Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Think We’re Alone Now

Ronnie’s parents, his sister, and her husband have all three of my kids tonight. They picked them up this morning at nine for a sleepover tonight, and Ronnie and I have been at loose ends. Sure, when they’re here we are overwhelmed, overworked, and overtired. When they’re gone, we miss them like crazy. It’s a no win situation!

I have to update my pictures of the day since it’s been forever since I’ve done so. The first photo is from this past Sunday, and it's a very common sight in my house. I get so tired of doing endless piles of dishes. With a five person household, the dishes are never completely done. There’s always one person who adds a dish to the sink after I finish loading the dishwasher and turn it on.


On Monday at dinner time, Jordan went over and started kissing Brandon. Alexis decided she didn’t want to be left out, and together they made a Brandon sandwich and kissed him all up. He laughed at first, but he quickly got tired of being loved on.


Tuesday found me doing another chore around the house that I never finish. Laundry is never ending. There are never enough clean socks, or underwear, and I wash CONSTANTLY. I had been folding clothes before bed time and decided to snap the piles of them as my photo of the day.


I finally got Alexis to pose for a photo of the day session. She is not a big fan of having her photo taken, which is why you don’t see her much on these posts. She tends to stick her tongue at me and make mean faces. I threatened to scrapbook the mean faces, so she agreed to pose for a decent photo. I took this one Wednesday evening before we headed out to bring her to gymnastics. It’s not a big smile… but I’ll take it!


On Thursday, I had to bring Alexis to the eye doctor. She has had many problems with her eyes crossing. She has had two eye surgeries so far, and we may be looking at another one if her new eyeglasses don’t help correct it. Ronnie says he wants a second opinion if it comes to that again. It is absolutely awful for her. She’s not able to see for hours after the surgery due to swelling, so I totally agree with him.

We ordered the world’s cutest purple frame glasses for her. They should be back in about a week. She is not thrilled about having to wear glasses. In fact, her last pair was broken when she took them off and hid them in her backpack. A little boy accidentally stepped on them. We read her the riot act about keeping the new ones on at all times until bed time. I’m not sure how well that is going to go.

After her eye appointment, we came home to relieve my mother in law and sister in law. They were watching the two youngest kids. Then my brother and his wife Tasha came over with their two kids for a little while during all of the chaos. They have a new baby boy named Christian, and I’ve only gotten to see him twice in his whole life, so I was thrilled to see them. He’s an absolutely adorable little man.

I got my brother to take a picture of me with all of my grandma’s great grandkids. We don’t all get together often, but when we do… I’m telling you chaos is putting it lightly. LOL


Yesterday, I spent at least four hours altering a hat box to store some of my mini scrapbook albums in. I was so proud of it when I was done. I showed Ronnie when he came home, and he said it was “nice”. Four hours of work = nice? I don’t think so! LOL The other boxes were made a few months ago for the same purpose. I love making mini albums, and I’ve had to find creative storage solutions for them.


I’m signing off for now to watch “The Dukes of Hazzard” again with Ronnie. LOL


babyyahyah said...

those piles of dishes and piles of laundry look like my house too.

Michelle said...

I hope you two found something to do being that you had no kids for the evening.

Love the pic of you all all the kids!! Your altered boxes are so pretty!! Sorry to say, most guys are not into it. Atleast he didn't do what Greg did!! LOL I wish you could of seen Greg and his little dance. He was in huge trouble on that one!! Enjoy your Sunday!! (I have to go finish my piles of laundry!!)

Leah. said...

Glad you got one night off from the kids. Terry and I look at each other wondering what to do with ourselves too!

Can't wait to see A's new glasses. I hope they will be a help. Love the laundry photo which reminds me.....

Amelia said...

adorable kids will always missed by their parents even how chaotic the house could be....

Nichole said...

where to start???
so glad someone else has long posts too. I forget I am reading a blog i get so into it! silly? yes!
loved those boxes you made. they are gorgeous! I would make them out of basic grey, which is the one thing i miss about paper scrapping.
and cute photo of alexis.... hope the glasses work! they did for my girlfriends little girl. she was 8, so she knew she HAD to keep them on, the importance ofit. it would be so hard when they're young.

also nice to see dishes in someone else's sink for a change! haahahahaha

Agnes said...

I LOVE all these pictures! (except the one with the dishes of course...)

Your kids are so cute, Heather and I just love the kissing photo :-D

Elizabeth said...

Those boxes are awesome. They look great, just like fancy expensive boxes.