Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enough is Enough

These past few days have been a roller coaster. Forgive me if I’m not entirely coherent as I’m still suffering from sleep deprivation. I’m going to update my Project 365 photos and type what’s been going on along with them.

Saturday was pretty laid back. After breakfast, the kids went to play in Jordan and Brandon’s room. I walked by and saw Alexis reading to Brandon and Jordan. It was such a sweet scene that I had to grab my camera for the photo of the day shot.


Sunday started out pretty well. The kids were running around and playing football in the house with Ronnie. Don’t worry, they were foam footballs. LOL


Sunday morning when Jordan woke up, she felt a little warm. She looked very pale, and I knew something was wrong. I asked her if she felt okay, and she said “Yes”. As the day went on though, she looked worse. I took her temperature at lunch time and she had a 100 degree fever. I told Ronnie that I wanted to bring her to the emergency room because I felt like she was really sick. He said that I was overreacting, but I knew I wasn’t.

He and Brandon laid down together to take a nap, and I tried to get Jordan to take a nap. She was very restless, and couldn’t sleep at all. All of the sudden she got really still and quiet. I checked her temperature, and she had 103 degree fever. I started packing her up to go to the emergency room, and we left.

When we got to the emergency room, we were brought back immediately, and we saw the doctor a few minutes later. She looked that bad. Her oxygen levels were okay, but based on the fever and everything else they thought she might have the swine flu. So they tested her for that. Both flu tests came back negative. So they drew her blood and tested her urine. Her white blood cell count came back really high, and her urine was filled with bacteria. She had a full blown bladder infection.

Jordan doesn’t have a lot of feeling in her lower extremities due to the cerebral palsy. So she wasn’t feeling any pain to tell me that she had the infection. They decided to start her on IV antibiotics right away and they admitted her to the hospital on Sunday night.

On Monday Ronnie took off of work. He came to the hospital in the morning to let me go home and take a shower. He ended up staying with her overnight because he wanted to be with her, and I took care of the kids at home. Here is a picture of Jordan on Monday. She was so not thrilled to be in the hospital yet again. Yes, she was rolling her eyes at me.


Monday evening when I brought Ronnie the stuff he needed to stay the night with her, I walked in on them doing an ultrasound on her kidneys. I found it strange because the ultrasound tech was looking for her kidneys and couldn’t find them at first. Later he made the comment that her kidney’s were not where they were supposed to be. He was scanning really low near her hip bones, and I watched what he typed in on the machine, and it said “pelvic kidney” for the left side. I asked him for more information, and he refused. He said it was the doctor’s responsibility to tell me the rest, and the doctor had already come by for that day. I came home and looked up pelvic kidneys but couldn’t find much information at all.

On Tuesday morning I got up really early and got to the hospital before the doctor because I had lots of questions. The pediatrician told me that she had two pelvic kidneys (which basically meant that her kidneys never moved into the right position while she was growing). I had walked in on the middle of the ultrasound which is why I originally only thought it was one kidney. The pediatrician said that Jordan has to finish her entire course of oral antibiotics before they can do anymore testing because they will have to insert a catheter to do the tests to see how her kidneys are doing which could reintroduce more infection.

Here is Jordan on Tuesday, taking her nap in hopes that they would let her out of the hospital. The doctor told her to rest, and she took it literally. She slept for three hours!


She did end up getting out of the hospital on Tuesday night. She was thrilled to be home, and her brother and sister were excited to see her. You don’t realize how close they are until they’ve been apart.

Today, I called her regular pediatrician to make a follow up appointment. She’ll go tomorrow, and hopefully I will have more information. The worst part of all of this is not knowing. The only thing they’ve told me is that the position of her kidneys make it highly likely that she will have future bladder and kidney infections, and we may be looking at surgery depending on how badly her kidneys are affected. Please say a prayer for her. We can use all of the prayers we can get.

As for the photo of the day today, I thought this one expressed just how happy Jordan was to be home, and just how happy Brandon was to have her here.


I don’t normally let her have sippy cups anymore, but we are encouraging her to drink all she can to help flush the infection out.


Agnes said...

Oh Heather, I can only imagine how scary it all must have been! I am hoping that it all turns out all right without drastic measures having to be taken.

Darien said...

OMG. I'm so sorry for all the stress! I cant even imagine about how worry you must be, My prayers are with you and your family.

Leah. said...

Poor little Jordan! You just let her sip away on that cup. That last photo is just so ridiculously sweet and melts my heart.

Prayers for your family tonight.


babyyahyah said...

oh my goodness the poor thing. I am actually tearing up. that sucks to be in the hospital at her age. Don't feel bad about letting her have sippys. do whatever works for you and her. I hope she gets better.

Elizabeth said...

How difficult it must have been to walk in on the ultrasound and have the tech clamp up like that. Normally they are cordial even chatty. I'll be praying for you and your family in your time of need.

AMKrogsgaard said...

Seriously. I am so sorry! Wow, that's a lot on your plate, and my thoughts and prayers are definitely with you and Jordan...

KristenJo said...

I'm praying for your whole family. I hope Jordan is doing better!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Renee said...

P.S. since you can moderate comments, can ya please erase my email so I don't get spam, since I put my main one on there. LOL I hardly get any spam to that one, but wanted to make sure if ya email me, I get it. LOL Thanks Renee P.

Adriann said...

Poor baby. I will definitely pray for you all.

Take care,

TheresaK said...

I Am praying for poor Jordan. Such a terrible thing to go thru so young. I know how scary not knowing can be. I think we had Reese in the hospital the same days you had Jordan there. I am thinking of you all.