Monday, August 31, 2009

Ordinary Day

I’m back from my flu to update my Project 365 photos. Whoo hoo! I hate being sick. For those of you who are digital mavens, I will have another template up soon. Even though I promised no templates for a while… I don’t seem to be able to help myself.

Last Wednesday, I took a photo of Lady all snuggled up in the dog bed that Ronnie’s sister Steph bought her. All she seems to do lately is sleep, and her health is declining rapidly. I made a vet appointment for her this week, and I’ll keep you all updated.


Thursdays are always hectic because it is Alexis’ gymnastics night. I took a last minute photo of Alexis helping me fold laundry before bed time. She folds the hand towels and the wash cloths. She thinks she’s so mistreated, but I can remember folding whole loads of laundry at her age, AND washing dishes. LOL


Friday. I was sick as all get out. I realized at the last possible minute (midnight) that I didn’t have a photo of the day taken. So, I figured I’d take a photo of what I was spending my sick time doing. Reading of course! Here is the pile of books that Brandon and I have borrowed from the library. We go every single Monday. I think he likes reading just as much as I do. Which is a lot!

Explanation: The ones on the far left are my books that I own that I haven’t read or that I want to reread. The next pile is books that I’ve checked out of the library for me. The pile to the right of that is of Brandon’s unread books, and the one all the way to the right consists of the books we’re finished with and need to return! I have a method to my madness.


I felt a little better on Saturday. Well enough to make a grocery trip to Walmart. While there, I found some super cute Cars character underwear on sale for Brandon. When I got home, he pulled them on over his pull ups. It was too cute! His Daddy got really mad at us for calling them panties. Apparently boys wear drawers, or underwear. Who knew!? Anyway, here’s a photo of how happy he was with his new panties. Erm… underwear!


On Sunday, Ronnie cut the grass and washed the new Camaro. He was extremely happy. Being outside makes him happy I’ve noticed. It’s a lot quieter out there than it is inside our house. Hehe I snuck outside and got this photo of him cutting the grass. He doesn’t even know! LOL I think he’s kind of fed up with my Project 365. He likes it as long as I’m not taking pictures of him. Maybe I’ll just have to figure out how to take more sneaky photos?!


Today my photo is of my extremely confused Azalea bushes. Apparently since we’ve had a few “cool” fronts, which have brought the temperature down to a whopping 88 degrees, my Azalea bushes are convinced it’s Spring. I was surprised to see a few blooms on them today.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

One More Template

My regular blog readers are probably getting bored with the templates, but I know my digi friends are pretty happy. LOL Don’t worry guys, this will be the last one for a while. Then I’m thinking about going back and sharing some of my older designs that I did when I was selling my designs. Anyone interested in that? I’ve got a bunch of kits and papers that I could give away.

Here is the preview for the free template I’m sharing today. It’s actually based on a paper layout that I did a while back.


Here’s the paper layout, so you can get an idea where to start! When I did this one I was looking for a way to use up a bunch of small scraps of paper that I had left over.


Journaling: When Mom came over, the kids insisted on showing her how they love to dance. She got in on the act by dipping Brandon. He loved it! 8/2008

Supplies: American Crafts Chipboard, Pens, Thickers, and Eyelets, Basic Grey Romani Patterned Paper, Bazzill Cardstock, and Doodlebug Hopscotch Alphabet Letters.

Here’s your download link. Enjoy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sick and Tired

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, I’m all achy and tired. I’ve probably got the flu. The funny thing about it is that we haven’t been sick all Summer, only since the kids started back at school. It’s inevitable I suppose. In the meantime, you all benefit from me being sick, because I don’t feel like cleaning or paper scrapbooking. I’ve been playing on my laptop wrapped up like an Eskimo, and I came up with a new freebie template!

Here is the template preview…


Here is the sample layout I created with it using a kit by Whimpy Chompers Creations called The Coolest Cats in Town as well as an epoxy alphabet by Micheline Martin.

Hot Wheels2

And last but not least, here is your download link. Enjoy!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Tradition

Cars1 copy 4

I’ve noticed a trend in Ronnie’s family, or maybe a tradition if you will. This photo above is of Ronnie’s Dad (right) and his Uncle with their Camaro at a race track.

Ronnie had a Camaro when we met. A beautiful, cherry red Z28 that sounded amazing. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I absolutely loved it. We joke and say that I only dated him at first because I just wanted to ride in that car! When we decided to move in together and get married, he had to sell the car so we could afford an apartment. We couldn’t pay the car payment, insurance, and rent. He traded it in on a much cheaper Chevy s10 truck, but I could tell it broke his heart.

Over the years he’s talked about that car, and dreamed of owning another Camaro. While he absolutely loves the new Camaros that have come out recently, there’s something about the older years that appeal to him. I’m really happy to say that he finally has another one as of the other day. It’s a black 1992 Camaro, and he is so very thrilled with it, as evidenced by this photo.


The really funny thing, is that yet another generation is very interested in Camaros. When Brandon saw the car, he ran up to it and hugged the tire while yelling, “It’s my tar! (tire)” Luckily Momma was standing by to snap a photo. (Hey, it’s what I do!)


And there it is folks. The fascination begins for yet another Landry male. Family tradition at it’s best!

Here is a better picture of the car in daylight. It runs well, and only needs a few cosmetic updates, and a good bath!


I’ve got a few funny stories to share from the kids over the past few days as well. Last night Alexis and I were going through her homework, and she had to name the four oceans. I could tell just how well she was reading her study guide when her answer was…

England Ocean, Island Ocean, Alabama Ocean, and West Ocean.

I can tell we have a WHOLE lot more studying to do. Don’t even get me started on her guesses for the continents. LOL

Not to be outdone on silliness, Jordan came up to me later declaring that Brandon had a butt mark. Ummm huh? There’s something on his butt? Nope. A birth mark. Which he in fact does, on his forehead. It took me about an hour to convince her that she meant BIRTH mark, and to beg her not to go to school and tell other kids that they have butt marks. LOL

Last but not least, the other day when I was scrapbooking, I heard Brandon scream. “AHHHH IT’S A DUCK!” For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why he’d be afraid of a duck, or where he was even seeing a duck. I walked into the room, and Jordan was pretending to be a ghost with her sheets over her head walking around. Brandon was dying laughing and hollering. Apparently he substituted duck for ghost when he forgot the word. There’s never a dull moment around here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Love Squares Template Freebie

I was designing a sketch for a paper scrapbook page in Photoshop, and I liked the sketch so much I made it into a digital template to share as a freebie. Here is the preview of the template.


Here’s the example layout I made with the template using a kit by AHeimann called Summer Blues, and a Typewriter font.


Here’s the link to download your template. I hope you enjoy it!

Download Here

Life’s a Dance

Life's a dance you learn as you go,
Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow,
Don't worry about what you don't know,
Life's a dance you learn as you go.

-John Michael Montgomery

Sometimes I get stressed out about what the future will hold for my children and my family. Lately, I’ve been trying to be more laid back. These lyrics remind me that everyone learns as they go, and that it’s okay to take it all one day at a time.

When you think of life as a dance… here are some photos that highlight our best dance moves. (Otherwise known as a Project 365 update!) Hey, you knew I was going to work that in some how didn’t you? LOL

Do you know what back to school time means at my house? Homework. I hate, despise, and detest homework. Alexis is in second grade now, and due to her ADHD and dyslexia, every night is an adventure to say the least. It is not at all her fault that it takes so long. She has such a hard time. I think it’s insane that she has so much homework. Seriously, it takes about 2 hours every night. I’m constantly having to redirect and correct her, and both of us are miserable. On Wednesday, I decided to take a photo of her doing her homework to share as part of my Project 365.


On Friday, Brandon and I were playing outside and he climbed up on the picnic table. He crawled all the way to the end of the table where I was sitting. Then he looked at me very seriously, and said “I wub you Mom”. So sweet! I had to take a photo of him sitting on top of the picnic table. He’s all boy!


I made barbeque for dinner on Friday night, and Alexis was thrilled. So thrilled, that she stuffed her mouth full of steak and she could hardly chew. I snapped a photo of her while her cheeks were all puffed out like chipmunk. When she had everything chewed and could talk again, she said, “Mooooooooooooom!” LOL Torturing my children, just one of the many services I offer. She’ll be grateful that I took so many pictures when she’s older.


Do you ever upload your photos to your computer and come across one that makes you sigh? That’s exactly what happened to me on Saturday. I got this awesome photo of Ronnie with all three kids. They were walking back to our car after we went to the beach in Bay St. Louis, MS. I was carrying stuff and shaking sand out of everything, when I looked over and whipped out my camera to snap this one. Would it be totally weird to put this on the front of our Christmas card? LOL


Here are a few other photos from our beach trip that didn’t make the photo of the day cut. This one is my new desktop background!

Linear BurnSand angels anyone?


I definitely believe in sunscreen. If you look close enough, you’ll see streaks of white running down Lexie’s arm from me applying it again. She doesn’t seem to mind.


One last beach photo… We couldn’t go in the water at all because there was an insane amount of jellyfish in it! We saw five in just the few feet of beachfront we were playing on. Brandon kept throwing things in the water instead, he just loved the splash it would make.


On Sunday, I took a photo of Miss Jojo swinging. We went outside and enjoyed the cool front that came through. It only got up to 80 degrees instead of the 90+ it has been. I just loved the look on her face here and her little bare feet. I edited the goodness out of this one to lighten up some shadows. Then I used a Golden Vintage action from Coffeeshop Actions.


Every single Monday we go to therapy at the area hospital with Jordan. We are really lucky to have a hospital with beautiful grounds here in our town. They have 4 different ponds and many beautiful fountains. They have a walking trail too. My kids think the best part of it all is the ducks. LOL Brandon and I walked around the walking trail and fed the ducks today. He thought it was the best thing ever!


Doesn’t he look happy?


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Another Day

There hasn’t been much going on at my house lately. Every day is filled with repetition. Get up, get the kids dressed, put them on the bus, clean house, take care of Brandon, get kids off the bus, cook, clean more, bathe kids, and go to bed. It feels like I’m stuck in the movie Groundhog Day. LOL I’m going to have to make my own adventure, just as soon as all of this rain stops. The grass can really use it, but it totally ruined my plan to take Brandon down to the place in our neighborhood where they are clearing land for new houses. He loves anything to do with construction equipment. What is it about boys and machines?

I've got a few Project 365 photos to share. Last Wednesday it was raining again, and I just happened to look outside and see the sun peeking through the clouds. I loved how the edges of the clouds just glowed!


I must admit that Brandon and I have been enjoying our time together during the day. It’s so much calmer, so I have lots more time to play and read with him. On Thursday morning when I gave him his cup, he laid out on the couch like he owned it. LOL His hair had gotten long enough for him to twirl it again while he was drinking. He usually does that when he’s tired. (I cut it all off again Sunday which really made him mad!)  He’d better enjoy that sippie cup while he can. I’m working on weaning him off of it. Of course that will mean that he won’t be my tiny baby anymore.


This photo absolutely cracks me up on so many levels. After Jordan got home from school on Friday, she decided that she didn’t want to wear her uniform shorts anymore. So she took them off and threw them in the dirty clothes, and decided to “borrow” Lexie’s pajama bottoms. Then, while I was cleaning up, she snuck into the kitchen, and pushed my dining room chair over to the counter. Then she used the chair to climb up onto the counter, so she could get into the cabinets and get a cup. Of course I fussed at her and got her down, but you have to admire how determined she was. LOL She’s a little stinker.


On Saturday my Mom came over to visit. It had been a long time since we visited, so the kids were really glad to see her. I tortured her by making her look at my scrapbooks. After all, if you visit me, you’re visiting my scrapbooks too. LOL Then the kids asked to dance to their new favorite song (Three Little Birds by Bob Marley) so they could show her. Brandon wanted her to pick him up and dance with him. I snapped the photo right as she was dipping him. My Mom says they have great musical taste. Why wouldn’t they? They’re my kids! LOL


Jordan’s shoes for her braces came in this past week, and she’s been giving me a really hard time about wearing them. (Really, who could blame her?) So on Sunday, I got Ronnie to help me convince her to wear them for a while by promising her we would all go outside and play. She was stomping around being mad, when Lady came up and started sniffing the new shoes. Jordan bent down to pet her, and I caught this photo. It’s special to me because Jordan doesn’t play with Lady too much because of her sensory issues.


Yesterday, my favorite camera ham (Brandon) was waiting for his sisters to get off of the bus. I stepped outside and saw him peeking out of the window, so I went back in and grabbed my camera. When he saw me with it, he decided to play peek a boo with the curtains, and I caught this adorable shot, as well as several others. He makes me smile every single day. (There are no blinds in the window, because they ripped them down again. Gotta love kids!)


This morning I tried another tactic to get Miss J into her braces. I told her that Ariel (Her favorite Disney character from the Little Mermaid movie!) thinks that little girls who wear braces are awesome, and she hugs them extra tight when they go to Disney to see her. (We’re planning a trip around Mardi Gras time next year.) After that she was willing to put them on to go to school. She is only wearing them a few hours at a time to get her feet used to being back in them, so her muscles won’t get too tired. I absolutely hate that they cause her pain, and I wish that she didn’t have to wear them at all. I try to make the process as fun as possible, but I really feel like a monster for making her wear them when she’s crying. Thank goodness this morning she was all smiles.


That’s all for now, but you know I’ll be back! LOL

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School Days

Since the kids have started school, I have been running to appointments and have been entirely too busy to sit down and share my Project 365 update! Now that things are quieting down a bit, and Brandon and I are enjoying the peace and quiet… Here I am!

Thursday’s photo features Mr. Brandon and his unending energy. His new favorite activity is dancing. He loves Bob Marley, and Sugarland. I think he’s heading for musical ADHD just like his Momma. In this photo he was jumping around and dancing in his monster truck jammies.


Friday’s photo isn’t the greatest quality wise, but it is pretty awesome in my opinion. The fact that the girls were holding hands makes me happy, and the fact that it was their first day back at school makes me even happier. LOL It’s been a looong Summer. Not that I don’t love them because I do, but I missed my peace and quiet! Check out their super cute backpacks.


Saturday found Ronnie out in the yard. Well, behind the yard actually. Weeds and plants were starting to grow in through our fence from the abandoned property behind ours, and Ronnie decided to go fix it. I snuck outside and snapped this photo of him before he realized what I was doing. I also got a few photos of the wildflowers back there, but I won’t bore you with those.


On Sunday, Ronnie had to recuperate from all of the yard work, so he watched NASCAR and snuggled with the dog. This photo of the two of them just makes me smile.


Monday morning, before I woke Alexis up, I took her picture. It’s grainy because of the low light in her room, but I still love it. She’s so sweet when she’s sleeping, and we are so grateful that her medicine has been adjusted so she can sleep well again! A rested child is a happier child.


Yesterday morning, Brandon kept coming up to me and saying cheese, so I had to oblige him and take a photo. Sure, he has dried toothpaste on his mouth, and leftover breakfast waffles, but he sure is cute! He’s got the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen on anyone.


I haven’t taken today’s photo yet, but you can bet I’ll be back later this week with more!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let Them Be Little

I downloaded an adorable freebie cluster the other day from Joanne Bain, but I couldn't find any paper in my stash that matched. So I decided to make my own! This is the layout I made with it.

Since I went through the trouble of making it, I decided to make it in some other pastel colors and share it as a freebie!

You can pick it up here...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Red White and Blue

I know, I usually let more time go by between posts, but I have some videos to share that I’m really proud of. First, I have to share the photo of the day from Tuesday. When we were leaving Jordan’s hippotherapy session, this guy was giving me the evil eye. I stopped and whipped out the camera. Lexie said, “He’s probably just mad because we drive a red van.” “He’s got horns on his head, and that means he’s a bull.” “Bulls don’t like red!” She cracks me up…


This begins the proud Momma portion of this blog post. Feel free to skim through, while I tell you how wonderful my child is! Alexis had her gymnastics fun meet last night, and I brought my video camera.

Here’s the first video I took… Alexis is the one in the red, white, and blue. She is the second one to jump and flip onto the big blue block. This is as close as I could get. Sorry about the iffy quality!


Here is the second video… Trust me I took a lot more, but I’m not going to torture you with all of them! Alexis is on the far right in this one.

After they did all of that, they had a medal ceremony, and they got ribbons and medals. My photo of the day for yesterday is of her posing with her medal before we left to go home. It’s not the greatest photo because it’s blurry, but she’s so happy that it just makes me smile!


Circle Borders Freebie

I created some circle borders to use with Sure Cuts a Lot Software on my Cricut, and I wanted to share them in case someone else could use them. These come in .svg, .jpg, and .png format. I wanted to be sure that both digital and paper scrappers could use them! Here is the preview...

Click here to download them! Enjoy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Strange New Glasses

Before I post any of my photos for my Project 365 this time around, I wanted to let everyone know why I’ve chosen to watermark my photos. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about stolen photos, in one instance someone even stole a photo from a person’s blog and used it to run an adoption scam by saying the child was for sale. In this era of information overload, it’s just one small thing that will hopefully help identify my photos so they won’t be stolen. Now, on with the show…

Since I frequently talk about scrapbooking, I figured it would be fun to take a photo of the huge mess I make while creating projects. Here is a photo of my work space with a mini album I was making and all of the supplies strewn everywhere.


On Friday, Alexis decided she didn’t want to go to bed. When I went in to tell her it was way past her bedtime at eleven o’clock, I brought my camera. Here she is pouting…


We let the kids play in the water hose on Saturday. I let them go outside and play while I was drinking my coffee, and Ronnie decided it would be funny to spray them. Soon, and all out water war was on. I got some awesome photos, but this one, by far is my favorite. Such a mischievous little grin! Yes, she’s in her pajamas. Ronnie started all of this at the crack of dawn.


Jordan was so thrilled when she got to go with her Aunt Steph to pick out her birthday present last April. She picked out adjustable Dora roller skates, and she has had a blast with them ever since. I figured I had better get some photos of her in them since they barely fit anymore. She’s growing like a weed! Here she is skating in the back yard!


Today, Jordan and I went to pick up Alexis’ new glasses. Alexis picked them out herself, and she loves them. I am not used to seeing her in them yet, so they look a bit strange to me. I think they are adorable though, and I wanted to get a photo of her in them. She loves the fact that they are purple. They are similar in style to my grandmother’s glasses, and she thinks that’s awesome too!


As you can guess, we’ve been pretty busy with back to school preparations! They are so excited, and I’m pretty thrilled too!