Friday, July 24, 2009

Father and Son

We are almost there! It has been a long, hard, and very interesting Summer. Full of fun, some trials and tribulations, and lots of love. Thank goodness (for all of our sanity) it’s almost over! The kids go back to school in about two weeks. We’ve started preparing for them to go back. New school bags, school supplies, and uniforms. I don’t know about you, but the new clothes and new notebooks were my favorite part of going back to school when I was younger. Something about starting over with everything new was wonderful!

I have a couple of photos to share for my Project 365. I am still having a really fun time with it even though I end up with some really strange photos. See below!

First up, is a photo of Lady. She hasn’t been doing well lately. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain, but she sleeps a whole lot. I am worried about her. We are just making sure she gets lots of uninterrupted rest! She’s been very spoiled lately, but she’s worth it.


When we went to pick up the girls on Sunday from their sleepover at their Aunt’s house, we walked in to this scene. She is a BRAVE woman! She let all three kids paint at the same time. There was paint everywhere! It was fun and really cute!


Ronnie and Brandon are totally car obsessed. I mean seriously obsessed. The first thing Brandon does when he wakes up is run to his car container and grab a Hot Wheels car. He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with is cars. I’ve barely convinced him not to sleep with them. The first thing Ronnie does when he wakes up is to check his favorite NASCAR website, then he drives to work in his big truck with loud exhaust. They have discovered You Tube, and the wealth of videos posted by other car enthusiasts. The typical conversation goes like this…

Ronnie: “Look Bubba that’s a Camaro. Can you say Camaro?”

Bubba: “It’s a car! Wow. It’s a car, it’s a car. Dang yo! (He got that from his Daddy.)”

The both point, and stare at the screen. I keep waiting for them to drool. It is the cutest thing ever. I managed to sneak this photo the other night, and I just LOVE it.


After the above picture, it’s pretty easy to see why I’d find Bubba here during Jordan’s hippotherapy session. (Don’t worry, I had the keys and was a few feet away helping Jordan get on her horse.) Thank goodness he hasn’t figured out how to work the horn yet or the horse would’ve freaked out. Note to self: Keep Brandon in his car seat until AFTER I get back in the van.

7-21-09 Remember earlier when I said if I run out of Project 365 ideas that I start coming up with weird ones? I took a photo of dill pickle chips in my new square bowls. What are dill pickle chips you ask? Only the best potato chips in the world! They actually taste like pickles, and it’s not as weird as it sounds. LOL


Here’s a super cute photo of Jordan from last night. Her hair was all wet from her bath. Usually you can’t tell how long it is because it’s often in a ponytail. It’s REALLY long, even longer than you can see in the photo. We tease her and call her Rapunzel. She’s going to get a good haircut before she goes back to school. It’s getting really difficult to manage, but she’s so pretty with long hair!


Today the girls’ Aunt took them to get their back to school back packs. Jordan was determined to have a Ni Hao Ki-Lan back pack. Nothing else would do! We were so glad that they found one at Target. When Alexis saw Jordan’s, she wanted an identical one. I’m just hoping they won’t mix them up in the morning! Aren’t they cute? (The girls and the back packs!)


Until next time!


Nichole said...

I have a confession..... I still buy notebooks and packs of cool pens and.....eeeeek, pencils!!!!!!!

I love them. and new clothes...... can't wait. so they start the school year in august?? huh, we don't start until sept, 5 or 7 ish...

isn't it funny, the boy thing.... Justin isn't a boy's boy, he's more into games and imaginay things, but Lachlan.... it just cracks me up all the time... it has to be in the genes.... and it's tooooooo cute!

great post girl, as usual......

babyyahyah said...

So cute with the backpacks.

i love your 365 pics so neat.

my one son james adores cars and matchboxes and nascar. the other 2boys don't like it so much.

Amelia said...

summer is off in few weeks time and school is fun :) same with me Heather I look forward for the start of school since new things comes my way :)

Leah. said...

2 weeks!!!!!????? We still have over a month. We are waiting on nicer weather of course.

I walked into Wal Mart yesterday and noticed the school supplies were out and got a little giddy. I'm sure Terry isn't too happy, but I kind of like school supplies. I think it's a fresh start kind of thing KWIM?

Love Dill Pickle, sooo not weird.

Summer said...

Oh look at those backpacks, they are so cute with those gorgeous bags. =D And thank you for sharing those wonderful photos. Have a great day. =D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Agnes said...

I love those back packs too! And I really love the photo of Lady :-)

MindyRadio said...

Yeah, your boys sound a lot like mine. Although Conor still sleeps with a hot wheels car in each hand most nights. The youtube thing at my house is very funny. They go from cars, to swords, to video games feeds all in about 15 minutes....LOL Seriously you haven't laughed until you've heard your 4 y/o son trying to sing the words to a Japanese theme song on his video games. Those 2 just crack me up.

Elizabeth said...

You might try letting the girls each pick out a different colored ribbon and then knotting the ribbon to the top of the backpack. That way they will look for the ribbon in their color. Of course you can always add tags with their names on them, but I think the colored ribbon would be instantly reconizable.

We got our school supply list yesterday. Our first one ever! ;)