Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Blue Sky

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Things have been really busy here. I’m having a hard time keeping up because I’m still in a pretty good bit of pain. I’ve been released to drive, but it’s still uncomfortable so I’m not going too many places. My house is so messy. You wouldn’t believe how messy. Ronnie is trying to keep up, and I’m able to do small chores. I just can’t do the big stuff like sweeping and things that make my arms move too much. Enough whining from me though, it won’t be long until I’m back to “normal”.

I have my Project 365 update all ready to go! I’m not posting the photo from the 18th for privacy reasons, so I’ll pick up on the 19th.

On Monday, my Mom brought me back to the surgeon for my checkup. Brandon came along to add to the fun. I didn’t have a sitter for him. Thank goodness he behaved! I got my stitches taken out. It wasn’t too painful. Of course I had taken lots of pain medicine beforehand! Here is my Mom getting into the car to bring us home. She didn’t want me to take this picture. Hehe


Jordan was sick on Tuesday. She had a runny nose and a really awful cough. I brought her in to the pediatrician and she ended up on antibiotics for a sinus and ear infection. I took a photo of her waiting for the doctor to come in. She is such a goofball.


The weather has been really nice here lately! It’s finally really Fall. My flower bushes are really confused still. Normally, they only bloom in the Spring. It’s nice to see my garden looking so pretty. I took this photo on Wednesday. 10-21-09

I got the new cake pan I ordered in the mail on Thursday. It’s a HUGE cupcake. You make the whole cake in the mold, and you stack it together. The kids can’t wait until I bake it. Brandon was more interested in the box. I gave it to him so he could play with it, and then later on I walked by his room and found him IN the box. My favorite part of this photo is his toes peeping out of the bottom of the box.


Friday was Caps For Kids day at the girls’ school. It’s a fundraiser they do for children who have cancer. Alexis has been having a hard time behavior-wise, so she didn’t get to participate. Jordan was upset that Alexis didn’t get to wear a cap with her, but she still managed to smile for the camera.


Saturday was a complete surprise. Ronnie woke me up and told me that Steph had called and invited us to the pumpkin patch. We weren’t planning to go because money has been tight after my surgery. She and Brian were planning to try to bring the kids on their own, but at the last minute Ronnie’s Mom showed up. I decided to go too. Even though I couldn’t pick up the kids, I was still able to help a bit. Ronnie stayed home to study for his CPA test. I got tired after a while, and Brandon was in a really bad mood, but we all managed to have a good time. Here is the photo that made Photo of the Day, but you know I’ll be sharing more as well. LOL It’s of Steph and Alexis checking out the big chicken at the farm.


Brandon was in the worst mood, and he really just wanted to be held and loved. He has still been angry with me because I can’t pick him up and hold him. Steph was his buddy and carted him around.


This photo is one of my favorites. I really love the covered wagon photo spot at the farm. The kids love it too!


Here’s the King of the pumpkin patch. He finally perked up and played a little bit toward the end of the trip.


On Sunday, I couldn’t find anything to take a photo of because I didn’t remember until late at night. So I snapped this one of my bulletin board. All of my scrappy inspiration is on there. Titles, memorabilia, layouts to lift, and pictures. This isn’t the greatest photo, but it’ll have to do.


Today’s photo is of the really cool clouds I saw this morning when I brought the girls out to the bus. I went inside and got my camera after they left so I could snap a few photos. I just thought they looked so neat. I’m guessing we have another cold front coming through!


I’m so excited for Halloween. This will be our kids second Halloween Trick or Treating, and my Mom is supposed to be coming up to spend some time with the us. She’ll be spending the night so she won’t have to drive home in the dark. I can’t wait to get pictures of carving pumpkins, and costumes!


Agnes said...

Heather? Rest assured my house is messier than yours!

I love Halloween and the weeks leading up to it. Your kids must be so excited.

Have a great week ahead, Heather :-)

Amelia said...

Hi Heather! good to hear that your operation is doing good :)

you have a green thumb :) i miss my garden back home :( I only have potted plants here...

have a good week ahead :)

Nancy said...

love the photos. hope things are back to normal soon. hugs

Leah. said...

Don't you just want to scream when the house is a mess? I know I do, but I think your house is cleaner than mine all the time! LOL.

I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better and again, the 365 photos rock!!! I'm going to have to do better next year because I haven't done nearly as well as you!

Love that covered wagon shot too :)

Michelle said...

These pics are great!! I love the pics from the patch!! I am glad you found the yummy apples from there!! :) I hope each day is alittle better for you with your healing! One day, very soon, you will be back to yourself!!

Elizabeth said...

Very cool photos. Hopefully the antibotics have kicked in and J is feeling tip top again.

Summer said...

Hi there Heather! =D
Glad to know that you don't feel so much pain now. =D Me too, feel so excited for Halloween. =D

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babyyahyah said...

i have been thinking about you. hoping you are well.

Your 365 project is so inspirational. i want to do that too...if I ever get and i now need a new camera since mine broke.. but you do such a great job with it.

KristenJo said...

Love all the pics, hope you are doing great!!!! :)

jacqueline said...

take time to heal... it may not be that quick, but i'm pretty sure it's coming.

don't worry much about the house mess, the family understands why. when you are back to "normal" the house will be neat and clean again.

thanks for sharing you nice pics.