Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paint Yourself A Rainbow

I haven’t done a Project 365 update in a few days, so it’s about that time again! Don’t worry, I’ll be brief. I have a million things on my to do list today. (When don’t I?) Those of you who are wondering about Jordan… I just got off the phone with Children’s Hospital and her testing is scheduled for December 1st. We’ll know more after that. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Last Friday I was having a bit of a down day. I am pretty discouraged about how long it’s taking me to heal from my surgery, and I spent most of the day reading instead of scrapbooking or cleaning house. It was nice to have some down time, and just rest. I snapped this photo of my cozy chair with my reading light on, and my book on the arm of the chair.


Saturday was a blast! Ronnie helped with the kids for a while after he got home from putting exhaust on his Camaro. I was able to sit down and scrapbook! I made a HUGE mess. I took a photo of one of the piles of scrappy stuff I had out on my desk. I couldn’t even see my computer anymore.


Ronnie went grocery shopping on Sunday. He ended up buying neat twisty straws for the kids. We’re weaning Brandon off of his sippy cups, and Ronnie figured that the straws would entertain him and take some of the sting out of taking the cups away. As you can see, Brandon really liked them. He’s been getting sick with a runny nose and a cough, so I’m glad that he’s willing to drink. I don’t want him getting dehydrated.


We got some pretty rough weather from Ida (hurricane/tropical storm) yesterday. Not a lot of rain, but the winds and dark clouds were really something. The kids’ school let them out three hours early so the buses wouldn’t be driving in the worst part of the weather. The clouds were just racing across the sky because the wind was so strong, and we didn’t even get the main part of the storm. This photo was taken at 2 in the afternoon!


Today the wind is still kicking, but the temperature is pretty nice. I walked out to check the mail and noticed what a pretty day it was, so I went back in and dragged Brandon outside with me. We ended up watercolor painting. He had a really fun time and kept telling me he was drawing the sun because it was hot. Then he’d make a circle or a squiggly line and tell me, “Itsa you Momma”. Too cute.


I have a layout to share too! I have to admit that I’ve already scrapped the photos I took today on this layout. That’s the wonderful thing about digital scrapbooking. Instant gratification! LOL It just all fell together when I saw Sue’s new word art.



52 Inspirations :: 2009 {Week 46} by Sue Cummings
From My Notebook: Extraordinary by Sue Cummings

Okay, so I didn’t keep this post brief, and my to do list is looming… so I’d better go!


Holly said...

Oooh, bendy straws!! I used to love this things.

KristenJo said...

I still love those straws, haha!!! :)

Great pics, your scrappy desk looks like mine right now!!! :)

Agnes said...

Hi Heather -- thanks for the update on Jordan. I hope it will be all good news.

Don't bee too hard on yourself Heather. Geoff took longer to recover from his surgery than we anticipated. At the end, it really doesn't matter if it takes 2 weeks of 6 weeks, as long as you're happy with the long-term result.

Nichole said...

i jsut about died when i saw how brandon was holding his paint brush!!!! oh gosh, that was the cutest thing!!!

and hugs and kisses to the hubby!

Jules said...

Those straws are so cool. I also want to buy for my neices and nephews. =D Brandon is so cute!

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Brown Mestizo

sarah said...

hope recovery starts to speed up! don't be too hard on yourself! :)

oh, and GREAT photos. i love the scrap pile on your desk.... you don't even want to know what mine looks like right now!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

From the top...Saying a prayer for Jorday. Sorry you were down, missed you today. Love the bendy straws, and horray to Ronnie for helping! Scary weather and clouds. Cute little guy, love the things that come out of their mouths. Hugs. N

Leah. said...

The straws are a good idea!!! Love all the photos :)

Amelia said...

I envy your cozy chair :)

nice photo of Brandon...so cute! :)