Monday, February 1, 2010


I’m going to try to be more active on my blog. I promise. I’m going to re-implement the journaling prompts so I’ll have something to talk about. I miss posting my Project 365 pictures. I’m glad for the break from the project, but it certainly gave me things to post about! LOL

Jordan has been sick again, and so have I. That means I’ve been super busy trying to keep up. Even Ronnie got sick. The only one who didn’t was Alexis. I swear she’s a tank. She must have the strongest immune system on the planet!

I’ve been scrapbooking a bit, mostly digital because I haven’t had time to pull out the paper supplies. I’m still doing Project 52, which means that I’m making a layout each week of this year. Much more simple than last year’s undertaking. Here are a few of the layouts I’ve done lately.

Love Is

Supplies: Sue Cummings’ Project 12 Extraordinary Love Kit


Supplies: Crate Paper Zoom Kit, Scattered Straw Distress Stickles, Signo Pen.

52 Weeks Week 4 Diva

Supplies: 52 Inspirations Week 4 installment by Vicki Stegall.

I haven’t been taking many photos, but I did get these when Brandon and I went to the park a week or two ago.



Funny things the kids have said:

The other day Ronnie was playing with Jordan’s guitar. He has absolutely no clue how to play the guitar. None of us do! We’re thinking about getting lessons for Jordan. Ronnie was strumming away, and Brandon looked up at him for a minute. Then he made a face and said, “Daddy that’s tub-bub-bul (terrible)!” We just laughed. He definitely says what he thinks.

Alexis came home from school on the day of the pep rally last week. Our entire state is in an uproar over the Saints going to the Super Bowl. She told me, “Momma, Ms. Carter was dancing to the ‘Who Dat’ music at the pep rally and everyone was looking at her.” “Then when we got back to class, we were talking about the Super Bowl.” “One of my friends asked Ms. Carter if we were going to the Super Bowl for a field trip, and she looked at him crazy.” Then she said ‘I DON’T THINK SO!’. “That boy is crazy.” “The Super Bowl is expensive right Mom?”

We’re planning Brandon’s 3rd birthday. I can not believe that he is going to be three, but that’s a whole different post. We went to pay the deposit on the venue we’re renting for the big day. They were having “Open Bounce” time. It’s an indoor facility with the big inflatable bouncers inside. I paid the extra 7 dollars on top of the 100 for the deposit so he could bounce that day. I think I’m in trouble. He refused to bounce at all. He said, “No, Momma!” “I not bounce!” I hope he agrees to jump in them once his sisters are there. If not… it’s going to be a mighty interesting party.

I guess I did have things to talk about after all! LOL I’m still going to do the writing prompts though. Feel free to play along on your blog, and link the answers to me!

*Do you visit your local library? Do you remember to have books back on time? How often do you read? What assumptions would a stranger make about you based on the books you read?*

I adore reading. It’s a little mini escape for me even on the busiest day. I visit my local library at least every other week. They have a feature on their website that keeps a running list of the books I want to read, and as they come in, they put them to the side and I can just walk in and pick them up. It’s an excellent feature. It lets me get in and out without my children wreaking absolute havoc on the library. It’s also really cool that I can request books on certain topics if the kids want to learn about something new. One week we learned all about elephants. Since I’m in there so frequently, I usually don’t forget to have the books back on time.

I read a little bit every single day. It’s not a good day if I don’t get to read a few pages. A stranger would assume that I’m one of those Goth girls by my reading list. They would totally picture me with black hair, nails and lipstick! Why? Because I LOVE vampire books, and books about the supernatural. If it’s got a vampire or a werewolf in it… I’m totally reading it. That’s not saying I don’t read all of the good for you books with life lessons in them. I do. I just love my guilty pleasure books more. LOL


AMKrogsgaard said...

Welcome back, friend. Missed ya!

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Welcome back. Love the layouts.

Agnes said...

Welcome back Heather & hope you're feeling better.

I just love the things kids say. :-D

Amanda Sevall said...

Love those pictures in the park! Glad to see you are back blogging and I hope everyone in your house is well soon!:)

Mandy said...

Hope ya'll are feeling better! Love the layouts!!

Leah. said...

Okay first. Hope you are feeling better and Jordan too!

I love the funny things your kids are saying. It could be a regular thing if you are looking for stuff to blog about. (hint, hint)

Ahhhh, the library. I go constantly. Sometimes I walk by the library and even though I have plenty of books to read at home, I can't help but go in anyway and just look around. It's weird really. I don't know what people wou1d think of what I read, since it's pretty varied but I love to pick a book by it's cover. Most of them are good by that theory too. LOL.
I used to be late alot because I just had paper slips that got lost in the house but now since they implemented an online system, I can see what is due and when and do any renewing online and also order too. It's a beautiful thing :)
Yeah, you already knew I was a dork right?

Heather Landry said...


I could fill a whole blog with the goofy things my kids say. I totally knew you were a library addict just like me. I don't care if you're a dork. I <3 ya anyway!