Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Sunshine

I swear you would not believe how hot it has been here in Louisiana! I got in my car the other day and the thermometer read over 100 degrees! No wonder I feel like I am melting half of the time.

Of course you know I have to update with my Project 365 photos, so here goes!

Tuesday was such a busy day that I almost forgot to take my picture of the day. (I know… story of my life huh?) At the last minute I remembered, and I took a photo of one of my most favorite things in the world. My green laptop. It just so happens to be my connection with the world as well. I love that thing, and the fact that it is green… just makes it that much more awesome.


Jordan has been in Summer camp all week, and I decided to try to do a few things with the other two kids so they would not feel left out. On Wednesday we met Lexie’s friend at the park to play in the fountains. Of course Lexie and Brandon could not wait to get in the fountains, so they played for about thirty minutes before their friends got there. Unfortunately, Lexie fell really hard while running around, and I had to bring them home twenty minutes after the other kids got there. She scratched up her arm and ankle, and I had to use a million band aids to cover it all.


The farm Jordan goes to for her Summer camp has the most beautiful scenery. Old buildings falling down, cows grazing in the pasture… not a day goes by without seeing something that is pretty as a picture. Here is Thursday’s photo. I really like the darkness of the trees in the foreground.


On Friday Jordan got her certificate for attending the first week of Summer camp. They had a little celebration on the farm property, and she got a ribbon for pole weaving in the horse show. She was completely thrilled, and she is very excited to be going back next week. I am not as thrilled as she is, because it means driving for two hours a day. It makes her happy though, so I do it.


Last night in a fit of weirdness, I set up our old two person tent in the center of the living room floor. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I do this every Summer. Indoor camping is MUCH cooler than outdoor camping. The kids really enjoy it. I can not wait until they are a bit older and we can really go camping. Right now I would be worried that Brandon would wander off into the darkness while Alexis whines about how hot it is and Jordan sings campfire songs at the top of her lungs. Here is Mr. Cheese (Brandon) smiling hugely. I think he’s the most fascinated with the tent. He keeps calling it his house.



lifeheARTist said...

awww! So many fun updates! That fountain looks waaay cool! I hear ya about the heat. UGH! We hit 107 today...blah! Your green laptop is AWESOME! I love that it isn't *pink*... which is SO overdone in my opinion. LOL Congrats to Jordan! She has such a terrific look of accomplishment in her pic too! And I love, love, love your indoor camping idea! I'm going to have to steal that one. I think the kids would totally love it!

Leah. said...

Okay. First I'm loving all your 365photos! I wish we had a waterpark to go to here.

Don't you hate using a whole box of bandaids?

I think I might take your idea and set up a tent in the house. My kids would love that!

Joseph loves Brandons Nemo :)

HEATWAVE!!! Keep cool chicky.

Jane said...

I love your photos!!! and I am really sorry that it is so hot!! It was hot here today too but not that hot!!

Summer said...

Oh that fountain is just perfect to refresh the day from the heat sunny day..=D And your photos are so cute! Love to see more photos here. Have a great day.=D

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Agnes said...

I love the farm pic, Heather :-)

It's been so hot here too and summer has just started....

indoor camping, what a great idea :-)))

Amelia said...

so cute of Brandon ;) he is enjoying the indoor camping idea :)