Friday, March 26, 2010

Down With the Sickness


Life has been very busy at the Landry household lately. This is the only photo I’ve taken all week. Yes, I know my children have a gigantic bowl of Fruit Loops and are rocking in their Dad’s recliner with it in the photo. Do I care? Nope. Everyone except Alexis has been really sick with bacterial bronchitis. We’re taking it a minute at a time here, and trying to keep everyone as happy as possible. So when the two little ones wanted to share dry cereal in the recliner together. I gave in to keep the peace. It doesn’t help that I’m super sick either. I’m more inclined to let them do what they want when I don’t feel well. At least they are holding hands. They actually cuddle and act like they like each other when they are sick.

Today it appears that Brandon has a stomach virus on top of his bronchitis. Either it’s a stomach virus, or he’s having a reaction to his antibiotics. Either way, it’s pretty gross! So I don’t have much to share as I’ve been busy sleeping and cleaning up after all of the other sick people here. I won’t bore you with all of the mundane details. Hopefully next week will be better, and I’ll have something happy to post about!


Agnes said...

Oh no! Hope you guys get well soon :-)

The Scrappy Tree said...

Oh my goodness, hope you are all feeling better soon!

Leah. said...

Get better soon!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Big hug. Feel better soon. shoot me an email after the Dr.

Elizabeth said...

Hopefully you're feeling better now! It sucks being sick.