Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Tradition

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I’ve noticed a trend in Ronnie’s family, or maybe a tradition if you will. This photo above is of Ronnie’s Dad (right) and his Uncle with their Camaro at a race track.

Ronnie had a Camaro when we met. A beautiful, cherry red Z28 that sounded amazing. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I absolutely loved it. We joke and say that I only dated him at first because I just wanted to ride in that car! When we decided to move in together and get married, he had to sell the car so we could afford an apartment. We couldn’t pay the car payment, insurance, and rent. He traded it in on a much cheaper Chevy s10 truck, but I could tell it broke his heart.

Over the years he’s talked about that car, and dreamed of owning another Camaro. While he absolutely loves the new Camaros that have come out recently, there’s something about the older years that appeal to him. I’m really happy to say that he finally has another one as of the other day. It’s a black 1992 Camaro, and he is so very thrilled with it, as evidenced by this photo.


The really funny thing, is that yet another generation is very interested in Camaros. When Brandon saw the car, he ran up to it and hugged the tire while yelling, “It’s my tar! (tire)” Luckily Momma was standing by to snap a photo. (Hey, it’s what I do!)


And there it is folks. The fascination begins for yet another Landry male. Family tradition at it’s best!

Here is a better picture of the car in daylight. It runs well, and only needs a few cosmetic updates, and a good bath!


I’ve got a few funny stories to share from the kids over the past few days as well. Last night Alexis and I were going through her homework, and she had to name the four oceans. I could tell just how well she was reading her study guide when her answer was…

England Ocean, Island Ocean, Alabama Ocean, and West Ocean.

I can tell we have a WHOLE lot more studying to do. Don’t even get me started on her guesses for the continents. LOL

Not to be outdone on silliness, Jordan came up to me later declaring that Brandon had a butt mark. Ummm huh? There’s something on his butt? Nope. A birth mark. Which he in fact does, on his forehead. It took me about an hour to convince her that she meant BIRTH mark, and to beg her not to go to school and tell other kids that they have butt marks. LOL

Last but not least, the other day when I was scrapbooking, I heard Brandon scream. “AHHHH IT’S A DUCK!” For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why he’d be afraid of a duck, or where he was even seeing a duck. I walked into the room, and Jordan was pretending to be a ghost with her sheets over her head walking around. Brandon was dying laughing and hollering. Apparently he substituted duck for ghost when he forgot the word. There’s never a dull moment around here.


Elizabeth said...

I'm a firebird fan myself, lol. Good for R getting his hands on another "dream car".

Oh and my J does have a butt mark, a freckle that appeared when she was 6 weeks old. Hey I figure this way I'll never loose her. Can't you hear me? That looks like my J, show me her butt! hahaha

babyyahyah said...

that tire picture is cute.

camaros? I hear papa johns is giving away free pizzas to camaro owners i think on wednesdays

Leah. said...

There it is!! Looks good!

Nichole said...

i feel 3 scrap pages coming on.....
those are hilarious stories!!!

butt mark?!! bwahahahahaaha

see I would have let her go to school and share!!!

MindyRadio said...

I can feel your 'pain'. I know how it is with boys and their cars. It has been passed down for many many generations in my hubby's family too. And of course Connor is the exact same way. BTW, I absolutely LOVE the pic of Brandon hugging the tire. Priceless.

Angi said...

so happy y'all got the car you wanted! it's a sweet looking ride. congrats!

Jen said...

Ahhh camaros! My mom had a 68 or 69 when I was little but had to sell it to afford my JAWS (silver caps) for my funky baby teeth lol. A neighbor has one just like hers only blue, hers was red. Told hubby one day we'll have one..although its camaro vs chevelle..guess who is going to win that battle? lol PS guess what my wallpaper is now too..thanks for the beach pic..haha