Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is the longest post I think I’ve ever written so make sure you have something to drink and a comfy place to sit. Let’s get started!

Jordan had her first grade Christmas program on December 16th. Brandon was really good and let me watch the whole entire program without fidgeting. I was even able to video part of the performance. It’s not the best video because the lighting in the gym is terrible, but… Oh! I almost forgot. She’s the second one from the end that’s sitting down. She’s wearing a black hat.

On the 18th we celebrated Alexis’ ninth birthday at Chuck E Cheese’s. We were supposed to go to the zoo, but two days before the party we saw that the high was supposed to be 40 degrees that day. We had to make a last minute reservation at Chuck E Cheese’s. She still had an absolute blast and I was grateful for that.

My Mom and my niece came to the party. My niece is only 7 years old! She’s a full head taller than my Lexie.

When we came home from the party my in-laws gave the kids the bikes that they had bought them for Christmas. They brought them up in the back of their truck because there was no way that we would’ve been able to get them up here in the van.

Jordan’s bike is a Rapunzel bike and Brandon’s is Cars themed. Alexis’ is a big girl bike and is pink and purple with streamers. Brandon’s bike has a bell and the girls are super jealous. We’re going to have to buy them bells so they can annoy the neighbors too. My neighbors LOVE me.

After my in-laws left we took the kids to the store to get milk. Jordan started throwing up while we were there. She went from being completely fine to being SUPER sick. She kept apologizing to the people who came to clean it up. I helped clean and then I rushed her back to the van. She got even sicker that night and the next morning at eight o’clock I could tell she was dehydrated so I brought her to the emergency room. Her immune system is so weak due to her cerebral palsy that she catches everything. She asked me to take this picture because she was bored. Then she borrowed my camera and took pictures of all of the medical equipment.

They gave her a bunch of IV fluids and ran a million blood tests before they let her go home late in the afternoon. She had an extremely severe stomach virus. It took a few days for her to feel better, but while she was recovering the virus swept through our house like wildfire. Alexis, Brandon, and I also got it! The only person who didn’t was Ronnie.

Jordan and I pulled a fast one on Ronnie a few days later when we told him we were going grocery shopping. Instead, we snuck out to Lowe’s and bought him a chiminea for Christmas. Since it was SO big and we couldn’t possibly hide it we gave it to him when we got home. It was the perfect present because I bought the same thing for my Mom and when Ronnie saw it he started fussing that he wanted one.

We built a fire and made Smores for the kids. They weren’t interested in watching the fire, but they sure loved the chocolate!! LOL

We went down to my grandparent’s house for Christmas Eve. We got there a little bit early so we walked up the levee next to my grandparent’s house instead of waking them up from their naps.

It’s such a pretty view up there. We even saw a huge ship pass in the river! Brandon was particularly impressed.

When we got back to the house, the kids got to feed the goats bread. I didn’t let them go into the pen due to the fact that it had been raining. It was super muddy!

My grandpa made an amazing seafood gumbo for dinner and the kids piled up on the stairs (AKA the kid’s seating) and tore into it. Alexis and Brandon especially loved it. They cleaned their bowls! Jordan never eats much, but she did try it. 

When we were done with dinner the kids acted out the nativity story as a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas! As usual everyone wanted to be IN the manger with baby Jesus (Brandon). Mary (Jordan) bullied her way into the bucket for the second year in a row.

My Mom loved the chiminea that we bought her too. This was her reaction! Priceless. LOL

I also got this really cute photo of me and my newest nephew Zachary! I don’t think I’m very photogenic but I really liked this one.

The next morning the kids were super excited that Santa came. I was not super excited when I loaded these photos on the computer and discovered that my camera settings were wrong when I took these. I guess that’s what happens when you take photos at five in the morning. I was able to salvage a few but some really cute ones were just too blurry. Oh well. Live and learn right?

They all got pillow pets from Santa. Alexis got a penguin, Jordan got a dolphin, and Brandon got a bumblebee.

Jordan got a real wooden baby doll bed and she is totally in love with it. See?

After we finished opening all of the presents and putting most of the stuff together we headed to Ronnie’s parents house for another Christmas celebration!

They were all spoiled rotten there too! They now have so many toys that it looks like Toys R Us threw up in here. I’m still trying to find storage solutions for everything. Wish me luck that it works!

We also celebrated Ronnie’s birthday when we were over there even though his actual birthday is today. He’s 32! Happy Birthday Ronnie. I love you!

In other news, I have been going through scrapbooking withdrawals lately! The last page that I scrapped before yesterday was on the 16th. That’s over a week without scrapbooking a single thing! I think it’s a new record for me and one I don’t want to repeat!

Yesterday I was able to make a paper page with two of my Scraptastic Club kits! I used the “Holy Mittens, Santa” kit and the “Yuletide Tinsel” kit.

Journaling: Alexis + Jordan are very merry girls. They can’t wait for Santa to come to our house! Dec. 2009

I also finished a digital layout with fabulous supplies from The Queen of Quirk at


Journaling: Christmas Eve at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house in Port Sulphur, La. December 24, 2010

Supplies: The Queen of Quirk's Reindeer Games Embellishment Pack, The Queen of Quirk’s Reindeer Games Paper Pack,  and The Queen of Quirk's Scrap Canvas Memento Template.

If you’ve stuck with me though this long post… Thank you! I hope that each and every one of you have a very Happy New Year. I will be back soon to post about my New Year’s resolutions.


Monday, December 27, 2010


I have a super mega HUGE blog post coming up! I am still editing all of our Christmas photos to share, but I wanted to pop in really quickly to share a digital layout I did. It’s the only layout I’ve created since the 16th! I’m going through scrappy withdrawals.


I was assigned to create with Liv.E Designs’ products this month and I had a wonderful time doing it! Her designs are beautiful!

Journaling: We take a family photo with Santa every single year because Ronnie and I believe in sharing the magic of Christmas with our children. Santa is a big part of the magic! It's so awesome to watch them sit on his lap and discuss what they want for Christmas. 2010

Supplies: Liv.E Designs' Winter Breeze Kit, Crystal's {Tons of Scallops} Template Kit, and Liv.E Designs Chestnuts And Mallows Paper Pack.

That’s all for now, but I promise… I’ll be back soon!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Someone To Share It With

I asked the girls on the design team at Scraptastic Club to use a sketch I created this month. I featured Juliann’s contribution on this post on the Ideas For Scrapbookers blog. Now I’m here on my blog to share Janie’s layout.

This is the sketch I created!


Here is Janie’s fabulous take on the sketch! She used Scraptastic Club’s Yuletide Tinsel kit.

xmaslayout 008

I totally love the distressing she did and the folded scallops. The photos are SO adorable. Thank you so very much for sharing  your layout with me Janie! If you would like to see more of Janie’s beautiful work please visit her blog here and tell her I sent you.

Things have been super busy around here but I managed to finish ONE layout using the Yuletide Tinsel kit so far! Don’t worry, there are more to come. I just need to figure out how to clone myself so everything gets done!


Journaling: Alexis B., Alexis L., Jordan L., and Brandon acting out the nativity on Christmas Eve at Maw Maw Chicken's house in Port Sulphur. 12/2008

Well, I’m all out of things to share and the pile of toys that I need to wrap is not getting any smaller. If I don’t post again before then, I’d like to wish you all a very happy and totally Merry Christmas!!!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Up On The House Top

This past weekend we went to see Santa Claus. It was drizzling off and on and was much colder than we are used to. The kids waited patiently in line. I was so proud of them!When we got up to him Jordan chatted with him for a few minutes. That’s a big deal because she’s been scared of him for YEARS! Alexis told him what she wanted for Christmas while she sat on his lap. Jordan preferred to stay in her wheel chair. Brandon wanted nothing to do with the whole thing. He buried his head in my shoulder and shut his eyes tight. He’s such a shy little man.

Here’s our family Christmas photo for 2010. We do this every year and it’s so fun to look back and see how the kids have grown. They all asked for Pillow Pets this year. Brandon wants a bumblebee, Jordan wants a dolphin, and Alexis wants a penguin.


Jordan and Brandon rode on one of the free rides. They shrieked like mad and thought it was a blast. Alexis didn’t ride. She told me that it was a “baby ride”. Sigh.

She did agree to get in the sleigh to pose for photos. She has such a pretty smile! Don’t ask me what face Jordan is making in this photo. She was so excited she went cross eyed! It’s not the greatest photo, but it makes me smile so I kept it!

We walked around looking at all of the lights. They had a Cajun Christmas display with a crawfish and alligator at a fishing camp. I couldn’t pass up taking a photo.

Then there’s this one. The entire reason for the Christmas season! The nativity figurines were much more cooperative than my children were about being still for photos.

I tried to get a good photo of everyone when we were leaving in front of the huge water tower that they light up with lights every Christmas. This was the best one I got. I love how Lexie’s laying her head on Ronnie’s shoulder.

On Sunday night we decorated a gingerbread house. I tried to get out of it this year but Brandon asked so I had to go out and find one. He’s very traditional, and if you do something once he expects a repeat!

They loved decorating it, but I think they had even more fun eating it the minute it was done. I was barely able to get a photo of it before they started eating it all up!

They thought it was yummy! They were quiet for about 30 minutes while they pulled pieces off. Of course I took photos of them demolishing it! Here they are eating icing…

As time went on they got a little braver about pulling things off. Brandon in particular!

I think they all had a good time. I know I did! I’ve even already scrapped some of the photos. I wanted to get the journaling down before I forgot it.



I used a template I created, Creativity by Crystal's Free December 2009 Kit (Buttons), Creativity by Crystal's Merry & Bright Element Pack 1, Creativity by Crystal's Merry & Bright Element Pack 2, and Creativity by Crystal's Merry & Bright Papers. I drew the snowflakes with the shape tool in Photoshop and turned them into stickers.

If you would like to download the template I used for free, you can visit my post on the Ideas For Scrapbookers blog here...

I also did this layout of Jordan with the worms she found at my grandma’s on Thanksgiving. I think the girlie colors are really funny with the subject matter. She’s such a girlie girl sometimes, but other times she loves digging in the dirt and playing with bugs and worms.


Supplies: Liv.E Designs' Washi All About - Blush Tapes. Creativity by Crystal's {Inspired By Susan Weinroth} Template #01, and Creativity by Crystal's {Rainbow Sherbet} Collection. Fonts: Another Typewriter, Impact.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. I’m happy to say that all of my shopping is DONE! I’m just waiting on the stuff I ordered from to come in so I can wrap it. Is it bad that I have 12 separate shipments coming from several places? My kids are going to be SO spoiled this year! The only problem is that I suck at wrapping presents. You would think that I’d get into it with my creative side, but it’s just too repetitive for me. I did pick up some very pretty reversible wrapping paper so maybe that will inspire me a bit.

Speaking of presents, Lexie’s birthday is this Sunday! She’ll be 9 years old. My goodness where did the time go?! We were supposed to take her to the zoo, but it’s too cold to do that. The high will be 50 degrees. We had to go with an alternate plan so she’s having her party at Chuck E Cheese instead. Not my favorite place to go but at least I won’t have to clean the house after the party! That reminds me. I have to go order her cake!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let it Snow! (Please?)

The kids were super disappointed when we didn’t get any of the snow that was forecast a few nights ago. I’ll be honest and say I was pretty bummed about it too! So I went back and looked for the photos from the big snow storm we got in 2008 and I got my snow fix by scrapping them.

I used my Scraptastic ClubHoly Mittens, Santa” kit on all three of the layouts below. The colors are just totally amazing! I loved working with it!

In this first layout, I used Sure Cuts A Lot software and an .svg file to create the layered snowflakes. I also added Stickles and gems to them as well. My favorite part of this layout is the stitched background paper. I didn’t do it! It came like that. I only wish I could sew that well!


Here’s another snow themed layout! The snowflakes on this one were also created in SCAL, but I used the shadow feature and increased the shadow size to get the full look on the white layer of the snowflakes. If you look carefully, this one is super blingy. It was hard to get it all to show up in the photo but the white shadow layers of the snowflakes are covered in huge flecks of iridescent glitter. This paper was perfect for scrapping how happy Lexie was during that same snow storm! I loved the little snowflake stamps that were included in this kit. I used them on two out of the three layouts!


Last but not least is a layout about Brandon. He wasn’t as thrilled with the snow as the girl’s were. He climbed in his little plastic car and was really upset that he couldn’t roll it though the snow. He just sat in the car and looked disgruntled. It still cracks me up thinking about it. I thought the “Warm Wishes” tag was perfect here because he was definitely wishing it was warm!


That’s all of the projects I have done so far for this month’s kit! Be sure to stop by Scraptastic Club to check out the other kit that Jessica is offering this month. It’s called Yuletide Tinsel! Jessica sent it to me as a Christmas present so I’ll be working with that as well! (She’s SO awesome!) It’s got super fun colors that I can’t wait to work with.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s been so cold outside for the past few days that even Lady is looking for a blanket to cuddle up with. She has been showing a bit of improvement since I brought her to the vet on Monday. We thought the vet was going to have to put her to sleep, but with the help of antibiotics and steroids we’re going to have some more time with her! We’re hoping she’ll make it until Christmas at least. Christmas Day is her birthday!


The pink, purple, and teal hat is making it’s rounds around our house. Jordan wore it to her hippotherapy session on Thursday. We were trying to layer her to the max! If you look at her little fingers you can tell by their color that she’s freezing cold.

We made sure the kids got extra time with Lady on Sunday night before I brought her to the vet’s office just in case. They all sat on the kitchen floor and petted her. She loved every second of it. She was spoiled rotten!

Speaking of spoiled, go figure that it’s freezing and my camellia bush has finally decided to bloom for the 1st time in four years!! I’ve been going outside nightly to cover it with blankets. I wish it would warm up just a bit. If the buds fall off I will be one unhappy camper! I’m loving my little bit of Spring in the Winter.

I have layouts to share and I’m so excited! The fact that it’s a new month means that I get a new designer to showcase over at Jessica Sprague’s site! I’m creating for Liv.E Designs in December! This is the first layout I’ve done with her products. I love that I was able to fit so very many photos on her template!

GiveThanks Web MISM

Supplies: I used Liv’s EZ PZ Template 06- Photocentric No. 1, and Liv’s Winter Breeze Kit.

I also finally used my Pyrus kit from Scraptastic Club to create this layout about visiting the Northshore Nature Center. I love the rich colors and the embellishments are just so adorable.


Now I’m off to create more layouts with my wonderful December Scraptastic Club kits. I can’t wait to dig in!