Monday, November 16, 2009

A Little Bit of Fall

I have been loving the weather here lately. The temperatures are finally bearable, and I just want to be outside! Brandon and I have been having  little adventures during the day while the girls are gone, but you’ll read all about that in my Project 365 update! (You knew I was going to work that in there somehow right? )

Wednesday was quiet around here. The kids had a rather laid back day which is always good. Lately my house resembles the WWE because when they get in arguments they tend to fight. I’m not kidding, I’ve actually had to literally PULL them apart. I hope it’s something they grow out of quickly!

Jordan gets the picture of the day for Wednesday. She was sitting quietly in front of the TV, but she wasn’t watching TV. She was drawing on her magnetic board. My grandma bought them for the kids last year and they haven’t put them down yet.


My house was shaking like a leaf on Thursday from the construction going on behind us. They are putting in a new part of our subdivision and the noise was driving me crazy. I figured since there was no way I could get peace, that Brandon and I should walk back there to see what was going on. I put him in his wagon, and off we went. We walked about 30 minutes to get there, then we watched the big trucks building the new road. Brandon was thrilled! One of the trucks even honked the horn at him. On the way home we were checking out all of the wildflowers blooming on the side of the road. There must’ve been at least ten different types! I snapped a photo of these “lellow” ones that Brandon pointed out.


We went to the library for story time on Friday, but Brandon got really shy so we had to leave early. I decided to take him to the park because it was such a beautiful day. We played for about an hour before we had to leave to go home for nap time. He did not want to leave. I had to pick him up to get him to the car and he was kicking and screaming. I hate that because then everyone looks at you like you’re killing the kid! He is lucky he’s cute. Here he is on his favorite part of the play set. (The “birate” ship.) *Note his tongue hanging out while he concentrated. He gets that from me. LOL


Our leaves don’t change much here in the Fall. I wish they did. I get envious when I see some of my friends’ beautiful photos of Fall foliage. So when I was in the backyard on Saturday, and saw this bit of red on a tree over my back fence, I decided that it was “my” bit of Fall. So I had to take a picture. Hey… you take it where you can get it right?


Ronnie went to the race track with his friend Chuck on Sunday. They had an absolute ball racing the cars and having “man time”. LOL He came back happy, and really… that’s all that matters. He took this picture of his friend’s car and his car side by side, and that became the photo of the day even though I wasn’t there to take it.


Today Brandon and I spent the morning at the doctor’s office. I had some high liver levels on my last blood test, and they wanted to repeat them. Bubs was so patient while we saw the doctor, but when he saw them coming at me with the needle to draw my blood he totally freaked out and cried. I felt so bad. The tech even tried to give him a little car so he’d calm down, but it didn’t work. Hopefully these results will come out okay and I won’t have to go back for a while! Today’s photo is the exterior of the building that my primary doctor works in.



Agnes said...

Oh poor little Brandon! Doctors are scary.

Heather, I am so happy about the weather too. I also wanna be outside all the time! I love the air, the colors, the soft light, even the early sunsets :-)

AMKrogsgaard said...

I think you've got a truck driver in the making!!!! Kyle went nuts over big trucks like that when he was little, too.

Too sweet!

babyyahyah said...

well I am not liking east coast fall wheather here. I get so cold anymore. I was spoiled in California for 5 years with warm wheather there during the fall.

Jules said...

Poor Brandon. I remember one of my nephew, he is so afraid of doctors. Hope the result will be good. =D

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jacqueline said...

it's good to know that you are enjoying the weather.

the kids are always adorable, no matter what they are busy with. :)

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Poor little bubba. I know what you mean about not getting foliage change. The leaves go from beautiful green to dead on the lawn. LOL....hope all is well with the tests.

Amelia said...

every time you post your backyard or house or your car I miss our house and car back in Manila..

nice shots Heather...hope Brandon is fine

Jane said...

I really like the creative ideas you come up with for your photos of the day!! I couldn't to that!! fantastic photos fav is Jordan in front of the tv!!!

AMKrogsgaard said...

Well, I find that lying down definitely helps, especially if I lay on my left side, just under my rib cage, which is where both twins' upper bodies are located. Not just one twin is poking me there, both are!!

The only problem is I can't lie down while I'm anywhere other than home!

Michelle said...

Ben is the same way.. He hates the Dr. If he only realized it is the nurses that are the meanies really!

I am liking our weather up here!! Last year this time, we already had snow. So, I will take my 50 degree day! I will gladly share my fall with you!! Then you can enjoy the colors too. Tho, not much to share this year.. weather was so goofy we didn't get the pretty colors like usual.

Leah. said...

LOL!! to the WWE comment! I would say Malcolm in the Middle over here. Chaos, chaos, chaos all the time!!!!

Flowers? *sigh* I wish we could see that at this time of year, but after the leaves change and fall, it's mostly alot of grey :(

I'm crossing my fingers those blood tests come out okay. Brandon is so sweet for getting upset like that!

That shot of the manly cars is sooooo awesome. You should do a scrapbook page for him about it....

Miss ya :)

Rbarakat said...

Lovin your photos! Especially the one with Brandon and the red thingy - it really pops!