Saturday, October 17, 2009

Joy and Pain

Please forgive me. I’m warning you in advance that this will be a photo-heavy epic post. Really. I may be able to publish it as a book when I’m done. I’m going to try to do my Project 365 update as short and sweet as I can. I’m SO far behind.

Tuesday: I was running around like crazy trying to get everything ready for my surgery the next day. When I came home, I found a little bit of happy on my front door step. My October Mosh Posh kit. Happy Day! Too bad I won’t be able to touch it for another week or so.


Wednesday: I've wanted breast reduction surgery since I was sixteen years old. I have had constant back pain for years now, so I complained to my doctors and they did an MRI. They discovered that my back was being seriously damaged by the size of my breasts, and the doctor recommended a reduction. I knew I couldn’t afford to pay for the whole thing out of pocket but it was deemed medically necessary, and insurance agreed to partially pay for it. Finally, the day of the actual surgery came! I was terrified, but so excited.

Mom and Ronnie waited for eight hours for me to come out. Ronnie waited to see me and make sure I was okay. Then he had to go home to the kids. Luckily for him, he left with a HUGE ice chest full of pre-cooked dinners that my Mom had been making weeks in advance to make things easier. This isn’t the most flattering photo ever, but I figured I had to be the photo of the day. After all, it is a life altering event.


Thursday: I spent the night in the hospital after the surgery. It was painful, but worth it. My Mom stayed with me in the hospital overnight. I’m so thankful she was there. There is no way I’d have been able to do it by myself. When I got released, she brought me to my follow up appointment, then home. We had to stop on the way home at a special pharmacy that carried a rare kind of bandage infused with antibiotics and Vaseline. Mom let me sleep in the truck, and she went in and bought them for me. This photo is of me in the doctor’s office waiting my turn. Again, not the greatest photo, but…


Friday: I was in a lot of pain, but I was really glad to be home. I had to sleep sitting up in the recliner because of the swelling. I was flying sky high on pain medicine. I can't believe how much smaller my chest is! This picture is so horrible. That I’m not even posting it on my blog. Sorry! LOL


Saturday: My grandparents drove two hours up to my house so my grandma could change my bandages for me. She’s a nurse, and she knew I was nervous about doing it on my own. They even stayed overnight in a hotel room so she could change them on Sunday as well. I’m really lucky to have so many family members who helped me.

Ronnie’s parents came over Saturday to take the kids out so I could rest for a while, and Ronnie let me sleep most of the day away. The thing I’ve been most upset about after the surgery is that Brandon has been angry with me because I can't pick him up. Usually, I'm the one cuddling and wrestling him. I took this photo of him, and he just looked so very sad.

Sunday: I took a photo of the box of bandaging materials Mom got me. I didn't realize the surgery would be this much work! Ronnie has been helping me change the bandages, I can’t do it myself. He has been amazing through this whole process. I didn’t realize how much pain I would be in, or how much my activity would be limited. Basically, he’s been Mom and Dad, and he hasn’t even complained. He’s just glad that my back feels better and he “wants me to be happy”.


Monday: My back doesn’t hurt at all anymore. I mean not the slightest little twinge. It’s a miracle! I’m a new woman! I finally felt good enough to sit up and check email. I made myself a little nest in my desk chair with pillows, and Germ-X close by. I have become such a germaphobe. Not that I wasn’t before, but now I’m even worse. I’m terrified of getting an infection, so Germ-X is my new best friend. I’ve even got Ronnie using it obsessively. Nothing like sharing your quirks right?

I have to mention that my Mosh Posh kit has been sitting there behind my Cricut mocking me because I can’t scrapbook!

Tuesday: My Aunt Laura took me for my follow up appointment and the surgeon removed the drain tubes. Oh holy hell that hurt! OUCH! I couldn’t even cry because it hurt so much I was breathless. I won’t go into too much detail, but it was GROSS too. Thank God I had left Brandon at home with Ronnie’s Mom watching him. After the appointment, I took some pain medicine, and we went out for lunch. That’s right, I’m tough!

On the way home, we stopped at a JC Penney and Laura bought me my first new bra, and she paid to get my pain medicine refilled. I was so thankful for that because I had to pay $650 dollars up front before the surgery. Money was definitely tight. She also bought me an industrial sized tub size of Germ-X since my little bottle was history. The photo of the day was of my new bras, but I don’t want to post it here. Sorry!


Wednesday: I was still in a whole lot of pain, but I kept making an effort to make Brandon less sad. The girls seemed to take everything okay, and weren’t that worried. They remember when I had Brandon, and they understand that I’ll get better and will be able to play again. Brandon had been taking things pretty hard, so I got out one of his favorite games, and managed to get down on the floor with it to play with him. He looks a little happier.


Thursday: Brandon and I stayed home and didn’t do much. I did a digital scrapbooking class from the Type+Writer 2 class by Jessica Sprague that my grandma bought me to keep me busy after my surgery. I’m having a really good time doing that.

Ronnie came home and picked Alexis up to go to gymnastics. The two little kids were playing in their room while I put dinner on to defrost. I heard them giggling and went to check on them, and Jordan was under her bed. She and Brandon had piled all of their blankets in a pile, and Brandon was stretched out like he was king of the castle. Yes, he was digging in his nose. Boys are weird. (My friend Michelle bought him that shirt and it’s SO true.)


Friday: This was a really bad day for me. I got tired of relying on everyone else to do stuff for me. I have a really hard time asking for and accepting help. I’m a really independent person by nature, and not being able to take care of things myself really frustrates me. I had a doctor’s appointment, and I decided not to take any pain medication and to just drive myself, and take Brandon with me. It was a REALLY bad idea.

Brandon threw a huge tantrum and cried. I had the hardest time pushing him in his stroller, and he got really upset when I had to have blood work. After we got home, I was in a lot of pain. I ended up sitting in the recliner, and crying off and on for the rest of the afternoon. I scared Ronnie when he called on the phone. I’m not a person who cries often, so he thought something was seriously wrong. Then I felt bad about that too, so I cried some more. I was a big mess.

It was just an all around awful day. I went outside to call my baby brother who turned 20 that day, and took my camera with me hoping to get a photo for the day. Despite my misery, it really was a pretty day. We’ve finally started to get some cooler temperatures. Jordan followed me out, and I ended up snapping this photo. My kids can always make me smile no matter how much of a pity party I’m having. I love the sun in Jordan’s hair in this one.


Saturday: Today Ronnie wanted to bring the kids to the park. He was going to go by himself, but it was such a beautiful day outside that I couldn’t resist going along as well. The kids had an absolutely wonderful time playing, and of course I brought my camera. I got some great photos of them. Being outside like that made me feel a little more normal. I’ve missed being able to do what I want! All of this resting is just so not me. Here’s the photo of the day with Ronnie and Brandon. I love Brandon’s little country boy overalls.


Ronnie also took this one of Alexis and I. I don’t look too terrible despite lack of sleep. (Edited with a CoffeeShop Vivid Urban Action.) We were sitting on the side of the sandbox watching the little kids play.

DSC00096 copy

Even over a week later, I’m still in a pretty good amount of pain. I don’t think I realized going in how major this surgery was. I am so thankful it’s over and that each day finds me getting a little better. The fact that my back no longer hurts makes it so worth it. I am just trying to slowly make my way back to “normal”. (If I ever was normal to begin with?)

I’m still working on catching up on emails, and commenting on blogs. If I owe you an email or comments, I promise I’ll get to you soon. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.


Darien said...

I'm so happy for you!!! Now you gonna feel better with you new girls!!! No more back pain!!!! You have a great husband and family!!! Have a great Sunday, and hope soon you can go back to normal!!!!

jacqueline said...

wow! that was one painful surgery... good thing you are recovering well by now. take care. :)

Agnes said...

Heather, I am so glad the surgery went well! And no back pain, wow, so happy for you.

Personally, I love "photo-heavy" posts, so need to apologize!

Your mom is and angel, you have a great family, Heather :-)

Have a great Sunday :-)

Elizabeth said...

Nothing owed here, seriously I can be put on hold for a month. Hehehe I had this amazing dream were we sat and chatted and ran around an amazingly beautiful house (it was yours - maybe you won the lottery?) with all our kids. No pain just loads and loads of giggles. That was Saturday, so trust me I'm good. :D Take care and have just a bit more rest. {{{{Internet Hugs!}}}} (the kind that are pain free!)

Leah. said...

You know, I just have to say you have the most amazing family ever! If I was to go through something like that, I know I wouldn't have the amazing support system you do. How wonderful to have all those pre-cooked meals and people around to help, not to mention your awesome hubby :)

I can't believe how amazing you look after such major surgery. Poor Brandon! The little guy loves his Mommy. Just think you'll be picking him up soon enough and you'll be pain free!!!!

Can't believe you've managed to keep up with 365 in the midst of this, you ARE Superwoman I think!

Hope you can crack open that Mosh Posh kit soon :)

Michelle said...

I am so glad you are feeling alittle better each day. I am so sorry Friday wasn't so good!! Wish I could of been there for you... just too many miles between here and there!! I am glad there is no more back pain!! YAY!!! Take it easy.. don't overdo it!! You will be back to yourself before you know it!! {{hugs}}

AMKrogsgaard said...

I am so happy for you, Heather. Thank goodness for family, no back pain and little moments that bring happiness! So glad you're well on the road to recovery!

Nancy said...

so happy that the surgery went well. don't worry about being photo heavy! I love all the photos. You are truly blessed with an amazing family! Take care of yourself.

Summer said...

Glad to know that you are ok and feeling well now. You are so lucky with your family. Have a great week. =D

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Mandy said...

I love your photo heavy post!Glad surgery went well and recovery is going good. Take care will be thinking of you.

KristenJo said...

I'm so glad your hubby has been taking such good care of you!!! That is just awesome :) :)

You are going to feel great when all the pain goes away!!!!

Rbarakat said...

I'm so glad that it went well and that your back is better! I hope you can get back to scrapping soon!

Helen said...

wow Heather I had no idea. Just popped over to say what a stirling job you are doing at Oscraps this week and I have spent the past however long reading your blog.I just don't know what to say. I hope things are getting better for you. You so deserve it.