Friday, February 5, 2010

Everyday is a Winding Road

This past week has been nothing short of insane. Jordan has pneumonia again, and it’s up in the air whether or not she will end up in the hospital again because of it. She’s on some really strong oral antibiotics, but if they don’t kick in soon she’ll need to go inpatient to get IV antibiotics. She’s been out of school since Monday. She started getting sick on Saturday, and it’s only been downhill.

On the bright side, she’s been in really good spirits, and has been playing and loving spending time with me at home. A few days ago she was scrapbooking with me, and I asked her to help me pick up when we were done. Then I looked over at her and she was making an awful face. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "This is my invisible face." "It's the face I make when I'm trying to be invisible." She had decided that she wasn’t cleaning up, so she wanted to be invisible so I couldn’t see her to make her help. Too bad that doesn’t work honey. I could so see trying to make the invisible face when it’s time to do the dinner dishes.

What else? Oh. So Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. Sigh. That means more weeks of Winter. Crud. For you Northern people, that means more snow to play in. For us, it means piles and piles of rain, and a backyard that looks like a swamp. No, I’m not kidding. This is the corner of our backyard. 8 inches deep in water. The kids can’t go out and walk around the yard because they sink into mud. So boo to Winter! Go away!


Other than that not much has been going on except for scrapbooking. Here are a few pages I’ve done lately. Jordan has been helping me use up a bunch of older scraps of paper.


Poor Baby Brandon. How dare we give him a bath? I swear that child was a cat in another life because he hated bath time, and he still doesn’t like having his hair washed.


I’ve also been using up older photos! These were of Brandon when he was 11 months. I can’t believe we’re starting to plan for his third birthday already. Seriously. Where did the time go?

This morning Alexis got to wear jeans to school as part of a fundraiser the school is having to benefit Haiti. She was really thrilled. They normally have to wear uniforms, and “uniforms are SO boring Mom”. She has been doing pretty well in school for the last few months. She’s in a reading tutoring program that seems to be helping her. Thank goodness! For a while we were worried that she might fail second grade, and that would be disastrous for her self esteem. I didn’t take any pictures, but I’ll try to snap one when she gets home. I haven’t been taking many photos at all lately. I’m just burnt out with it.

Journaling Question Time!

What’s your favorite smell? What do you associate with your favorite smell?

Such an easy question today! My favorite smell is freshly ground coffee beans. I also love the smell of brewing coffee, and specialty coffees. Sensing a theme here?

I also love the way baby powder and baby shampoo smells. There’s nothing sweeter in the world than snuggling a baby that just had a bath. I loved rocking Brandon to sleep after his bath when he was teeny tiny. Now, he’s too big for baby shampoo and wants “big boy shampoo”. Because “I not a baby Momma!” (Still tearless shampoo of course!) He always cries when I wash his hair, even though I’m careful to keep it out of his eyes. I don’t want to add any additional trauma by burning his little eyes. Can you tell my kids are rotten?


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

So sweet. Love to see the new layouts. I feel your pain on the rain. I just keep telling makes everything makes everything grow. Glad Lexi is doing well at school. Sorry about the pneumonia. Hugs.

sarah said...

that is some mighty rain pouring in your area. it was like that a couple of weeks ago for us here in california... hope the weather starts to brighten up soon.

LOVE those LOs. the quilting look is awesome! :)


kim said...

most of my kids hate bathing too.

we also had a jeans day for haiti too last week(uniforms here too).

i love your scrapbooking pages.

oh and the swamp? yeah...when we lived in california I swear from december to march our back yard was a swamp too. Not fun with kids. been there too!

Elizabeth said...

Wow Journaling questions, I was just thinking about those the other day!

Sorry J is sick, but it sounds like the two of you are making the most of her "stay home days".

Leah. said...

Hope Jordan recovers quickly!

Love the scrap pages!

Smells. I LOVE vanilla! Yum and oddly enough, I love the smell of coffee grounds too even though I never drink it.

Agnes said...

So sorry Jordan is sick.

And yes, coffee smells soooo good!

AMKrogsgaard said...

Super adorable LO's! My favorite smells: the rain, freshly mown lawns...there's probably more, but baby brain is getting in the way!!!

*reyanna klein* said...

Poor Jordan! Man, that girl needs a BREAK! Sheesh. Just bless her little heart! (and lungs!)

Oh, I'm glad Alexis is getting help at school. Hopefully, after 2nd grade, she'll be good to go! :-D

I can't believe Brandon is going to be THREE already! CRAZY! And I hear you about the rain. SO ready for this to be over... and the 30s weather too. YUCK-O! I'm SO ready for the heat. Bring.It.ON. :D