chocolate chip cookies.


Monday morning found Brandon feeling under the weather. His allergies have been acting up, and he has just not been feeling well. He slept most of the time while I was driving Jordan both to and from camp. (Note the super cool Transformers shirt. Ronnie is reliving his childhood.) I love the way the light hits his little face in this photo. *Sigh*


This week’s post is a little bit of a Brandon show. I kept getting cute shots of him. Tuesday was no exception. He is getting too big to ride in the top part of the grocery basket. So I let him ride in the bottom part of the basket for the first time. He was absolutely thrilled and grinned like a goober the whole time. I could not resist snapping a photo although I am sure the other shoppers thought I had lost my mind. The photo is a bit grainy, but his joy shines through!


We had a really bad storm come though on Wednesday, but let me tell you that it was totally welcome. We had not had rain for weeks, and the temperatures had been over 100 degrees. The storm blew everything all over the yard. My umbrella, the sand box lid, and the kid’s toys. The worst part is that it blew our tomato plant over, but it does not seem to have suffered any lasting effects. (Thank goodness! Jordan would be ticked.)


Yesterday we had the privilege of a private show with a wonderful Clydesdale horse Jordan met through her hippotherapy Summer camp. His name is Clyde, and his handler is named Bonny. That in itself makes them too cool. Jordan was so taken with Clyde when she met him at Summer camp that Bonny invited her out to her farm to visit Clyde and her other horse Val. She got the horses to do all of their tricks for Jordan, and of course you know I got several photos of her. This was one of my favorites.


I had to share the next photo. Even though it did not make photo of the day for yesterday because Clyde is way cool, it is one of the best photos I have taken lately in my opinion. Miss Jordan is so cute! You can tell how hot it was by how pink she turned from the sun. She was munching on some watermelon to cool off a bit.



Agnes said...

I love the photos, especially the father's day one. What a family!

Have a wonderful weekend Heather :-)))))

AMKrogsgaard said...

Awesome pics Heather, especially the one with Brandon in the shopping cart! Just love it!

Katherine said...

I always love your project 365 photos. I really need to do that too... Your father's day card is way cool! Love the stars :)

Leah. said...

WHo cares what the other shoppers thought! That photo of Brandon is soooo worth it! Love the one of him in his carseat too. Hope he's feeling better today!!!!

Love the shot of the family waiting for your cookies. How cute is that?

glenna said...

Your photos are wonderful. The one of your son in the grocery cart looks like it could be a magazine ad!

Summer said...

Don't mind what those other shoppers will think. Brandon is so cute! I like him when he is sleeping at the car.=D Lovely photos again, thanks for sharing them.=D

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Jane said...

I think that the horse show is so cool!!! and I was wondering...where are the chocolate chip cookies???!! That sounds so good but can't have, I'm on a diet!!! UGH!!!!

AMKrogsgaard said...

I just found all your comments- how did I miss them before?? Living way out here is tough, and I am being a baby about it. Its the big city girl in me that's talking when I complain about how long all this stuff takes. The adjustment (now that reality is sinking in) is tough to deal with sometimes! And, believe me when I say I'm further out in nowhere than you were! Two hours to a Starbucks is like another GALAXY to me!!!