Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Work of Art

I’m back for a Project 365 update! I’m running behind again. A day late… a dollar short… all of that! As usual.

The title for this post comes from Sunday’s photo of Brandon making chalk art. When I look at him, I think he’s OUR work of art. Such a sweet little man. Easygoing, and happy all the time. He truly is a joy every single day.


Monday’s photo is of all of the stuff I’ve gone through lately in the house to make a donation to the Vietnam Veterans. Something about organizing the house just makes me happy. I’m one of those people who could never be a pack rat. I compulsively de-clutter. LOL Brandon is a bit mad that I’m getting rid of his ride on truck, but he’s entirely too big for it, and it’s become a danger since he’s now started trying to use it as a skateboard.


Jordan had a follow up appointment with her Cerebral Palsy doctor on Tuesday. He said she’s doing well, but within six months are so we’re going to have to make some decisions about how we want to handle the increasing tightness in her calf muscles. She and Brandon love going to visit Dr. Karlin because he has a really big examination table that they play on. This wasn’t the greatest photo. Converting it to black and white only helped a little.


On Wednesday the kid’s school celebrated Grandparent’s Day by having “Gumbo with Grandparents”. Ronnie’s Mom came up and went to the school. After the celebration was over, she came to the house to visit with Brandon for a bit before she went home. I took this picture of him after he picked a “Fower” for his grandma while he was waiting for her on the front porch. (I used a Coffeeshop Action on this one.)


Yesterday, on the way home from dropping Alexis off at gymnastics, I had to stop and get a few groceries. The sun was setting through some clouds behind the grocery store, and I ended up with this photo.


Today, while wandering around trying to find a photo for Project 365, I noticed these really pretty flowers. They are growing wild in the ditch. I don’t know what kind they are, but they open every morning and close at night.


Before I go, I want to share this video… Jordan loves that “I Gotta Feelin'” song by the Black Eyed Peas, so I was thrilled when a friend sent me this video. You can’t listen to this song, or watch the video without smiling. Just try it! (It’s better viewed in Hi on the video player.)


Leah. said...

Ahhhh, decluttering. It's like therapy isn't it? I know it is for me, and you are giving it all away to charity. How cool are you?

Great photos. That is some examining table!

Also loved the video too :)

Amelia said...

nice photos you have there Heather :)

I so like the video you posted :) super cool!!

babyyahyah said...

i declutter. my dh clutters. i declutter my dh

i like the black eyed peas but the video freaked me out at i waslike why is only one person dancing, is she on drugs? LOL then i got it...i guess they must have paid all those extras to do that.

AMKrogsgaard said..., i knocked myself out. One of my least proud of moments in my life. I was working in housekeeping at a hospital at the time, and happened to be cleaning the power plant. Only men work in the power plant, and their bathroom and change room is down in the basement.

Through the first door into the cubicle outside the mens change room, is a phone, at just the right height for something unhappy to happen. If you are not careful, when you swing the inside door open (to enter the change room), a person can hit their hand on the phone that's attached to the wall behind it. Oh. Did I mention that its sitting on a little wooden platform that's attached to the wall. And...that's just what I did. I opened the door and hit my hand on the phone on the platform on the wall behind the door.

It hurt so much I passed out. Since the floor and walls all around me were cement, I woke up with bruises in various places. And luckily, no one tripped over my lifeless body before I came back to. I was so embarassed!

So, that is the story. Now to read your blog entry!

Elizabeth said...

Oh I'm a bad declutter-er. DH has to follow behind me because I end up throwing out things we need. Not good, it's a sickness I tell you!

That is one huge exam table! Best of luck in whatever decisions you need to make for J.

I think that was the very day I was looking up at the sky and taking cloud photos. DH wanted to know why I took a photo of a cloud, I told him because I thought it was pretty and isn't that enough?

I can't believe I forgot Grandparents days. I really wanted to make a point of it too. Boohoo!

Michelle said...

Oh, we so have to be distantly related!! I am ALWAYS decluttering. Dropping off at the Goodwill. Which is what I spent my day today doing!! Cleaning the basement!! LOL I love all of your photos!! Love the one above Winn Dixie's!! Really Cool!

Summer said...

Oh those photos just made my day. And the video of Black Eyed Peas is so amazing! Like it. =D

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