Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I really can not get over how cold it’s been here lately! We’ve had lows in the 20’s and highs in the 30’s. I know that’s not too cold to those of you who live up North, but my poor little Southern body isn’t used to this. I’m thinking of investing in furry boots and a parka. LOL The kids are fascinated by the fact that things are frozen. We even put a container of water out last night show I could show them the ice in the morning. I didn’t realize the whole drainage ditch would be frozen over too. Of course they had to go check that out, and I had to snap a picture. It’s pretty in a weird way.


We haven’t been doing too much at my house lately. Because of the cold, I’ve been bundling the children up like Eskimos to let them play outside for a bit at a time. They are all sick and tired of being in the house. Brandon has been doing a lot of coloring and drawing. The kids got lots of art supplies and crafty stuff from my grandma, and my Mom for Christmas. They definitely take after my side of the family with their love of crafting. Brandon even made a painting with his Tadoodles, and sent it to his Maw Maw Honey yesterday. I bet she’ll love it!

Of course you KNOW I’ve been scrapbooking! What better way to stay warm and occupied?! I have a few I’d like to share. I’m still scrapping last year’s Christmas photos. At this rate, I’ll never catch up. I’ll have a blast trying though.


I secretly love these photos of Alexis. They really show her sassy personality. You can’t help but laugh when she’s being naughty sometimes.

Journaling: All I wanted was one good photo of you. These are what I got. You are definitely naughty! ;0) 12/2008


Some photos of my daughters playing in the 5+ inches of snow we had here in Louisiana in 2008. (We also got some in 2009! Global warming? Yeah, right.)

Journaling: We were stunned when it snowed so much here in Louisiana. The girls were outside in it for most of the day! They even ate the snow! (Gross! LOL) 12/2008


Journaling: Paw Paw Barton, Cozumel, 1998

This is my grandfather snorkeling when we went on a cruise as a family in 1998. My grandparents paid for me to go as my High School graduation present. They rock!

And last but not least…


My anniversary is today, and I made this page for Ronnie to open when he gets to work. I hope he likes it.

Journaling: We've been married for 9 years now. You drive me crazy, and I make you nuts. (Not always in a good way either.) We totally make it work though. Every day with you is special, and I'm so glad you're my best friend and my husband. Forever & Always January 5, 2010

That’s all for now, but you know what? I’ll be back! =0P


Darien said...

I know what you mean!! So Cold!!! Congrats on you anniversary!! And I love your pages!!! My fav. is the one with BG. pps

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the new layouts.

Agnes said...

Happy anniversary!
I know, it's soooo cold it's unbelievable.

babyyahyah said...

my husband drives me crazy too and NOT in a way either...lol. oh well though what can I do? we have been married for 12 years now? 13? I don't know I have lost count...lol.

anyway cute pics as always. It is beyond freezing here and I am going crazy as well with the kids inside all day.

ModernMom said...

Your scrap bookin pics are amazing!! Oh and the cold? You wouldn't last long up here in Ontario Canada..it is snowing for about the 5th day in a row!!

Amanda Sevall said...

Happy anniversary Heather!! Absolutely LOVE your new layouts!! Saving for inspiration now that I'm finally feeling like scrapbooking again. :)

jacqueline said...

happy anniversary to you and Ronnie. May you have more decades together! :)

Leah. said...

Happy Anniversary!

Maybe you'll get more snow!!!

Jules said...

looks like you guys had so much fun! weird, we didn't even feel the Christmas cold breeze here in the Philippines :(

- Jules -
The Brown Mestizo

Colleen said...

Hope you're staying warm! Happy Belated Anniversary and love all the layouts you've been doing. The pictures in the first one are classic!

AMKrogsgaard said...

Eating snow isn't gross unless its yellow! And, the best part of the cold weather is when things start warming up a little, and the fog rolls in, and leaves everything frosted up...sooo pretty!