Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing

Jordan had her test at Children’s Hospital on Monday in an ongoing attempt to find out what is going on with her bladder and kidneys. We had to get up at 5:00 am to make the long drive to the hospital. She didn’t want to get up at all. She told me… “Mom, Leave me alone!” “I’m sleeping!” I felt terrible for making her get up, but I got her dressed and Ronnie went out to warm up the car. It was only 18 degrees outside, and my windshield wipers were making yucky scraping sounds. I had to go get hot water from the house to dump over the windows so I could see because my defroster wouldn’t work well enough.

We had an uneventful trip down there, and we sang Carrie Underwood and Lady Gaga songs all the way there.  (We have musical ADHD in case you can’t tell.) We were trying to stay awake and cheerful. When we got there we had good parking karma and got a spot right in front of the doors. Thank goodness because like I said it was COLD! We went to check in, and they sent us to the surgery wing because she was having anesthesia so she wouldn’t be traumatized by the catheterization.

The woman at the surgery desk said, “Is your daughter having surgery?” Jordan said, “Oh no I’m not!” “Mom, you didn’t say anything about SURGERY!” I had to calm her down and explain to the lady simultaneously that it was just a test, but we were going to be in the surgery wing. They walked us back, took her blood pressure, gave her a pile of stickers, put her fabulous bracelet on, and then installed us in our very own room. She fussed a bit while got in her gown. (With pandas on it “Just like Ni Hao Ki Lan”.) Then she settled in with her coloring book and colors that the hospital provided.

The coolest thing about Children’s Hospital is that they have a child advocate come around with a book that explains procedures, and what goes on in each room. They let her ask questions, and she got a neat little kit with doctor equipment. Gloves, hat, band aid, syringe, and shoe covers all made for a very happy little girl. She didn’t even complain that she hadn’t had anything to eat or drink because they promised her popsicles when she came out.

When it was her turn, they came and gave her some “goofy juice”, and then took us downstairs. I can report that the “goofy juice” did indeed make her goofy. While we were in the pre-surgery area she looked up at me and said, “Mom guess what?” “I’m a cheetah now.” Hmmm. Okay honey!

In the next bed over, they had a little boy with his parents, and they were taking pictures of him. She looked up at me indignantly and asked me why I wasn’t taking HER picture. So, I had to pull out my camera and snap a few. She was happy and quieter after that.


When they came to bring her back, one of the nurses told her that she would be with her the entire time. Jordan looked at me and started crying, and yelling “I want my Mommy!” It broke my heart. I told her I would be there when she woke up, and I stood there while they wheeled her back. After that, I had to go into the waiting room. I noticed that there was a gift shop right next door. I went in and bought her the biggest balloon I could find. It had all 5 princesses on it and was bigger than she is. I also bought her a Ring Pop going with the theory that suckers make everything better.

It only took about 45 minutes, and Dr. Roth came out and told me that anatomically everything looks okay. The left kidney that is down in her pelvis appears to be functioning well. There is no extra ureter tube from the pelvic kidney like they thought. So at this point they have no clue why she’s still experiencing incontinence. He said that there is one more test he needs to do called urodynamics. That test will determine how strong the muscle that holds her bladder closed is, and how much pressure her bladder muscles are applying. The concern is that she may have a spastic bladder due to the cerebral palsy. The treatment for that will be muscle relaxers, which concerns me. I worry that if she takes muscle relaxers, it will effect her walking.

After my talk with the doctor, they came and got me because she was awake. When she saw the huge balloon her eyes lit up. I told her I was sorry that I had to go in the waiting room, but everything was done and we could go home soon. She informed me that she wasn’t worried. She knew I’d come get her. *Sigh. I’m glad she wasn’t worried. I am sure that I do enough worrying on my own for four or five people at least.

We were moved out of recovery and back into our old room with the Disney channel. Watching television kept her occupied enough to only complain a little when they removed her IV. She got to eat popsicles and drink juice, and when they were sure she was keeping it down, we got to go home. On the way home she sucked on her Ring Pop loudly in between singing Taylor Swift songs, and we were happy again.

I’ll keep everyone posted when the next test happens, and what the results are. Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind thoughts for her. Yesterday, I made this layout as my week 2 assignment for the 52 weeks project I’m doing. I wanted to remember how brave my girl is.

52 Weeks Week 2 Inspration

You can click on the image to see it larger with a full description.

Journaling: You are an inspiration to me. You have had to fight so hard to get to where you are in life. You face adversity with courage and grace. I know I’m your Mom, but I want to be just like YOU when I grow up. –Jordan Jasmine

Made with Sue Cummings Week 2 of 52 Inspirations.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I really can not get over how cold it’s been here lately! We’ve had lows in the 20’s and highs in the 30’s. I know that’s not too cold to those of you who live up North, but my poor little Southern body isn’t used to this. I’m thinking of investing in furry boots and a parka. LOL The kids are fascinated by the fact that things are frozen. We even put a container of water out last night show I could show them the ice in the morning. I didn’t realize the whole drainage ditch would be frozen over too. Of course they had to go check that out, and I had to snap a picture. It’s pretty in a weird way.


We haven’t been doing too much at my house lately. Because of the cold, I’ve been bundling the children up like Eskimos to let them play outside for a bit at a time. They are all sick and tired of being in the house. Brandon has been doing a lot of coloring and drawing. The kids got lots of art supplies and crafty stuff from my grandma, and my Mom for Christmas. They definitely take after my side of the family with their love of crafting. Brandon even made a painting with his Tadoodles, and sent it to his Maw Maw Honey yesterday. I bet she’ll love it!

Of course you KNOW I’ve been scrapbooking! What better way to stay warm and occupied?! I have a few I’d like to share. I’m still scrapping last year’s Christmas photos. At this rate, I’ll never catch up. I’ll have a blast trying though.


I secretly love these photos of Alexis. They really show her sassy personality. You can’t help but laugh when she’s being naughty sometimes.

Journaling: All I wanted was one good photo of you. These are what I got. You are definitely naughty! ;0) 12/2008


Some photos of my daughters playing in the 5+ inches of snow we had here in Louisiana in 2008. (We also got some in 2009! Global warming? Yeah, right.)

Journaling: We were stunned when it snowed so much here in Louisiana. The girls were outside in it for most of the day! They even ate the snow! (Gross! LOL) 12/2008


Journaling: Paw Paw Barton, Cozumel, 1998

This is my grandfather snorkeling when we went on a cruise as a family in 1998. My grandparents paid for me to go as my High School graduation present. They rock!

And last but not least…


My anniversary is today, and I made this page for Ronnie to open when he gets to work. I hope he likes it.

Journaling: We've been married for 9 years now. You drive me crazy, and I make you nuts. (Not always in a good way either.) We totally make it work though. Every day with you is special, and I'm so glad you're my best friend and my husband. Forever & Always January 5, 2010

That’s all for now, but you know what? I’ll be back! =0P

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Carol Papers

I have a set of Christmas/Winter themed papers that I made a while back to give away as a digital freebie.


I hope you enjoy them! Here is your download link…

If you are looking for more of my digital freebies, don’t forget that I’m posting digital templates on the Ideas for Scrapbookers blog as well! (Click on each of the images to be directed to the posts for download.) You can get great templates like this one…


or this one…

HL_Once Upon A Time2

and even this one too!

MMD_Template 2

Don’t forget to check out Pammy’s posts there as well because she’s started making her templates into layered digital files! I used her star template to make this page.

Beach Bum

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yet another year has passed, and I’ve been trying to come up with New Year’s resolutions again. The really fun part of the New Year is reflecting back on last year’s resolutions, and realizing that I did ALL of them except one. My first resolution was to read 100 books in a year, and not only did I do it… I almost made 200! I read a grand total of 182 books. I also resolved to do Project 365. I’m really proud to say that I took a photo EVERY single day of 2009. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that the 365 project is done. Rest assured that I’ll still be taking TONS of photos, but the blog will be returning to the regularly scheduled madness yet again! Before it does, I have the last few days of the project to share!

On the 27th I was playing with one of the coolest gadgets I’ve ever gotten! My Mom got me a super cool Garmin GPS for Christmas! I was thrilled because I’ve been wanting one. After a day or two, I had to change the voice from a woman’s voice to a man’s voice because I was getting aggravated with it. Well, when I changed it to the male voice we decided to name our GPS Pedro. Everything in our house has names. Our cars, our gadgets… Yes, we’re weird. Brandon doesn’t like Pedro talking while I drive. He yells, “Be quiet Pay do!”


My photo of the day for the 28th is a familiar sight for many families these days. My house looks like Toys ‘R Us threw up in it. I’m having the hardest time getting the kids to pick up their new toys, and I decided to laugh about it instead of getting irate. So here it is, the aftermath of Christmas. This is only about 1/4 of the mess. I am NOT kidding.


I decided to take a picture of the decorative mailbox that my grandma got me for Christmas a few years ago for the photo of the day on the 29th. It’s filled with all of the Christmas cards I’ve gotten for the past few years, and I think it’s just adorable!


I bought myself a new purse on the 30th, so I had to take a picture of course. I love the bright colors. I have this theory that when I buy a BIG solid black purse, I’ll look old. So for now it’s bright colors and busy patterns for me.


On New Year’s Eve we bought the kids a few sparklers, and they did pretty well with them. Brandon ended up getting scared and going back in the house like last year, but he did manage to stay outside a little longer. Jordan and Alexis had a good time though. They went to bed early around 8:00, and so did Ronnie. I stayed up until midnight reading, just enjoying the peace and quiet. Then I went outside in the freezing cold to watch the fireworks. Here’s a shot I got of Alexis doing her sparkler.


In case you’re wondering what resolution I didn’t stick to, it was the one to read all of the magazines I have under my side table. I did manage to read about 20 of them. So I only have 40 or so left. I am transferring that resolution to this year, and I WILL get it done.

This year’s resolutions:

1. Finish reading the huge pile of magazines.

2. Scrapbook the 8x10 photos I have shoved in a huge manila folder. (I don’t like scrapbooking 8x10’s.)

3. Do Sue Cumming’s 52 weeks of Inspiration project! One layout every week for an entire year. I think I can do it!