Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Awakening

Oh how I love Spring! The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the grass is turning green again. Green grass makes for much cuter pictures of my kiddos when they are outside playing. This past week was a little laid back. Brandon and I spent a lot of time outside in the afternoons. I would bring my book and coffee outside while he played in the yard. Here comes the update!

My mother-in-law came up on Monday to babysit Brandon so I could go to my doctor’s appointment. The appointment went so quickly that she didn’t have to watch him for too long. She stayed for a while after I got back and she and I took Brandon outside to play. He was in heaven with all of the attention focused on him.

Tuesday was a stay at home day. For being a “stay at home Mom”, I’m sure not home much lately. So I really enjoyed being able to hang out and catch up on chores. I made a huge pot of red beans and took photos so I could share the recipe here on my blog. (See post below.)

Brandon had his first dentist appointment Wednesday. I was really worried about how he would react. He didn’t do too badly. He cried a bit, but he didn’t fight us. The dentist says that his teeth look good. No cavities! That’s great news. What wasn’t great news was the bill. Yikes! I think I’m going to look into dental insurance again since Brandon has to go every 6 months for a check up. The only thing Brandon liked about his dentist appointment was his new toothbrush and the new patient t-shirt he got. He insisted on putting the shirt on right away.

Wednesday was St. Patrick’s Day too, so I ran around looking for green things for the girls to wear. Jordan ended up wearing a green bow that I salvaged off of one of the presents at my baby shower for Brandon years ago. I asked Jordan to let me take a few photos of her because I thought she looked cute. These are what I got. She’s such a little imp.



Jordan’s therapies got cancelled on Thursday because one of her instructors was out sick, and I didn’t want to make her miss school for only one therapy appointment. So she went to school and I stayed home and cleaned up the house and played trains with Brandon. If I had $1.00 for every time I’ve played trains… I’d probably be rich. It makes him happy though, so I do it.

We got report cards when the girls came home on Thursday. Alexis did pretty well. (All A’s and B’s except for one C in Math.} I don’t have the heart to fuss about a C. Especially with how much I HATE Math. She also had a note on her report card that the teacher is requesting a conference. I think her teacher has a LOT of nerve for writing that in the comment section considering that I have been requesting a conference with her from the beginning of the year with no response. I was even thinking about going to the principal to complain next week. I left a message for the teacher to call me back about scheduling the conference SHE requested… and I’ve yet to hear back from her. It’s ridiculous!

Friday was another stay at home day. I got some scrapbooking done, and spent some more time cleaning and hanging around outside with Brandon. All in all a pretty decent week. I’ll take it!

Here are a few of the Scrapbook pages I’ve done…



I’m on a bit of an Easter kick trying to finish scrapbooking last year’s Easter photos before this Easter. I don’t think it’ll work. I have entirely too many.


Michelle said...

Glad to see spring has made it down where you are.. could you please send it up this way?? Make the plants start budding sooner? We saw A robin about a week and a half ago. Could you send the rest up north here?? LOL I love that atleast the snow is gone, but I won't get my hopes up until after Easter that winter is gone for good. Love all the scrapping you got done, but you need to take a break so I can catch up!! LOL Great pages tho!!!

Agnes said...

LOL Jordan's second picture :-D

Heather! I love the weather too!

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Love the photos of Jordan. Love the layouts. Love your staying at home and playing trains. Love the red beans. Enjoy your weather.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a great week, here's to another!

Helen said...

Yes...spring is wonderful ... autumn has truly arrived here. LOVE that photo of Jordan! (the first one hehehe) Have a great week Heather!

kim said...

I had a teacher like that too with my son in k this year. I wanted a conference from the beginning but then she never got back to me and we never ended up meeting at all and I just switched schools. Glad i did though. I just had a feeling the teacher/school wasn't a good fit for him.

Leah. said...

Hee, hee. Love the funny face Jordan is making. That green bow in her hair is so cute!!!!

Yeah for spring!

The Scrappy Tree said...

Supercute pics of your dd!! :)