Saturday, November 21, 2009


Guess who’s back for a Project 365 update? I bet you all will be thrilled when I finish this year and get back to posting regular everyday stuff. Well… not yet! This past week has been insanely busy, so expect a super long post.

The photo of the day for Tuesday the 17th shows me reading to Brandon in my jammies. So… I’m not posting that one! There’s a such thing as too much information you know. LOL

Wednesday’s photo cracks me up. It’s something I always want to remember. Jordan has a new favorite song. It’s called “Fireflies” and it’s by Owl City. The photo won’t make much sense unless you listen to the song and realize she’s flapping her arms and “flying” all over the kitchen. She definitely keeps us entertained.

And here’s my little firefly… She’s so excited in this photo. It just cracks me up. My goofy girl.

11-18-09 My day on Thursday was insane! Seriously. I had to get up at 5 in the morning to drive Alexis out to her psychiatrist’s office in Slidell. He changed her medicine again. She was on an ADHD patch, but she’s taken the patch off a few times at school and has gotten in trouble. All of her grades have fallen a full letter grade since last semester. So something definitely had to be done. He put her on an ADHD pill instead, and a different sleeping medicine. Everything else stayed the same.

After we left his office, we ran and got gas in the van, dropped off Jordan’s subsidy paperwork at OCS, and dropped off Alexis’ prescriptions at Walgreens. Then we went to the pediatrician’s office to get Alexis her flu vaccine and her swine flu vaccine. Brandon had to get his swine flu vaccine. Alexis was so very brave. She didn’t even cry! Brandon was furious. He kicked the nurse in the shins. I felt so bad. I kept apologizing. She said she’s used to it, but still! After the pediatrician’s office we went back to Walgreens to get Lexie, Ronnie, and Jordan’s meds. Then we went to the library to pick up books. Why did I type all of this out? It just goes to illustrate that anyone who says a stay at home Mom doesn’t work… is crazy! LOL

Here is Thursday’s photo of the day. Alexis and Brandon sitting in the back of the van between errands. That’s the pediatrician’s office in the background. (We got there early and I let them play in the van for a bit before we went in.)


On Friday I had to drive myself out to my surgeon’s appointment an hour and a half away. I am such a baby when it comes to driving and merging in towns where there is heavy traffic. Driving through New Orleans scares me half to death. Probably because I used to do it everyday for years when Ronnie and I only had one car and I had to drive him to work. You wouldn’t believe the accidents I saw! Anyway, it’s been years since I drove down there by myself and I am very proud to say that I did it! (I usually make Ronnie drive when we’re going that way.) I got Brandon and I to my appointment and back home safely. I was praying like crazy, and I later found out that my grandma was praying too. LOL

We met my Mom at the hospital. She was having pre-operative work for a surgery of her own that is scheduled for December. Brandon and I visited with her while we waited for her x-rays and my appointment. The surgeon said that I am looking good, and recovering well. He’s quite proud of his work, and it kinda creeps me out a bit when he talks about how beautiful “the girls” are now. LOL I should be all well by Thanksgiving. I’m just so thankful that my back doesn’t hurt anymore. Words can’t describe how much pain I was in before this surgery. I feel like a totally new woman.

Here’s Friday’s photo that I took while driving into New Orleans… Don’t worry, there weren’t any cars on the sides of me when I took it!


My kids are always making me laugh. Brandon put on Ronnie’s shoes this evening while I was cleaning the dishes. He was clomping around the house giggling. I grabbed my camera while he was trying to do a flip with Ronnie’s big size 13’s on. The shoes were so big and heavy that he couldn’t flip. It was hilarious. He couldn’t figure out what was going on. Finally I had to put the camera down, and go flip him myself while laughing hysterically. He got the giggles too and it was a while before we could stand up right.


Oh and… I’m not claiming responsibility for his outfit in this photo. He dressed himself!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

to cute. I hate driving too. Stay at home hiney! We are constantly on the go. wish I had a job so i could stay in one place all day! too funny about the fireflies and the shoes. guess their being cute is what keeps us sane. lol

The Scrappy Tree said...

Fun song! :)
Lovely pics of your week - really like the pic of the road into New Orleans, brave of you!!

babyyahyah said...

i love your 365 project. I want to do it too when i get a camera again. I may get one on black friday if i go out.

nice pics.

my only comment is your car/car seats looks so clean. you should see the interior of my car. Actually though I don't think I will ever take a pic of that...if people saw it they would

Agnes said...

Oh I totally agree, Heather, PJs are way too much information, LOL

Mind medications are probably the thing that freak me out the most in the world... I find them so scary I am sure I'd be secretly taking my patch off too... :-)

Sooo glad to hear you're recovering well and that your back doesn't hurt anymore -- that is wonderful.

Have a great Thanksgiving week, Heather.

AMKrogsgaard said...

Fireflies is my new favorite song, too. Your kids have great taste in music!

Michelle said...

Love the pics of Brandon trying to get off Ronnie's shoes!!! :D Little Miss Jordan is so cute!! That photo on the freeway looks alot like up here, in Mpls!! I really don't mind driving. Love just getting in the car and going. Once in a great while I will drive up to St. Cloud, MN or down to Rochester, MN.. about about 1 1/2 or so hrs away. I am so glad to hear all is healing well and that there is no more back pain. That must be such a relief for you.

Kiwi The Kreator said...

call me next time you come to no...i'll try to calm you down!!! glad your back pain is gone! i TRULY believe you HAVE TO let them dress themselves...the resulting pix will be their OWN FAULT!!! if he tries to blame YOU in twenty years, you have a HUNDRED witnesses who can tell him better!!!!

Jules said...

Lol for the last photo. Brandon is so cute. Whatever he is doing, he's awesome! =D

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Leah. said...

Okay, so yeah, your doctor is kind of creepy admiring his "handiwork" LOL!

Love the photos.
I'm going to shoot you an email that will make you feel so much better about Brandon kicking the nurse....