Monday, August 3, 2009

Strange New Glasses

Before I post any of my photos for my Project 365 this time around, I wanted to let everyone know why I’ve chosen to watermark my photos. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about stolen photos, in one instance someone even stole a photo from a person’s blog and used it to run an adoption scam by saying the child was for sale. In this era of information overload, it’s just one small thing that will hopefully help identify my photos so they won’t be stolen. Now, on with the show…

Since I frequently talk about scrapbooking, I figured it would be fun to take a photo of the huge mess I make while creating projects. Here is a photo of my work space with a mini album I was making and all of the supplies strewn everywhere.


On Friday, Alexis decided she didn’t want to go to bed. When I went in to tell her it was way past her bedtime at eleven o’clock, I brought my camera. Here she is pouting…


We let the kids play in the water hose on Saturday. I let them go outside and play while I was drinking my coffee, and Ronnie decided it would be funny to spray them. Soon, and all out water war was on. I got some awesome photos, but this one, by far is my favorite. Such a mischievous little grin! Yes, she’s in her pajamas. Ronnie started all of this at the crack of dawn.


Jordan was so thrilled when she got to go with her Aunt Steph to pick out her birthday present last April. She picked out adjustable Dora roller skates, and she has had a blast with them ever since. I figured I had better get some photos of her in them since they barely fit anymore. She’s growing like a weed! Here she is skating in the back yard!


Today, Jordan and I went to pick up Alexis’ new glasses. Alexis picked them out herself, and she loves them. I am not used to seeing her in them yet, so they look a bit strange to me. I think they are adorable though, and I wanted to get a photo of her in them. She loves the fact that they are purple. They are similar in style to my grandmother’s glasses, and she thinks that’s awesome too!


As you can guess, we’ve been pretty busy with back to school preparations! They are so excited, and I’m pretty thrilled too!


babyyahyah said...

i love your blog. your pics and stories are great. those glasses are adorable on her.

Agnes said...

OMG Adoption scam -- how sick is that!
I really like Alexis' glasses -- she looks great in all three shots. Very pretty!

Elizabeth said...

OMG! How awful is that?! What deep brown eyes Alexis has! Great photos.

Katherine said...

OMG - what a horrible scam! Thanks for the warning.

I always love your pics. You really capture everyday life. I think I told you I'm just starting my 365 blog... sometimes I think if you just look at the pics, my life seems boring... lol!

Love those purple glasses!

TheresaK said...

That is scary stuff. makes you not want to blog anymore. Love the pics and her glasses are so cute!!

Jane said...

I just wanted to say I think your photos are wonderful!!! you have really jumped on the photography bandwagon full tilt and I am glad I had a chance to watch it happen!!! Those that still others works SUCK!!

Rleen said...

Aloha Heather,
How are you doing? I really miss your creations and photos.
OMG!!! That is scary adoption scam! I used to put water mark in all my photos and creations but now I'm so lazy.

One of my project at with my name and blog addy stole by one scrapper and claimed it's hers. Thanks Heather for the reminder, now I have to do the water mark again most especially the photos.

I love Alexi's glasses she looks cute and I love all her photos. TFS!

Have a great day!

Solo said...

Great photos as always. And her glasses is so cool! ;D Thanks for sharing wonderful photos you have. ;D
Have a great day ahead. ;D

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Leah. said...

I added the watermark to my photos too. People are just *sigh* It's one little extra measure, right?

Love all the photos. Alexis in her glasses is adorable. They really suit her :)

Have fun with the BTS prep. I'm dreading mine!