Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To The Moon And Back

Well, maybe not really, but it certainly felt like we went that far today. Brandon and I took a road trip to the hospital where I’ll be having my surgery to pre-register. It’s an hour and a half away from my house, and it’s in the boonies. I had to take three different interstates to get there. Those of you who know me, know I can get lost at the drop of a hat, I hate driving on the interstate, and that I am TERRIBLE with directions. Needless to say… I got lost, but only once. That’s not too bad right? And I even I found myself with no help! I called Ronnie, and he laughed at me for getting lost yet again, so I hung up on him and wouldn’t let him help me. I finally made it home, and I was never so relieved to be anywhere before!

Here are the latest photos for my Project 365 project. I will be glad when this year is over. I’ve really enjoyed taking all of the photos, but I’m running out of ideas!

Last Thursday, Jordan had her follow up visit to the pediatrician about her kidneys. We got no new information, but we did get a referral to the urologist. Her appointment with the urologist is October 30. Here she is on the examination table, putting her shoes back on.


On Friday, Brandon was outside playing with his tool set. It’s one of his favorite toys. He just loves banging things with the hammer and hollering. That’s the reason why we call him Bam Bam sometimes!


Saturday morning I made beignets from scratch, I don’t get to bake half as much as I used to. I really enjoyed it. They had to sit in the refrigerator to rise for a few hours, then I fried them up for dinner. The kids absolutely loved the beignets! They are already asking to have them again. Here’s the recipe I used… Beignets 


Jordan has known how to write her letters for a while, but she’s starting to make them into words. She was so very thrilled on Sunday when she came up to me and showed me that she’d written “We” on her doodling toy. We’re so proud of her!


On Monday, Brandon was hollering “Daddy’s home!” He always does that as soon as he hears Ronnie’s truck pull up. I happened to be passing by in the hallway, and I snapped this photo instead of the other one I wanted to use for photo of the day. That boy sure loves his Daddy!


Yesterday morning while waiting for the bus, I snapped some photos of Alexis and Jordan sitting in the sunshine. They loved the impromptu photo shoot, and I loved the photos I got from it. The one of Alexis is photo of the day.  I just had to include one of Jordan as well.



Last, but not least, is the photo from today. All of my supplies for my surgery on the 7th. I had to buy five prescriptions today so I’ll have them on the day of the surgery, and the folder has my orders and information in it.


I haven’t posted too much information about the surgery, but it’s to help my back pain. I’ve been wanting to get it for a long time, and in a few days, I’ll feel like a new woman! (Or so they tell me…) After my surgery on the 7th, I won’t be around for a week, or maybe even a little bit more. So if you need something email me, and I’ll try to get back to you as quickly as I can.


MaRLeNeF said...

Hi Heather, I'll be praying that everything goes well with your surgery. Love your pictures, they're so beautiful! xxx Marlene

Leah. said...

Love all the 365 photos! What a feat it is. You've done so well with it!!!

Yikes! Look at all those prescriptions chicky! I will be thinking of/and missing you around. Really? A whole week?


AMKrogsgaard said...

Good luck with the surgery, Miss Heather! You'll be in my thoughts, for sure. You'll bounce back fast, I know it!! (Besides, won't it be nice to waited on for a little bit?? What girl wouldn't like that?!) Its well deserved- surgery and pampering!!!

Michelle said...

I agree with Leah, you had done a great job with the POTD. I hope all goes well with your surgery!! It will seem strange to not have you around for a whole week!! :( Will miss talking to you!! And be thinking of you. Hugs!

KristenJo said...

Here are some prayers for a great surgery!!! I'm sure you will feel like a new woman :)

Love the pics!!! :) And I hate driving on the interstate makes me sooooo nervous. Aack!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love that photo of B, his smile is so big!

Wow it's here the surgery is here! Take care and rest easy. When the doctor says sit you sit, and when the doctor says rest you rest. :D Them's orders!