Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here We Go Again

I’m back! Things have been busy, but good at my house. We have found several new activities to keep the kiddos busy before school starts. They are starting to get bored doing the same old stuff. I’ve printed out a few worksheets to get them used to doing school work again. (They think it’s fun to do them now, but I’m sure once school starts the homework wars will return. LOL) The best thing we have discovered is music and dancing. All three children absolutely love it, and it’s a wonderful way for them to burn energy when it’s entirely too hot for them to be outside during long parts of the day.

I’ve got several photos to share for Project 365, AND I’ve got a video guaranteed to make you giggle. First, is the photo I took on Saturday. I was outside watering my poor tomato plant that is dying due to the heat here, and I spotted this little guy hanging out on one of the leaves. I love all of the different textures in this shot!


On Sunday it was cool enough for the kids to go outside for a bit in the early morning. They all love playing on the play set we have in our back yard, and Bubba especially loves the slide.  He’s got such a contagious grin! Lexie loves climbing the rope ladder, and she’s the only one that can do it without getting stuck up there. The other two kids climb up there and get stuck!


Monday is always a busy day for us, and I forgot to take my photo until late in the evening, so I was walking around trying to figure out what to take a picture of when I saw the drawings covering my refrigerator. I figured it would be a neat addition to Project 365 since the little drawings that the kids give me just make my day. (Bubba’s is yellow, and Jordan’s is white. Alexis was in the process of making a new one and had taken the old one down.) Yes, we have quite a collection of Disney magnets. You can’t go to Disney without buying them!


Remember me mentioning music? Well you knew it would factor into a photo somehow right? LOL Here is Tuesday’s photo of the kids in action. Lexie was trying to teach the kids to brake dance. The only problem with that is… she doesn’t know how to brake dance. Hehe I edited this shot with a through the viewfinder technique that I learned in my Jessica Sprague class I took. This one just says so much about my life. Constant, happy, and chaotic. Keep in mind that this was taken at nine in the morning…


Here is the video I promised… The beeping you hear in the background is my coffee pot. All of this happened before caffeine. *Sigh*


Last but never least, yesterday’s photo was of Mr. Brandon drinking his morning sippie cup. I figured I had better get a shot of him doing that because it won’t be long before I have to take them away from him. He has been practicing drinking out of a “big boy cup”, but he doesn’t quite have it down yet. As soon as he does, the sippie cups are out! I don’t want him to have dental problems because of them.


Today is a stay at home pajama day, and we are all really enjoying it. I got to sleep late, and the Littles and I are still in our pajamas. I am catching up on email and blogs while they nap, and later we’re all going to scrapbook! A wonderful do-nothing type of day. I’m going to miss them when they go back to school even if they do drive me crazy.


Agnes said...

LOL! I love the video, Heather, LOL :-))) and the photos are great too! Great, great kids :-D

Katherine said...

Lol - too funny!

I love your shot of the dragonfly - that's awesome :)

I've started a project 365 blog, and wow - sometimes it's hard to come up with interesting daily pics. I mean, I could just take a pic of McKenna every day, but I need a little variety! :)

Solo said...

Oh i love the video. And the photos are so cute. ;D You are very lucky to have them in your life. Treasure them. ;D

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Leah. said...

Love the video! Looks like my house actually :)

The kids must be going back to school pretty soon there?

Great photos as always :)

jacqueline said...

i just watched the video with my husband... and we were so entertained! LOL...

Alexis is very good in her cartwheels. LOL