Saturday, November 28, 2009

I’m So Thankful

I’ve really been getting into the holiday spirit lately! Thanksgiving with my family was really wonderful. We’ve got our tree up, and we’re starting to get our Christmas lights up outside. I’ve been making my Christmas list of the things my kids want and need. I’m getting lots of great photos for my Project 365 too! Plenty of stuff going on over here as usual. Here’s the update…

Last Sunday, Ronnie called me into the bathroom to take my photo of the day. Lady was in the tub, and she was not a happy camper at all.


The kids have been out of school all week long. It’s been really crazy and fun. When Ronnie got in the door on Monday, Jordan jumped in his lap to talk to him. She loves him so much, and he loves her. She’s got him completely wrapped around her little finger. (You can tell by her grin that she knows that can’t you?!)


I’ve been planning Alexis’ birthday party for December 19th, and she asked me to make her a cake with fondant. I’ve been doing some sketches and trying to figure out what I want to do. Tuesday’s photo is of one of my sketches. It’s my favorite so far, but I think I need to add another grouping of flowers on the bottom. What do you think?


My sister in law called me Wednesday morning. She invited the kids and I out to eat at Cracker Barrel in Hammond. We met her at her house, and then drove to the restaurant. The kids were really good (Surprise!) and we had a nice time. After the restaurant we went to Hobby Lobby. I had never been to one before, and I thought it was awesome! We went to her house for a little while before I had to go home and cook sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. The kids had a blast swinging on her porch swing and playing with her two poodles.


Thanksgiving on Thursday was really great. I got to see my family! My Uncle David came down from Texas, my brother brought his kids, and my Aunt and her boyfriend were there too. I took this really great photo of my Mom with all of her grandkids. It just makes me smile every time I see it.


Yesterday we put our Christmas tree up! We listened to Christmas carols, and had a wonderful time. After the tree was up, we ate cookies and drank hot cocoa together as a family. Little traditions like that… just make me happy. Here are some of the photos I took. All of these are straight out of the camera, unedited. I used a tripod, and no flash. I’m so proud of my low light photos!



Today we celebrated my mother in law’s birthday. We had company all day. I baked a gigantic cupcake for her, and we had Applebee’s for lunch. As part of the celebration, we painted ornaments for our Christmas tree. All of the grown ups pitched in to help the kids. Here’s a photo of Brandon and I painting. We made a HUGE mess!


I haven’t been feeling well at all, so I think I’m going to sign off and go drink some more Theraflu. That’s the only bad part about this time of year, I always end up sick. I think I’m getting a sinus infection. Argh!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fa La La La… Well you get it!

I just wanted to let everyone know that Sue Cummings is having a very unique and innovative December product coming out! Here is the preview…


“"Merry. Bright. & Fa-la-la" is a little different from my usual kits because it is similar to a surprise grab bag where you don't know what you're getting until after you buy it.  If you like to open presents, then you will really like this kit!  Everyday you will be receiving a daily digital download for 30+ days!!!  After 30 days you will have a complete kit and add-on's...over 24+ papers, 100+ elements and wordart, masks, mattes, an alphabet, and assorted quick pages to create your very own Christmas book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's will be a $30 value when it's all packaged up at the end and you can get it on November 27-28th for only $9.95.”

On December 1st the price will go up to $15.00, but it’s still an excellent deal! Plus, today and tomorrow if you order $10 from her shop you will get $5.00 off your order (that's a savings of 50%!) and the savings of 50% continues the more you order!


So what are you waiting for? Oh the link… right! Here it is… Sue Cummings’ Oscraps Shop.

*Edited to add this layout! I did with the kit!*

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Guess who’s back for a Project 365 update? I bet you all will be thrilled when I finish this year and get back to posting regular everyday stuff. Well… not yet! This past week has been insanely busy, so expect a super long post.

The photo of the day for Tuesday the 17th shows me reading to Brandon in my jammies. So… I’m not posting that one! There’s a such thing as too much information you know. LOL

Wednesday’s photo cracks me up. It’s something I always want to remember. Jordan has a new favorite song. It’s called “Fireflies” and it’s by Owl City. The photo won’t make much sense unless you listen to the song and realize she’s flapping her arms and “flying” all over the kitchen. She definitely keeps us entertained.

And here’s my little firefly… She’s so excited in this photo. It just cracks me up. My goofy girl.

11-18-09 My day on Thursday was insane! Seriously. I had to get up at 5 in the morning to drive Alexis out to her psychiatrist’s office in Slidell. He changed her medicine again. She was on an ADHD patch, but she’s taken the patch off a few times at school and has gotten in trouble. All of her grades have fallen a full letter grade since last semester. So something definitely had to be done. He put her on an ADHD pill instead, and a different sleeping medicine. Everything else stayed the same.

After we left his office, we ran and got gas in the van, dropped off Jordan’s subsidy paperwork at OCS, and dropped off Alexis’ prescriptions at Walgreens. Then we went to the pediatrician’s office to get Alexis her flu vaccine and her swine flu vaccine. Brandon had to get his swine flu vaccine. Alexis was so very brave. She didn’t even cry! Brandon was furious. He kicked the nurse in the shins. I felt so bad. I kept apologizing. She said she’s used to it, but still! After the pediatrician’s office we went back to Walgreens to get Lexie, Ronnie, and Jordan’s meds. Then we went to the library to pick up books. Why did I type all of this out? It just goes to illustrate that anyone who says a stay at home Mom doesn’t work… is crazy! LOL

Here is Thursday’s photo of the day. Alexis and Brandon sitting in the back of the van between errands. That’s the pediatrician’s office in the background. (We got there early and I let them play in the van for a bit before we went in.)


On Friday I had to drive myself out to my surgeon’s appointment an hour and a half away. I am such a baby when it comes to driving and merging in towns where there is heavy traffic. Driving through New Orleans scares me half to death. Probably because I used to do it everyday for years when Ronnie and I only had one car and I had to drive him to work. You wouldn’t believe the accidents I saw! Anyway, it’s been years since I drove down there by myself and I am very proud to say that I did it! (I usually make Ronnie drive when we’re going that way.) I got Brandon and I to my appointment and back home safely. I was praying like crazy, and I later found out that my grandma was praying too. LOL

We met my Mom at the hospital. She was having pre-operative work for a surgery of her own that is scheduled for December. Brandon and I visited with her while we waited for her x-rays and my appointment. The surgeon said that I am looking good, and recovering well. He’s quite proud of his work, and it kinda creeps me out a bit when he talks about how beautiful “the girls” are now. LOL I should be all well by Thanksgiving. I’m just so thankful that my back doesn’t hurt anymore. Words can’t describe how much pain I was in before this surgery. I feel like a totally new woman.

Here’s Friday’s photo that I took while driving into New Orleans… Don’t worry, there weren’t any cars on the sides of me when I took it!


My kids are always making me laugh. Brandon put on Ronnie’s shoes this evening while I was cleaning the dishes. He was clomping around the house giggling. I grabbed my camera while he was trying to do a flip with Ronnie’s big size 13’s on. The shoes were so big and heavy that he couldn’t flip. It was hilarious. He couldn’t figure out what was going on. Finally I had to put the camera down, and go flip him myself while laughing hysterically. He got the giggles too and it was a while before we could stand up right.


Oh and… I’m not claiming responsibility for his outfit in this photo. He dressed himself!

Thursday, November 19, 2009 Gift Card Giveaway

Ideas for Scrapbookers is having a $20 dollar gift card giveaway! It’s so simple to enter…

“All you have to do FOLLOW the blog. That's it. By "following" the blog, your name will be entered into a chance at a $20 gift certificate to! To have your name entered into the drawing twice, share the news on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. To follow the blog, you can log in with google, blogger, AIM, or yahoo. Then click to follow on the right sidebar! To let us know that you shared the news at another place, please post a comment letting us know where you shared the news OR email Pam at letting her know.

You have until Nov 22nd, Sunday, to play along. They will randomly pick a one winner based on the “followers” sidebar, who shared the news links, and the "follower" emails Pam receives. One lucky person will win a $20 gift certificate to!”

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Little Bit of Fall

I have been loving the weather here lately. The temperatures are finally bearable, and I just want to be outside! Brandon and I have been having  little adventures during the day while the girls are gone, but you’ll read all about that in my Project 365 update! (You knew I was going to work that in there somehow right? )

Wednesday was quiet around here. The kids had a rather laid back day which is always good. Lately my house resembles the WWE because when they get in arguments they tend to fight. I’m not kidding, I’ve actually had to literally PULL them apart. I hope it’s something they grow out of quickly!

Jordan gets the picture of the day for Wednesday. She was sitting quietly in front of the TV, but she wasn’t watching TV. She was drawing on her magnetic board. My grandma bought them for the kids last year and they haven’t put them down yet.


My house was shaking like a leaf on Thursday from the construction going on behind us. They are putting in a new part of our subdivision and the noise was driving me crazy. I figured since there was no way I could get peace, that Brandon and I should walk back there to see what was going on. I put him in his wagon, and off we went. We walked about 30 minutes to get there, then we watched the big trucks building the new road. Brandon was thrilled! One of the trucks even honked the horn at him. On the way home we were checking out all of the wildflowers blooming on the side of the road. There must’ve been at least ten different types! I snapped a photo of these “lellow” ones that Brandon pointed out.


We went to the library for story time on Friday, but Brandon got really shy so we had to leave early. I decided to take him to the park because it was such a beautiful day. We played for about an hour before we had to leave to go home for nap time. He did not want to leave. I had to pick him up to get him to the car and he was kicking and screaming. I hate that because then everyone looks at you like you’re killing the kid! He is lucky he’s cute. Here he is on his favorite part of the play set. (The “birate” ship.) *Note his tongue hanging out while he concentrated. He gets that from me. LOL


Our leaves don’t change much here in the Fall. I wish they did. I get envious when I see some of my friends’ beautiful photos of Fall foliage. So when I was in the backyard on Saturday, and saw this bit of red on a tree over my back fence, I decided that it was “my” bit of Fall. So I had to take a picture. Hey… you take it where you can get it right?


Ronnie went to the race track with his friend Chuck on Sunday. They had an absolute ball racing the cars and having “man time”. LOL He came back happy, and really… that’s all that matters. He took this picture of his friend’s car and his car side by side, and that became the photo of the day even though I wasn’t there to take it.


Today Brandon and I spent the morning at the doctor’s office. I had some high liver levels on my last blood test, and they wanted to repeat them. Bubs was so patient while we saw the doctor, but when he saw them coming at me with the needle to draw my blood he totally freaked out and cried. I felt so bad. The tech even tried to give him a little car so he’d calm down, but it didn’t work. Hopefully these results will come out okay and I won’t have to go back for a while! Today’s photo is the exterior of the building that my primary doctor works in.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Scrappersaurus DT Work

I had a blast playing around with these Best Creation papers that I got from my good friend Dee over at


You would not believe how much sparkle these papers have in real life. Click on the photo to zoom in and view it closer. Seriously. Sparkly! Because the papers were so pretty, I couldn’t just have PLAIN flowers… so I jazzed them up by spraying the Limited Edition Glimmer Mist that I got as well. What color did I use? Pumpkin Pie of course! What else!? LOL I cut the swirls out of an extra sheet of patterned paper and also added additional pumpkins to the bottom row. I used dimensional adhesive, so they just pop off the page!

Journaling: Usually I have to beg for help carving our family pumpkins, but not this year! Mom and Ronnie's friend Chuck came over, so I put them to work! October 31, 2009

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jordan Digital Kit Freebie

I’ve been going back through my kit files, and I came across this one that was inspired by Jordan. Made with a velvety texture and bright colors, it’s got a ton of papers and embellishments included. Here is the paper preview…


I don’t have an embellishment preview, BUT I did make a quick page out of this layout, and I packaged it in with the embellishments for download. You can see a few of the embellishments on the layout. I included stitching, frames, buttons, jewels, and a pink velvet alpha. The quick page doesn’t have a title on it, I only added it for my personal layout.


Download links:



Don't forget to download the free digital template that I made for Ideas for Scrapbookers too! Here's the preview...

Click here to go get it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paint Yourself A Rainbow

I haven’t done a Project 365 update in a few days, so it’s about that time again! Don’t worry, I’ll be brief. I have a million things on my to do list today. (When don’t I?) Those of you who are wondering about Jordan… I just got off the phone with Children’s Hospital and her testing is scheduled for December 1st. We’ll know more after that. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Last Friday I was having a bit of a down day. I am pretty discouraged about how long it’s taking me to heal from my surgery, and I spent most of the day reading instead of scrapbooking or cleaning house. It was nice to have some down time, and just rest. I snapped this photo of my cozy chair with my reading light on, and my book on the arm of the chair.


Saturday was a blast! Ronnie helped with the kids for a while after he got home from putting exhaust on his Camaro. I was able to sit down and scrapbook! I made a HUGE mess. I took a photo of one of the piles of scrappy stuff I had out on my desk. I couldn’t even see my computer anymore.


Ronnie went grocery shopping on Sunday. He ended up buying neat twisty straws for the kids. We’re weaning Brandon off of his sippy cups, and Ronnie figured that the straws would entertain him and take some of the sting out of taking the cups away. As you can see, Brandon really liked them. He’s been getting sick with a runny nose and a cough, so I’m glad that he’s willing to drink. I don’t want him getting dehydrated.


We got some pretty rough weather from Ida (hurricane/tropical storm) yesterday. Not a lot of rain, but the winds and dark clouds were really something. The kids’ school let them out three hours early so the buses wouldn’t be driving in the worst part of the weather. The clouds were just racing across the sky because the wind was so strong, and we didn’t even get the main part of the storm. This photo was taken at 2 in the afternoon!


Today the wind is still kicking, but the temperature is pretty nice. I walked out to check the mail and noticed what a pretty day it was, so I went back in and dragged Brandon outside with me. We ended up watercolor painting. He had a really fun time and kept telling me he was drawing the sun because it was hot. Then he’d make a circle or a squiggly line and tell me, “Itsa you Momma”. Too cute.


I have a layout to share too! I have to admit that I’ve already scrapped the photos I took today on this layout. That’s the wonderful thing about digital scrapbooking. Instant gratification! LOL It just all fell together when I saw Sue’s new word art.


52 Inspirations :: 2009 {Week 46} by Sue Cummings
From My Notebook: Extraordinary by Sue Cummings

Okay, so I didn’t keep this post brief, and my to do list is looming… so I’d better go!

You Gotta Learn Sketch and Template

Want to pick up a super cute sketch and digital freebie template I created based on this layout? Or would you like to download the .svg file that I used to make the decorative edge along the top? I'm the contributing artist today over at Ideas for Scrapbookers! You can pick up both freebies here.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ideas for Scrapbookers

Pam Callaghan's new blog, Ideas for Scrapbookers has announced the team of contributing artists, and guess what?! I'm on it!!! I'm so excited to get to work with such a talented group of girls. I spent the morning visiting their blogs, and you should too because there is a lot of inspiration and talent among these ladies! Here are the links...

Danielle Holsapple:
Delaina Burns:
Julie Howard:
Melanie Holzwarth:
Sarah De Guzman:
Susan Goetter:

The best part of this announcement is that YOU could win $50 dollars worth of GCD Studios products! Click here to head over to Ideas for Scrapbookers to see what you have to do!

Be sure to follow the blog when you get there because there will be tutorials, templates, challenges, digital free items, contests, and much more!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Just playing around!

I've been playing around with my Halloween photos lately, and this is the newest one I've come up with! I just loved how our pumpkins came out this year.

Journaling: We had lots of help carving pumpkins this year. Kasey and Chuck carved one, and Mom and Ronnie carved another. I ended up carving Alexis' and Jordan's for them. One pumpkin isn't in this photo. 10-2009


Sue Cummings From My Notebook Matte/Mask {Halloween}

Sue Cummings From My Notebook {Halloween} Word Art

Thursday, November 5, 2009

He Still Buys Me Flowers

I’ve got a quick Project 365 update to do, then I’ll be off to catch up on my blog reading.

On Tuesday I snapped a photo of Brandon’s Big Wheel left out in the elements while the sun was going down. It looked so lonely to me. I bet it was thinking… “Hey, Where did that busy kid go?” (Yes, I know bikes don’t actually think, but I have an overactive imagination. LOL)


Wednesday I had to go back to the surgeon yet again, and I’ll spare you all of the gory details. Let’s just say it was not pleasant, and I’m not healing the way I should be. The only nice part of the day was getting to spend some more time with my Mom, and getting this photo from the roof of the parking garage at West Jefferson hospital. Pretty cool huh? For those of you not familiar with the area, the city in the distance is New Orleans.


Yesterday on the way home Ronnie had to stop at the store to pick up a few things. He felt bad for all I’d gone through at the doctor’s office, so he picked me up some flowers. Almost 9 years of marriage and he still buys me flowers. Isn’t that sweet? He told me he picked the brightest flowers he could find because he knows I like bright colors, and he wanted me to be happy. Yep. He’s a keeper. I took a picture of them this morning. Another little bit of happy in my day. I haven’t been able to do too much because I’ve been hurting, so it’s been a low key day of playing online.


My First CT layout!

Sue Cummings is giving away a gorgeous quickpage on her blog here as part of National Digital Scrapbook Day. You can get it here...

I also used a flower from a mini kit she gave away during her designer spotlight to dress mine up. You can find that kit here...

The photo is of my sweet pea daughter Alexis when she was 3. I've decided to start scrapping some of my kids' older photos lately. I miss their baby faces. They're growing up too fast!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greatest Surprise

I was so very thrilled to announce that I was selected to be on Sue Cummings digital Creative Team! If you've been to my gallery lately, you've noticed I've been doing lots of digital layouts for an Oscraps challenge. That's how I got noticed! Isn't that cool? You can check out Sue's awesome designs by clicking on the button below.

Here are the layouts I did for the spotlight challenge!

You can click on them for larger views, more details, and product listings.

Monday, November 2, 2009

But it's not blue...

Brandon and I ran errands today. We had to go to the pet store to buy dog food for Lady. Every single time we go to the pet store he begs for a fish. This time I had a little extra cash so I gave in. (I know I'm a sucker right?) We put a bowl, water conditioner, rocks, a plant, and food in the basket. Twenty eight dollars later, all we had left to get was a fish. We went to the wall with the Beta fish on it and I kept holding up fish.

Me: Is this the fish you want?
Brandon: No.
Me: Is this the fish you want?
Brandon: No.

Five fish later...

Me: Is this the fish you want?
Brandon: Yes! It's yellow!
Me: Ummm, honey... It's blue. Can you say blue?
Brandon: His NAME is Yellow!
Me: Oh. He's a blue fish, but his NAME is Yellow. (Duh! I get it.)

Why do I feel like I've been outsmarted by a 2.5 year old?

In scrappy news, I decided to participate in a Sketchy Thursday's Challenge today. I'm trying so hard to get my paper scrappy mojo back, and it seemed like a good place to start! If you click on the picture it'll take you to my gallery where you can see what products I used and read the description. I had a great time participating and using up some of my October Mosh Posh kit that totally rocked!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Summer Sun Digital Freebie

I just found this on my hard drive and decided to share. I especially loved how the cloud paper came out in this set. Lots of fun bright colors to scrap your Summer as we get ready for Winter!


Download here.

SCAL and Digital Border Freebie

I saw a punch similar to this and knew I could recreate it if I had enough time. I’ve been playing around with it on and off, and I got time to finish it today. There is a .png file for digital scrapbookers, a .svg file for Cricut SCAL use, and a .jpg file for preview purposes. I hope you enjoy it!

Download here.

Wicked Witch of the South?

I’ve got a Project 365 update to do before I share Halloween photos. For those of you who visit for SCAL files… I’ve got one I’ve been planning to make for a while coming up soon! You don’t want to miss it!

It’s been getting colder here in Louisiana. So cold that my poor ivy plant that Jordan gave me last Mother’s Day was starting to yellow and droop. When the kids were tiny I put all of the plants outside because I didn’t know what was poisonous or not. Now that they’re getting a little older I can bring a few in during the colder months instead of covering them with a blanket or plastic. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that my favorite color is green before. Plants and growth make me happy. I was excited to rescue this plant and bring it inside. I’m thinking of leaving it there even when it gets warm again!


I’ve been working on another Jessica Sprague class and I had to take a photo of myself, so that ended up being Wednesday’s photo of the day. Nothing too special. Just me in the backyard in my Halloween shirt.


On Thursday Jordan went to the pumpkin patch with her school on a field trip. While she was there she fell and scraped her knee, and she got stung by a bee. She was okay, but I was upset because I felt like they weren’t really watching her. We went to the same pumpkin patch only a few days before, and I managed to keep her upright and not stung. Argh! When she got home, she was wearing the little pumpkin shirt they made for their trip, and I thought it would make a cute photo.


I hate driving. I really do. Friday I had to drive all the way out to Children’s Hospital with Jordan for her urology follow up from her bladder infection earlier this month. We got good news and bad news. The good news was that it’s not both of her kidneys down in her pelvis. Only the left one. We also found out that she is emptying her bladder completely when she goes. The bad news is that the left kidney is swollen which means that it’s likely infected. There probably isn’t a good seal in between her bladder and the kidney, and the old urine from the bladder washes back in with germs. She has been put on a maintenance dose of antibiotics to prevent any further kidney damage. He is scheduling another test which involves injecting dye through a catheter to see how well her kidneys are working. I’m worried because they aren’t going to sedate her for the test and I’m sure it’s going to be very traumatic for her. So please say prayers and think positive thoughts!

She behaved so well at the appointment. Probably because she was the center of attention. Her school’s Fall Festival was Friday, and she was really disappointed that she wasn’t going to get to dress up and go to school. So I let her dress up anyway, and she was a princess for the day. I also brought my iPod with a TV show, and Taylor Swift songs loaded for her. I think she thinks it’s her iPod. Stinker. *Edited with a Coffeeshop Action*


Halloween. I love Halloween. A lot more than driving. LOL We had a wonderful time. Brandon even semi-cooperated with Trick or Treating, and he kept his costume on the entire time! We made spider cupcakes, carved pumpkins, ordered pizza, had lots of company, sang Taylor Swift songs, and had an absolute blast. Ronnie’s best friend and his new girlfriend came over, and she was really fun. The kids loved her, and she jumped right into all of the activities. So of course I liked her too. Anyone willing to help me dig out pumpkin guts is good in my book! My Mom came up and spent the night after Trick or Treating. I’m loving the new closer relationship we have lately! Of course you know I took lots of pictures. 200+ in fact, but I managed to narrow it down to 39 to be printed. Don’t worry, I won’t post all 39 here, but here are a few highlights…

Mom and Alexis out trick or treating. Alexis asked to be a witch, and she specified that she wanted to be a bad witch. A hand me down costume, some alterations, and a bit of paint later…


Jordan was Jojo again this year. She loves that costume. I swear when she outgrows it I don’t know what I’ll do!


This is my favorite one of Brandon. He had taken his hat off after we got back from Trick or Treating, and I thought he was adorable with his messy hair. (Which he no longer has because I cut it all off this morning!) He was a pirate, but since he was so tall the shirt was a belly shirt on him, and I had to put a long sleeved white shirt on under it. *Note to self… next year buy a size larger than the costume bag indicates for him.*


I actually got a photo of the three of them together on the front porch. Zoom in to check out our super cool vampire pumpkins. Yep. We rock!


Here are the spider cupcakes we made. I invented these on my own because I didn’t want to spend all day piping spider webs on cupcakes. Everyone got to assemble spiders. I wish the icing would’ve turned a bit more orange, but…


Last but not least, here’s the expert cupcake maker. Ummm me! LOL I’m starting to feel a lot better now. I have to go for another follow up with the surgeon next Friday, but for the most part everything seems to be okay.


Don’t forget to change your clocks today! Because of that Jordan was up at 5 in the morning. Normally she’s up at 6 every day. I keep trying to explain the concept of weekends to her, but it’s a lost cause. Mom left early to go help my grandparents with one of their goats. I think she really had a good time playing with the kids and hanging out with Ronnie and I. After she left, Jordan and Brandon were playing in Ronnie’s recliner while I was making scrambled eggs for breakfast, and I snapped this. I didn’t like how it looked SOOC, so I added some texture, and a thru the viewfinder technique as well. Lots of editing later, it looks quite vintage, and a lot more interesting.