Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Another Day

There hasn’t been much going on at my house lately. Every day is filled with repetition. Get up, get the kids dressed, put them on the bus, clean house, take care of Brandon, get kids off the bus, cook, clean more, bathe kids, and go to bed. It feels like I’m stuck in the movie Groundhog Day. LOL I’m going to have to make my own adventure, just as soon as all of this rain stops. The grass can really use it, but it totally ruined my plan to take Brandon down to the place in our neighborhood where they are clearing land for new houses. He loves anything to do with construction equipment. What is it about boys and machines?

I've got a few Project 365 photos to share. Last Wednesday it was raining again, and I just happened to look outside and see the sun peeking through the clouds. I loved how the edges of the clouds just glowed!


I must admit that Brandon and I have been enjoying our time together during the day. It’s so much calmer, so I have lots more time to play and read with him. On Thursday morning when I gave him his cup, he laid out on the couch like he owned it. LOL His hair had gotten long enough for him to twirl it again while he was drinking. He usually does that when he’s tired. (I cut it all off again Sunday which really made him mad!)  He’d better enjoy that sippie cup while he can. I’m working on weaning him off of it. Of course that will mean that he won’t be my tiny baby anymore.


This photo absolutely cracks me up on so many levels. After Jordan got home from school on Friday, she decided that she didn’t want to wear her uniform shorts anymore. So she took them off and threw them in the dirty clothes, and decided to “borrow” Lexie’s pajama bottoms. Then, while I was cleaning up, she snuck into the kitchen, and pushed my dining room chair over to the counter. Then she used the chair to climb up onto the counter, so she could get into the cabinets and get a cup. Of course I fussed at her and got her down, but you have to admire how determined she was. LOL She’s a little stinker.


On Saturday my Mom came over to visit. It had been a long time since we visited, so the kids were really glad to see her. I tortured her by making her look at my scrapbooks. After all, if you visit me, you’re visiting my scrapbooks too. LOL Then the kids asked to dance to their new favorite song (Three Little Birds by Bob Marley) so they could show her. Brandon wanted her to pick him up and dance with him. I snapped the photo right as she was dipping him. My Mom says they have great musical taste. Why wouldn’t they? They’re my kids! LOL


Jordan’s shoes for her braces came in this past week, and she’s been giving me a really hard time about wearing them. (Really, who could blame her?) So on Sunday, I got Ronnie to help me convince her to wear them for a while by promising her we would all go outside and play. She was stomping around being mad, when Lady came up and started sniffing the new shoes. Jordan bent down to pet her, and I caught this photo. It’s special to me because Jordan doesn’t play with Lady too much because of her sensory issues.


Yesterday, my favorite camera ham (Brandon) was waiting for his sisters to get off of the bus. I stepped outside and saw him peeking out of the window, so I went back in and grabbed my camera. When he saw me with it, he decided to play peek a boo with the curtains, and I caught this adorable shot, as well as several others. He makes me smile every single day. (There are no blinds in the window, because they ripped them down again. Gotta love kids!)


This morning I tried another tactic to get Miss J into her braces. I told her that Ariel (Her favorite Disney character from the Little Mermaid movie!) thinks that little girls who wear braces are awesome, and she hugs them extra tight when they go to Disney to see her. (We’re planning a trip around Mardi Gras time next year.) After that she was willing to put them on to go to school. She is only wearing them a few hours at a time to get her feet used to being back in them, so her muscles won’t get too tired. I absolutely hate that they cause her pain, and I wish that she didn’t have to wear them at all. I try to make the process as fun as possible, but I really feel like a monster for making her wear them when she’s crying. Thank goodness this morning she was all smiles.


That’s all for now, but you know I’ll be back! LOL


Leah. said...

I know all about "Just another day" I guess that is the joy of being a Mommy.

BUT just so you know, I LOVE coming here for all the goodness your blog gives. Your kids are really inspirational and such fun!

Great photos, can't wait for your next post.....

Agnes said...


I so agree with Leah, your kids are really inspirational.

And your pic's are so "alive" :-)

Elizabeth said...

I'm riding J's train about those mean yuckie AFO'S. It's a good thing you're her momma.

It's like Jeff Foxworthy said "How can you teach your kids not to do drugs when you have a pot leaf tatooed on your neck?"

Nichole said...

lots of smiles and head nodding over here from me! heehee

on the other end of the spectrum....I really admire you Heather! it painful to make our kids do anything that hurts them.... so my heart goes out to you. I admire your strength and determination. I think you are amazing. You have such a big heart.

oh and great photos!! love the grain of the wood on your fence....
makes a great backdrop.

jacqueline said...

hi Heather. it's been a while. as always, I enjoyed the pictures and the playlist.

hope all is well. take care! :)

Amelia said...

the first photo is like a silver lining :) nice one!

Elizabeth said...

Heather, you know I would tell you to go ahead and make the little girl's jumper and support your efforts one hundred percent, but since I adore you, I will say sometimes a desire to sew is best handled by buying 23" or so inches of those smocked fabrics. The ones that look like a dress already? (rows of elastic at the top and fabric at the bottom) Walmart has them for cheap, just add a bit of ribbon for each strap one seam down the back Voila a dress, repeat and each daughter gets one, as a bonus there's plenty of time left to take a photo. I've been aching to make one of those myself. Ah well maybe next summer.

Summer said...

Great photos again Heather! =D I do always adore your photos here, and those really made me happy. Thanks for sharing them always to us. =D Have a good day.

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