Saturday, September 12, 2009

Workin’ at the Car Wash

I’m back for a Project 365 update. There will be another digital freebie soon! I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit because we’ve all had the flu at my house lately. I don’t know if it was the regular “human” flu or the swine flu. Their doctor refused to test because, “The treatment is the same, and insurance companies won’t pay for it." I know it wouldn’t help their health either way to know, but it would do wonders for my peace of mind. Anyway! Enough whining. Here’s the update…

For Labor Day our identity theft issue was still up in the air which meant we had no money to do anything. We ended up hanging around the house and playing in the backyard with some of the kid’s friends. They even ended up eating dinner with us. While the kids were playing in the backyard, Ronnie decided to spend some time washing his Camaro. Of course, the kids had to get in on the fun. I can’t tell you how much Ronnie loved this photo when I showed it to him later.


On Tuesday Brandon was REALLY sick. He went from feeling mildly sick to super sick really fast. He didn’t sleep Monday night because he kept choking in his sleep on the sinus drainage. It was awful. So on Tuesday I brought him to see the doctor. She said he had the flu and that he wasn’t getting a prescription because they have to save the Tamiflu for people who are in the hospital. She told me to alternate Mucinex, and pain relievers for his fever. We had to stop by Wal-mart to pick up more medicine, and he ended up getting new jammies, and a foam football to cheer him up a bit.


On Wednesday, for the photo of the day I snapped a quick one of the girls with their new key chains on their backpacks. One of the sweet ladies who reads my blog, saw that the girls had the same backpacks and sent them key chains so they could tell whose backpack was whose! I had to take a photo so she could see how happy she made them. Thanks Reyanna! Sorry the photo is so dark, it was taken in the early morning before the bus came.


Speaking of friends… I have the best online friends ever! Thursday’s photo is of Jordan in her new poncho that my buddy Michelle sent her. Her adorable daughter had outgrown some clothes, and has a very similar girlie style to Jordan. So Michelle sent me a whole box of clothes. Jordan was immediately attracted to this poncho and threw it on over her school clothes, and demanded to wear it to school the next day! It’s been 80 degrees out lately, so she’ll have to wait just a bit longer. LOL


Friday was treasure box day at school for Jordan, since she was good all week she got to pick a prize out of the box. She came home with a spider ring. I remember having those when I was little! She kept walking around with it and “scaring” Brandon. She’s walk up to him, and he’d say… “Ahhhh, I ‘cared!” It was hilarious. Here she is examining the creepy thing closer. She’s got the daintiest little fingers.


Today while Ronnie and Jordan were taking a nap, Brandon and Alexis were playing in my room while I scrapbooked. I got out my color pencils and let them color. After a bit, I looked over and saw the two of them laid back like this. Brandon loves to imitate his big sisters. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s a bad thing! We call it “Monkey see, monkey do.” LOL Yes, they were still in their pajamas. Today was a jammie day because it rained all day and we are all still feeling a bit under the weather. This flu has just been so hard to kick.



Amelia said...

it's father-son bonding time :)

so cute to look at those shared moments :) love the photos Heather~

Leah. said...

I just love all the photos!
I hope you kick that stinking flu soon.
That last photo is hilarious. You have the greatest kids!

Darien said...

Your kids are adorable!!!! Great pictures!! Hope your situation with stolen Identity and the flu gets better soon!

babyyahyah said...

hope you are all better soon. i love that poncho too.

KristenJo said...

Hope all of you are getting better...I have a really BAD cold right now...just hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm taking some Dayquil & Nyquil Sinus & it seems to be working.

Love all the pics, your kiddos are just toooooo cute!!!

Nancy said...

so cute. love all the photos. hope everyone is better soon. hugs.