Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tree Hugger

My kids have new friends! I didn’t realize we had so many children living in our neighborhood. With our big fenced in yard, we tend to be a bit isolated. The kids prefer to play in the back yard, and it’s much less nerve-wracking for me because I know they can’t get out! The other day we saw a little girl out on our street as we pulled up from bringing Alexis to gymnastics. She walked over to the van and asked if our kids could play. A few days later she knocked again, and she brought her friends, and our yard has become one big party. LOL Here’s a photo of everyone spinning around on our tire swing.


On Wednesday, Brandon and I went to a local park I’ve been wanting to visit for a while. I was inspired to finally go by the fabulous Nichole, who has been having adventures with her kids, and taking fantastic photos in the bargain.

Here is my favorite photo of the day… That’s not a tree trunk. That’s a tree LIMB! On a huge fabulously gorgeous Live Oak Tree! Of course Mr. Brandon, being the boy that he is, had to climb it. Then he had to hug it. He melts my heart. Every. Single. Day. *Sigh*


Here’s a zoomed out photo so you can see the limbs trailing to the ground.


A little perspective on how HUGE this tree was… He’s sitting on a root, and I couldn’t fit the whole trunk in one shot.

Did I mention this park has a lakefront beach? No?!


It was our first time going there, and it’s only 20 minutes from my house! Needless to say, we’ll be going again. Because guess who absolutely loved it?


On Thursday, Jordan stayed home from school. She’s had this horrible cough and runny nose, I couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment until Friday. So I ran to the pharmacy to try to get some over the counter stuff to help her. She stayed in her pajamas all day. Doesn’t she just look miserable? Don’t pay any attention to the boy in the background. Seriously? Boys are icky! LOL


Apparently no matter what’s wrong with you… suckers make it better. On Friday at the pediatrician’s office, the diagnosis was a really bad sinus infection, and she’s on steroids AND antibiotics. I’m hoping she gets better soon, because although she looks pretty happy with her sucker, she really hasn’t been well at all. You can tell by how pale she is, her skin looks almost grey.


On Friday we also learned that our identity had been stolen. Ronnie logged into our bank account online, and discovered a balance of -$12oo.00 on our checking/debit account. Yep. Our account has been frozen, and we are penniless for 7 days. Our savings account is linked to our debit account, so it’s frozen as well. We could borrow money from friends or family while the bank takes it’s sweet time resolving the charges, but I’d rather not. So Ronnie went and cashed in our coins, and we were able to buy the milk and stuff that we needed. It really stinks that there are people out there in the world who think that’s okay. Seriously! Get a job, and a conscience for goodness sake! I’m just glad we caught it so quickly. It shouldn’t cause any issues on our credit.

On Saturday, the boys in the family were hanging out watching TV together and pretending to nap. Brandon would say, “I’m tired!” “Go sleep Daddy!” It was too cute, so of course I had to grab my camera. Lady jumped in the photo as well. She didn’t want to be left out. Her vet appointment has been postponed due to the money issue we’re having, but she actually seems to have improved.


And last but not least, I had help making our Sunday breakfast. Miss Jordan demanded to stir the pancake batter, and since I never refuse help cooking, here she is! She loves helping me cook almost as much as she loves sitting on the kitchen counters.



Summer said...

Those are such a great photos. =D And that shot of Mr. Brandon on a tree is so cute! =D And that beach, i wanted to be there. Thanks for sharing. =D

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Brown Mestizo

Rbarakat said...

Great photos Heather!
Thats stinks about your credit!Hopefully it allgets cleared up quickly!

I love that park and that tree - very cool. Well off to check out your blog girl!

KristenJo said...

Love the pics, my fav would have to be your little boy picking his nose!! Haha, sorry!!! :)

I'm SO sorry about your identity being stolen!!! I'm with you, people need to go get a dang job and do something better with their time! Jeez!

Hope your girly is doing better!!!

Jen said...

OMG that sucks about your bank account!!! I hope the bank gets off their duff and gets busy. And I hope they catch the no-good you know what'ers!

Awww..isnt it nice when the kids are at that age to make friends in the neighborhood?! You look as if you are as lucky as we've always been...have all the kids at OUR house rather than the other way around lol. Guess Delaney is cutting us slack for all of that now because she is never home haha.

Michelle said...

That is so great that the kids have others to play with. Such an important thing growing up. That was what our place looked like when Laura was little. Our house was the hang out. Here.. not so much. There are not any kids in our little neighborhood for Britty to hang out with. Not very many for Ben either. I do love the pic of Brandon sitting on that tree root!! That thing is HUGE!! I love the beach.. just beautiful! Hope all is fixed early this week with your checking!! It is a sucky deal.

AMKrogsgaard said...

Awesome pics, Heather! That tree looks *amazing*- I wish we had trees like that out here in prairie country...

Leah. said...

I think I need to move into your neighbour. Look at those cute kids playing so nicely. In my neigbourhood certain kids would be trying to cut the chains or push you so hard you need a trip to the E.R.
I'm so glad your kids found some friends.

My first laugh of the day? That photo of Brandon picking his nose! LOL. Boys are icky but they so rock too. Save that one for the girlfriend.

A tree limb!? Oh my!
I want to head to that beach, even if it's just in my head. LOL.

Poor kiddo's I hope they get better soon.

I would be freaking if someone hacked our bank!!!! Some people....

Take care sweety!

Elizabeth said...

Don't forget to report what happened with your bank accounts to the credit agencies anyway, it puts a date on all that happened. Eegads girl. Good thing those neighborhood kids showed up so you can panic inside where the munchkins can't see!

Hope J is feeling loads better now. Silly B picking his nose.

Basyon said...

Aw! Love the shot of Mr. Brandon sitting on a tree root. ;D Hope to see more from you. I'd love to visit your pretty blog always. Have a wonderful weekend. ;D

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