Friday, February 19, 2010

Love is Free

It’s been another busy week here. I still miss doing my Project 365 posts on my blog very much. Keeping to the same format with posts where I talk a little bit about what happened each day this week is helping my withdrawal a bit. I’ve been entertaining starting another Project 365, but I promised myself I would sit this year out. Instead, I’m concentrating on getting the photos from last year’s Project 365 into an album and on doing the journaling for them. I bought the Project Life kit from Becky Higgins, and that has helped a lot. I have all of my photos in the page protectors now, and all I have to do is add the journaling that I saved as blog posts from last year. I’m actually not looking forward to that part. I hate my handwriting. I’d rather type any day.

This past Saturday the kids and I baked a King Cake from scratch to celebrate Mardi Gras. We started with flour and yeast, and made an absolute mess. Here’s Brandon kneading the dough.

DSC00714 Alexis and Jordan helped add the sugar and glaze to the top, and here is our final product!


I think they liked eating it more than they liked baking it though. What do you think?


Valentine’s Day was Sunday, and I got a griddle to make pancakes on. I’ve been wanting one forever because cooking pancakes one at a time in a frying pan takes entirely too long. I’m starting to feel like a short order cook over here though because my children are now demanding different flavor pancakes as well as different shapes. Stinkers! The kids each got a small heart filled with chocolates, and I bought Ronnie Valentine’s M&M’s and made him a card. Ronnie’s sister also sent the kids Valentine’s cards. Here is Lexie opening hers…


Monday started the kids Mardi Gras vacation. I do not know why the school board here thought it would be a good idea to give the kids an entire week off of school, but they did. I seriously doubted I would make it all week without going insane. All three of the kids have been fighting so much lately. I keep having to referee like it’s a football game. TIME OUT! Sigh.

Ronnie had to work Monday, but he stopped at Sam’s on the way home to get a few things that we needed. We were in the kitchen putting things away when he dropped a bottle of hot sauce on the floor. He and I ended up being okay, but Alexis was in the kitchen too. A piece of glass flew and cut her foot badly. She was bleeding everywhere! I am so not good with blood, but I manned up (as Ronnie would say) and cleaned and bandaged it. I had to hold pressure for a while to get it to stop bleeding, but thankfully it didn’t end up needing stitches. She was so good about it all. She didn’t even cry. I think she handled it better than I did.

Tuesday was Mardi Gras of course! Ronnie had the day off of work, but he took the rest of the week off for vacation so he could spend time at home with us. I think he was trying to keep me from going insane. He knows how wild vacations are around here with these heathens. We didn’t go to any parades this year. Jordan has so many sensory issues, and she can’t take the loud music. She gets overwhelmed and cries. Instead of partying, we scrapbooked! Well, the girls and I did. Ronnie and Brandon did “suitable boy things”. Here are a few of the pages I made this week…

My 27th birthday photos…


A layout of Brandon and his Paw Paw…


Last but not least, one of Ronnie and I in honor of Valentine’s Day!


The first two layouts were paper scrapbook pages, but the last one is digital. I used an adorable love themed kit from Sue Cummings and Ashalee Wall called Artistic Heart.

We didn’t do anything much on Wednesday. This whole week has been very relaxing. (In spite of all of the fighting!) Ronnie has been helping me around the house. We’ve done some cleaning, and a few projects. Mostly we’ve just enjoyed our down time. Ronnie did go outside and wash all of the cars. I think he was starting to get bored with all of his napping. I caught this photo of Brandon and Jordan petting Lady in the morning. Just hanging out in our pajamas. Fun stuff!


Jordan had her usual therapy appointments on Thursday. Ronnie watched Brandon so I got to go back with Jordan and watch her do her physical therapy. She works so hard, and I’m so proud of her! She rode her horse in the evening, and the whole family went with her to watch. I wasn’t sure how it would go because Jordan got really mad that they switched her horse. She started out riding Kit Kat at 2 years old. Jordan is almost 6 now, so 4 years of riding the same horse! She called Kit Kat “her horse”. Now they need Kit Kat for an older child to ride, and Jordan rides a smaller horse because she’s weighs less. Her new horse’s name is Sunflower. During this last session, Jordan was a little more agreeable to riding Sunflower thank goodness!

Today I had to bring Lady in to the vet for her yearly shots, and examination. She was NOT happy. At first she sat on the passenger seat of the van like a good girl. Then she realized where we were going and started trying to get down. She did pretty well at the vet. She didn’t try to bite anyone this time! They took blood, cut her nails, and all of that fun stuff. She was shedding so badly though. I had Dr. Greg listen to her lungs because she has been coughing a lot lately and sounding wheezy. He said she has an upper respiratory infection and she needed antibiotics. $200 dollars later… we were done.

She is still mad at me. I am the evil person who brought her to the vet. As far as her cancer goes, it doesn’t seem to be spreading quickly so far. My concern about her coughing so much and sounding congested is that the cancer may have moved to her lungs. Dr. Greg says we’ll see if the antibiotics clear her up. If they don’t, we’ll have chest x-rays done to see.

I’m so thankful that we got our tax return in so we could afford to pay her vet bill outright. We also were able to pay off three other bills! I know, it’s weird that I’m excited about paying off bills, but I totally am. Ronnie and I decided about two years ago to try to live as debt free as we possibly could. We are slowly paying off everything we owe, and we are not putting anything on credit anymore at all. If we don’t have the cash to buy it, we don’t. We’ve been spending more time as a family doing things that cost little to no money. Like playing board games and going to local parks. It’s been hard at times, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end!

This Weeks Journaling Question:

What is your biggest vice?

My addiction to coffee is probably my biggest vice. I used to smoke, but I gave that up over six years ago. I haven’t had a drink since 2009. I don’t have many vices at all anymore, but I get very cranky if I don’t have my coffee, so I’d say that’s the biggest one. My friend Michelle would say my biggest vice is enabling other people into buying scrapbook supplies. LOL I can’t get in trouble all on my own. I have to take other people down with me!

Until next time…


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

vice? I have none! bwaaa haa and coffee. Sounds like you have had quite a week.

Pinky said...

I love that cake it looks delish I am going to google KING CAKE
Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

kim said...

i would say coffee is my vice too.

ironically we had a broken glass issue too this week. sofia got a bad cut from it on her hand. had to take her to the doctors. she is fine but a drama queen and so she didn't use her hand for 4 days straight.

nice scrapbooking pics.

Heather Landry said...

@ Kim, I tried to go comment on your blog, but it says your profile is blocked? I'm so sorry Sophia got hurt! I'm hoping she's okay now!

Agnes said...

So glad you posted, Heather, I love coming here :-)

You used to smoke?

Heather? The first picture of Jordan totally cracks me up, LOL

Heather Landry said...

@Agnes, I'm trying to post every Friday at least. Not guaranteeing it'll happen. Sometimes life gets in the way! Yes, I used to smoke. I was quite a rebellious teen and young adult. Thank goodness, I grew out of it.

The Scrappy Tree said...

That cake looked amazing! Is it a special one for Mardi Gras? In Britain we have Shrove Tuesday which is also pancake day!

Heather Landry said...

@ The Scrappy Tree, Yes, It's a cake made at Mardi Gras time here in Louisiana. It's quite good!

Elizabeth said...

A vice? Is it possible I don't have one? Okay, okay, I feed my emotions.

Helen said...

great cooking Heather .. love Jordan's face ;)

I like the idea of your weekly journal - I have never had a coffee - can you believe that! LOL!

LOVE what you did with the Artistic Heart collab!

Have a great week Heather!

Amelia said... sweet of the baking :) as for my vice it's also coffee. can't help not to drink coffee in a day...

Leah. said...

Would you believe Terry and I don't even have credit cards anymore? (which is kind of a pain in the ass really.) We found it ridiculously hard to pay them off so now we pay cash for everything too. We don't do alot other than the kids extracurricular activities and we like it that way. I think it's good for kids not be out doing stuff ALL the time. We just sort of hang out.

Love the cake!

My vice? Definitely tea and chocolate. I quit smoking, I don't drink. My Mom was giving me a hard time when she was here about how much chocolate I ate but I just looked at her and said " I quit smoking" what do you want from me" LOL! I am trying to switch to dark chocolate which is supposed to be better for you :) A girls gotta have a couple vices though right?