Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Steal My Sunshine

It has been raining here for four days straight. I am feeling water logged and I have cabin fever. I am not even going to describe the children’s behavior. It might scare some of you who do not have kids yet. LOL

Guess what? I have got photos to share. *Not surprised are you?*

The storms lately have been intense. They roll in quickly and are full of bluster and bother. The kids get really nervous when the thunder gets loud enough to shake the windows in the house. Of course I could not resist taking a photo of one of the storms. This is Thursday’s photo. The wind was so strong that day that several trees in our neighborhood were down.


On Friday, Ronnie and I went to the movie theater for the first time in four years! He really wanted to see Transformers and he got his Mom and sister to watch the kids. The movie was full of special effects, and really interesting. It was really long though. I did not care what I watched as long as it meant I got to get out of the house!


To celebrate the Fourth of July, we ended up going to my sister in law’s house to eat barbeque, and it was lots of fun. The kids always love going over to their house. We watched a new Disney movie called Bolt with Miley Cyrus as one of the voices while waiting on lunch to be ready. The girls really adored it.

On the way home, Ronnie stopped and bought a few small fireworks. We waited until it got dark before bringing the kids outside.  When we got out there, I was holding Brandon on my hip when he started struggling to get down. I set him down and he RAN to the house screaming “Door!”. He wanted to go back inside. Apparently he still does not like fireworks. We tried!

Ronnie and I had to take turns with the girls so someone could be inside to comfort Brandon. I did manage to get a few cool photos. Here are Alexis and Jordan sitting on the back of Ronnie’s truck watching the fireworks…


Jordan was wearing the headphones that Ronnie bought for Alexis to wear at the NASCAR race. They muffled the fireworks enough that she was not scared this year! The next two photos are of the girls with their sparklers.



Alexis did not look too thrilled with her sparkler. It made her nervous! Here is my favorite photo from the night. I took this with the fireworks setting on my camera.


On Sunday, the two little kids swam in the pool early in the morning. I got a great action (IMO) shot with water droplets in the air. I love the expression on Brandon’s face!


Yesterday was really great! We did not have anywhere to go, so the kids and I got to hang out at home. I got to scrapbook. I let the kids scrapbook as well to keep them entertained! They make a HUGE mess, but it is worth it. I just clean up the millions of shreds of paper later.

7-6-09 I have been feeling really restless lately. I want to get out and do something. I hope the rain stops soon before I go stir crazy! I have to go grocery shopping sometime soon, but that totally does not count as something to do. It is just another chore!


Agnes said...

I love love love the storm photo :-) (I like rainy days I guess) and the firework photo is awesome!
You have the cutest kids, Heather, that's for sure :-)

Courtney said...

Great pictures. I was wanting to try out the fireworks setting on my camera, but it was raining here,so no pics!

Summer said...

I love the dark photo. And those photos are great! Love fireworks, hope to see more of this. Have a great day.=D

MaRLeNeF said...

"The sun'll come out tomorrow....." LOL My feeble attempt at singing!!! Hope the weather gets better. Love your pics, esp the one of the kids crafting! Have a great rest of the week :) Marlene

Elizabeth said...

Oh Bolt, that's the movie that the GF will be playing when we go to Disney. Maybe Brandon needs his own pair of "ear muffs" to keep the fire cracker noise down. :D

Leah. said...

Now I don't feel quite so bad! We haven't seen the sun in a week. Yesterday I had to flee to my room because the kids were making me want to rock in the corner and pull my hair out. They are bored and weren't expecting to spend their summer vacation watching movies and staring out the window with their nose's pressed to the glass! I'm going to blog about the weather myself. I hope you see some brighter days soon. Love your photos as always.

We need to make a date to chat soon. Miss ya!

babyyahyah said...

my kids liked bolt also. i didn't think i would like it but we all watched it and it was a better movie than i thought. i really laughed at some of it and i cried too at the sad parts...

jacqueline said...

i like the fireworks photo but only second to the kids' photos. :)

thanks for sharing again and again.

jacqueline said...

oh! and isn't Transformers a very entertaining movie? :)