Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School Days

Since the kids have started school, I have been running to appointments and have been entirely too busy to sit down and share my Project 365 update! Now that things are quieting down a bit, and Brandon and I are enjoying the peace and quiet… Here I am!

Thursday’s photo features Mr. Brandon and his unending energy. His new favorite activity is dancing. He loves Bob Marley, and Sugarland. I think he’s heading for musical ADHD just like his Momma. In this photo he was jumping around and dancing in his monster truck jammies.


Friday’s photo isn’t the greatest quality wise, but it is pretty awesome in my opinion. The fact that the girls were holding hands makes me happy, and the fact that it was their first day back at school makes me even happier. LOL It’s been a looong Summer. Not that I don’t love them because I do, but I missed my peace and quiet! Check out their super cute backpacks.


Saturday found Ronnie out in the yard. Well, behind the yard actually. Weeds and plants were starting to grow in through our fence from the abandoned property behind ours, and Ronnie decided to go fix it. I snuck outside and snapped this photo of him before he realized what I was doing. I also got a few photos of the wildflowers back there, but I won’t bore you with those.


On Sunday, Ronnie had to recuperate from all of the yard work, so he watched NASCAR and snuggled with the dog. This photo of the two of them just makes me smile.


Monday morning, before I woke Alexis up, I took her picture. It’s grainy because of the low light in her room, but I still love it. She’s so sweet when she’s sleeping, and we are so grateful that her medicine has been adjusted so she can sleep well again! A rested child is a happier child.


Yesterday morning, Brandon kept coming up to me and saying cheese, so I had to oblige him and take a photo. Sure, he has dried toothpaste on his mouth, and leftover breakfast waffles, but he sure is cute! He’s got the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen on anyone.


I haven’t taken today’s photo yet, but you can bet I’ll be back later this week with more!


Rleen said...

First I want to say my fave of all is the last photo of your son ,I can see his long eyelashes and he's so ADORABLE!!! Your girls are so sweet. WOW! They have that cute backpack so pretty. My lil boy love to watch that show *Nihao Kailan* :) All your photos are fantastic.
LOL... I know how you feel when the kids are out for school :) yes.... peace and quite it's true.
Have a great day to you and your beautiful family.

Michelle said...

Heather, I just love the picture of Lexie sleeping.. so utterly sweet!!! Love the one of the dog and Ronnie too, how cute is that - Lady on her back and Ronnie cuddling her!! :) You always have such great pics!!!

Leah. said...

1. I can't wait till I have a photo of my boys going to school :)

2. Brandon rocks. Any kid that loves Bob Marley is awesome. Now that boy of yours has taste!

3. Gorgeous photo of Alexis sleeping.

4. Isn't it funny how men feel the need to recuperate after everything? I wonder where my recuperation time is on a regular basis :)

Solo said...

Of all these pictures, the one that i want was the photo of Alexis while sleeping. Love the color of it.;D Nice shot! If i were you, it would be the photo of the day. ;D Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day. ;d

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Elizabeth said...

That photo of Alexis is priceless, especially after the long summer you've had.

Jane said...

LOVE the photos...those kids are so adorable and I love the girls holding hands on the way to the darn cute is that???

Summer said...

Cool photos! =D Start of busy school days huh. But enjoy right?! =D Cute bags for the two pretty girls. Have a good day. =D

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babyyahyah said...

those are all really cute pics. the school bus one is so nice.