Monday, March 1, 2010

My Worst Fear

I feel like every time I come here to blog, I say that we had a busy week. This week is no exception! I didn’t even get to blog on Friday like I planned, so you’re getting a Monday update instead!

Not this past Saturday but the one before it (Feb. 20), we had company most of the day. My in-laws came over, and we had lunch together. The kids love playing with them, and they are really close. That night after they left, Ronnie and I took the kids out to Coldstone for ice cream. You don’t know what good ice cream is if you’ve never been to Coldstone. They have THE best coffee ice cream ever! (No, I don’t just like it because it has caffeine in it, but that IS a plus!)

Sunday brought what it usually does at my house… NASCAR. All day long. I don’t mind too much because it means I get to scrapbook! I’ll share a few layouts later in this post. We also made Rice Crispy treats with the kids but they didn’t turn out too well. I think because it was so very humid.

On Monday I was supposed to have a follow up appointment with the doctor who did my surgery that I had in October. The doctor’s office is about an hour away. I got out in traffic only to find the bridge to New Orleans closed due to severe weather and fog. I had to turn around and come home. Instead of being bummed about it, I came home and made a huge pot of gumbo, and my friend Michelle and I chatted. A good day all around! That appointment is rescheduled for this week. Hopefully the bridge will be open!

Alexis had a psychiatrist’s follow up appointment on Tuesday. She has been very defiant and destructive lately. I swear the child has authority issues! Her doctor continued her prescriptions on the same medicines. I am still concerned about how she’s been doing in school. She brought 3 F’s and 2 D’s home on her last tests. She’s in tutoring for reading, and they keep saying she’s doing better but I don’t see it. She struggles so much. I wish there were a magic wand I could wave to “fix” all of the things she struggles with.

I had to have a locksmith come out to my house Wednesday morning because Alexis broke the front door lock by hanging off of it. He had it fixed in about 30 minutes, and charged me a fortune. I’m just relieved to have it fixed! It’s important to be able to shut the door. Especially when it’s as cold as it’s been! After he left, Brandon and I were off to run errands.

We had to stop at Party City to pick up a #3 candle for Brandon’s birthday cake. I decided it would be fun to visit the Nature Center a few miles away from the store, so we went. It was a complete debacle! Really. It’s in an really isolated area, and there was another car parked in the parking lot. The man in it STARED at Brandon and I as I got him out the car, and as we starting walking down the nature trails. I don’t even think he blinked! It made me so paranoid that I called Ronnie to tell him where we were in case something happened. After I got down the trails a bit, we noticed a work truck on one of the trails. There were guys working on some of the Nature Center structures, so I worried a bit less knowing someone would hear if I yelled. I know you’re probably thinking I’m completely mental, but a friend of mine told me… “Do you know what they call people who aren’t paranoid?” “Victims.” Yikes! I think I’d rather be called paranoid. Don’t you think?

We were walking around the nature center, and taking photos. Brandon was fascinated with the leaves and seeds on the ground. Then we went out on the piers. They go over the swamp and pond part of the nature center, and there are parts with railings, and parts with NO railings. The piers are only a few feet of of the water. The scenery was so pretty. Brandon and I were ambling along, when I looked down and saw an alligator in the water. I kid you not. I freaked out. I told Brandon to SHHHHHHHH!!! (Like that helped!) We backed up as quickly as we could. Later, after I got far enough away, I took this photo. My hands were shaking so bad that I had to prop the camera on a railing to steady it.


I am terrified of alligators. This seems to be the day to tell y’all how paranoid I am, but I am deathly afraid of alligators. I have NIGHTMARES that involve them. At this point, I decided that Brandon and I had had quite enough nature, and we went home. LOL I did get some other photos before I got freaked out. I put them into a collage (thanks for the inspiration Helen!) to share them quickly with you all.

Nature Conservatory

Thursday was a rather calm day. Jordan had therapy in the morning, but her horse riding session got cancelled due to the cold. I know that Northerners have it much worse than we do this time of year, but the reason I live in Louisiana is because I like to be warm. This Winter has been the coldest I can remember. It’s even snowed twice. I am so ready for Spring to get here!

I spent most of Friday baking Brandon’s birthday cake. I didn’t get a photo of it before he pulled the train off of it and ruined my fabulous design. It’s okay though. The birthday boy gets to do what he wants right?

We had Brandon’s 3rd birthday party at The Bounce House in Mandeville, La. on Saturday. He absolutely refused to jump. He just played the arcade games with Ronnie’s parents. He kept bringing my Mom the tickets he got from the games, so we called her the “Ticket Master”. It was too funny! My brother came, and I was shocked to see that he had dyed his hair blue. Not dark blue. Cookie Monster shocking neon blue! I picked on him all day. Jordan Jasmine was fascinated. She has now informed me that she wants pink hair when she grows up. Thanks Uncle Jordan! Good roll model skills there. =0P

I can not believe my baby is three. I really, really can’t. It seems like yesterday he was teeny tiny and I was bringing him home from the hospital. Where did all of the time go?

Bubs Bday

I spent yesterday trying to recuperate from Saturday’s party. I cleaned the house in the morning, and then I settled in to Scrapbook! Here are a few layouts that I completed on the past two Sundays!






Last but not least…

The journaling question for this week: I’ve revealed my fears in this post, now it’s time to hear yours!

What is your worst fear?


Michelle said...

My worst fear is losing one of my kids. Or something happening to Greg and I and leaving them parentless. Lots of great pics and pages!!!

kim said...

nice post. My boys used to break locks off our doors and gates all the time in our old house. for some reason they never try to "escape" now that we

I swear this past few weeks is everyone in blog-world's several of the blogs I read have babies turn 3 as well. happy birthday!

My one odd fear is of tidal waves! I have nightmares about them all the time. In my dreams everything will be fine then all of a sudden a tidal wave comes out of nowhere. When we lived in California this was obviously a real fear since we often went to places along the coast, like the zoo and parks were agianst the ocean but here in PA I don't think a tidal wave will be getting

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

I agree...a little paranoia is normal, and safe. Especially when it comes to alligators and strangers. My worst fear...hmmmmmm......I am afraid of everything. lol...seriously tho...everything!

Jules said...

My fear are natural disasters, lol. Well, i'm serious, i'm afraid those could happen to me and to my place. I understand being paranoid especially on strangers and alligators, goodness! I think if i were on your situation, i'll run than took a shot of it. =D

Btw, happy birthday little boy! =D

The Brown Mestizo

Herrien said...

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sarah said...

beautiful photos heather. love the nature center ones.

and yikes about the door breaking. glad you had someone come and fix it. :)

you've been busy with those LOs. love all of the misting you've done! GORGEOUS!

have a good one.


AMKrogsgaard said...

My worst fear: storms and tornadoes. Yes, we do have them way up north, here. In fact, one hit our area this past summer. Unbeknownst to us, it chased us to the town we watched the storm from, then we sort of drove through it heading back to our own town...we found out the next day a tornado had hit it. Lucky and crazy, all at the same time!

Next would have to be spiders...and all things creepy, crawly

Solo said...

My worst fear was when the lightning burns our clothes that was hanging outside of the house. I am so scared that time, i almost think that that was our last day. Lol.

Btw, the photos are so beautiful. ;D

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Leah. said...

Okay I know it's not funny but that comment!!!!

People that aren't paranoid being victims? It's funny! That is creepy about the guy??? WTF!

LOVE Brandon's cake. You should really bake cakes for a living.

Love the gator. Thanks for answering all my retarded questions about them.

Cold? Bah. You are wimpy :)

I'm amazed at how many people fear natural disaster. I never really think of that but then again we don't get much of that kind of weather up here. I guess I could be afraid of being buried alive under all our snow ;)
Seriously, I'm afraid of germs. Mostly because doctors are stupid. I'm afraid I'll get something and they won't be able to fix it because they are incompetent. Case in point my Dad. That and losing the kids. BIG FEAR there.

Miss you much.

Elizabeth said...

That's to strange how those two turtles are out behind the gator, perhaps they figure they can't be seen?

Fear, I fear the past - as in people from the past coming to harm me.

The Scrappy Tree said...

My worst fear is heights! I get dizzy watching people go high up on the tv! lol
Love your nature walk pics - the most exciting thing we get here is the odd grey squirrel!