Saturday, July 11, 2009

Waiting All My Life

Do you ever feel like life is all about waiting for something? Waiting for your paycheck… Waiting for people to do what you need them to do… Waiting for your children to behave? It can’t just be me! I have been dealing with problems with my minivan, and let me tell you that a dealership is not where you want to be if you don’t like waiting. More on that later…

I have to update my pictures first! On Tuesday I was really busy, and almost forgot to take my photo of the day. At the last possible minute, (eleven at night) I took this photo of my purse. I was very thrilled to get to carry a small semi-fashionable purse once Brandon got a bit older. Of course it’s green, my favorite color!


This photo isn’t a photo of the day, but it’s one I had to share anyway. You know how I am always saying my kids are crazy? Well, if you didn’t believe it before… here is some evidence for you. Jordan dumped all of her toys out of her storage box. Then she got her stuffed Dory from the Finding Nemo movie, and pulled the storage box over her head. She then informed me that she was going to live forever in her aquarium. Uh… okay honey!


On Wednesday, I tried to put the kids in the van to go to the library. We were bored and had cabin fever because it had rained for four days straight. We got in the van and started out, then it began to rain. I turned the windshield wipers on and they would NOT work. Again. I high tailed it to the dealership and gave them a piece of my mind.

I informed them that if I got in a wreck because they wouldn’t fix the wipers that I would “sue the pants off of them and own part of Dodge”. Yes, I lost my temper. I’m not proud, but that lit a fire under their butts, and they agreed to order the part. Keep in mind that it was my fourth trip to complain about the wipers not working. The first three times, they could find nothing wrong with them. Thank goodness they had a play room where I could contain my children in reasonable peace. (For the dealership, not for me.)

Here’s Brandon reclining on one of the bean bags in the play room. Right after I took this picture I was informed that the part wouldn’t be in until Friday. I was NOT a happy camper. Then he told me that hitting the steering column would probably make the wipers kick on. Umm yeah. I’m going to punch my steering column to make the wipers come on. I pay how much a month for this van?! Thank you Dodge! Have I mentioned my next car will be a foreign car? No? LOL We drove home in the rain, but made it safely.


On Thursday I did it again. I almost forgot to take my photo of the day. I have been very distracted lately. I snapped a photo of Brandon laying in Ronnie’s lap. He was trying to go to sleep, but I got a quick photo. I’m glad I did. It shows how quickly he’s growing. Even though he’s super tall, (check out how his legs go up the back of the recliner) he still loves his cuddles. This one was really heavily edited with a Coffeeshop and a Defog action.


Brandon and Jordan have been getting along so much better lately. It’s practically a miracle. Of course to make up for it, Alexis and Jordan have been fighting like cats and dogs but that’s another post. LOL I caught the two little kids snuggling with their teddy bears together in Brandon’s bed on Friday morning. I couldn’t resist having it as my photo of the day.


My wipers were finally fixed after ANOTHER visit to the Dodge dealership on Friday. I didn’t even have to yell. I did have to pay $108 dollars for my deductible on my extended warranty. I had never heard of such a thing. Ronnie swears it’s standard procedure, but I don’t think so. I think he was willing to pay whatever they asked just to know we would be safe to drive. He was even more upset about the situation than I was.

To continue the Brandon show, I have today’s photo. While everyone else was napping he came in my room with me and laid in my bed to “read”. Basically, he looks through the pages and names what he sees. He kept telling me about the “bear” and the “squares” in his Winnie the Pooh book. I am so relieved that he is talking more. He is no where near where he needs to be yet, but he is picking up words and phrases at a rapid rate. His favorite new saying is “Dang, Yo!” He got that from his Daddy, and his Daddy got it from a Jay and Silent Bob movie. LOL


Since this has turned into the longest blog post ever I’ll say goodnight!


babyyahyah said...

ohhh i do know what you mean about waiting all your life.. i could write about 20 things that i am waiting on right now.

as for the hitting the car to make something our chevy does that too with the air conditioning and my dh has to hit the dashboard to turn it

and lastly i love the coffeeshop editing

Agnes said...

All the photos are great :-) LOL Jordan.

I am with you, driving without your windshield wipers in this weather is pretty dangerous... I can hardly see with the wipers ON, LOL

Leah. said...

I wish I could have been there with popcorn in hand to watch you give it to the Dodge folks. Ford is the way to go lady :)

Love your usual photo heavy post. Makes me feel a little guilty. LOL.

I know how you feel about Jordan and Alexis fighting like crazy. It's because they are so close in age in my opinion. Jordan and Josh are driving us crazy. We have to seperate them several times a day for the fighting. The crappy weather doesn't help much either. I hope yours is getting better.

Nice purse!

Michelle said...

I know all about waiting too... especially after already raising one child. My van is pretty good, but then we do have a Toyota. It's a 2001 (and red). It has over 150,000 miles. The only thing wrong is the compressor for the A/C. There is a leak and it loses the freon that is in there. Luckily up here, summer really hasn't hit. I LOVE the pic of Jordan hiding under the tote and what she said.. very cute! I am glad B is talking lots. Love all the pics of the kids!!

jacqueline said...

sometimes you really have to raise your voice a little (or even much) for dealers to take your complains seriously... it's sad but that's true...

you have posted cute photos again! :)