Friday, April 30, 2010

Autism Blog Hop RAK Winner

I plugged the names from all of the comments, and all of my followers into and the winner is…

April 26, 2010 9:01 AM

Hi Heather my son has AS...I love your scrapbook layout that you have there promoting tolerance. I agree 100% and I know that collectively us Momma Warriors will be the ones to change the world for our kids by raising awareness. It must be difficult to have more than one child with disabilities but if everyone knew how special and wonderful our kids are and how we never take for granted a word or a hug -they would know true love like we do! Thanks for raising awareness -I am now a follower. TAke Care, cheryl

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!!!

Cheryl, if you send me your address to I’ll get your RAK right out to you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Layout Sharing

I have a few layouts to share because I haven't done that in forever. So here goes! You can click on the image to be taken to a larger photo where you'll also be able to see the products I used and a longer description.

If you would like to see the tutorial on how I did the leaves on the last layout, you can stop by this post on the Ideas for Scrapbookers blog.

Sunshine Award

***If you are looking for the Ideas for Scrapbookers Autism Blog Hop, please scroll down. The deadline to enter is tonight at midnight!***

I got a blog award yesterday from a scrapbooking buddy of mine! Thank you so very much Tabbetha! I really appreciate it.


These are the rules of the Sunshine Award:

1. Put the Sunshine Award on your blog and/or within your post.

2.Pass the award to 12 other Bloggers.

3.Link the nominees within your post.

4. Let them know they received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award.

I’m supposed to pass it on to 12 other bloggers, so here goes…

1. Pammy’s blog is so informative, and well organized. If you are a scrapbooker, you don’t want to miss her blog!

2. Sarah’s blog is so fun, and her scrapbook pages are always darling. Plus, you get to look at photos of her fur babies. Who could resist?!

3. Nancy keeps me from going insane. Well… who am I kidding? I’m already there. She keeps me from getting worse. You should check her out. She’s a true super woman!

4. My buddy Michelle. She cracks me up all the time, and we spend HOURS on the phone! She’s so sweet, and her scrapbook pages are gorgeous!

5. Julie is an amazing writer. It’s almost like you are there experiencing her day with her. Her kids are darling too, and she let’s people live in her guest room. (Too bad it’s full, or I’d try to move in. LOL She seems like she’d be a blast to hang out with.)

6. Liz is a crafting dynamo! She’s always got projects going and her quilts are absolutely fabulous. I want to sew like her when I grow up.

7. Leah is my sister from another Mother. We are so alike that it’s creepy sometimes! She’s a fantastic digi scrapbooker, and she just opened her own photography business. She rocks!

8. Jane is an amazing photographer, and a wonderful grandmother. She spoils her grandson rotten, but that’s what grandma’s are supposed to do right?

9. Helen is a fantastic digital scrapbooker, she’s on more creative team’s that I would know what to do with, and she ROCKS them all. You have to check out her layouts. You will be blown away!

10. Jana isn’t a close personal friend, but her blog is amazing and so are her pages. If you are looking for scrapbook sketches, she’s definitely your girl!

11. Agnes is a beautiful world traveler who makes me wish I wasn’t terrified of flying. Her blog is a thing of beauty. She’s a wonderful writer.

12. Amanda is a digi and paper scrapbooker just like me! I don’t meet too many girls that do both. Plus, she’s on the DT at one of my favorite places to shop. Her blog is super cute!

All right girls! Now you get to pick up your award, and pass it on. I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Animal Magnetism

***If you are looking for the Ideas for Scrapbookers Autism Blog Hop, please scroll down. The winner of the blog hop RAK will be chosen on April 30th.***

I definitely believe that I’m telling the story of my life with my photography habit. Take the photo below for example. It shows an eclectic mix of my little boy’s treasures he gathered on our walk last Thursday. He picked me flowers, and threw them in the bag with his trains. They got all smushed, but I didn’t care a bit. It’s the thought that counts. Right now these beat up blooms have a place of honor on my kitchen table. Every single time I see them, I smile. DSC01417

I even made a layout with the photos when we got home just because I didn’t want to forget a single thing he did or said. Adventure55_1

There really is nothing like digital scrapbooking for instant gratification! I’d never give up my paper, but I love the fact that if I’m feeling inspired by my photos I can scrap them right away digitally.

My Mom and my niece Alexis B. spent the weekend with us so the little kids and I wouldn’t be lonely. Ronnie and my daughter (Alexis A.) were out of town. I don’t like staying alone in my house, so it was the perfect time to have a sleepover. The sleep over was wild, and you’ll have to take my word for it because I’m sure my Mom won’t want me posting photos of her in her jammies.

On Sunday we went to a local wild life preserve that I’ve been dying to visit. Ronnie just never seemed to want to go with me even though I had free vouchers, and they were about to expire. Mom and I decided to take the kids and just go. I’m so glad we did. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had a wonderful time. Of course, you know I took photos…

This is the tractor/wagon that took us around to see all of the animals.

Here are the three heathens at the beginning of the trip. They loved throwing food to the animals. The wildlife preserve loved it too. Especially since food was $1.00 a cup. We won’t even discuss how much I spent on food. 

I am the biggest kid of them all, so I bought my own cup of food as well. I fed two animals before the kids stole my cup. Parenthood is so awesome sometimes. I didn’t mind, because really. Their tongues were disgusting, and I kept dreaming of hand sanitizer. Ick.

These guys were my favorites. Their names are Abu and Aladdin. Aladdin is older than Abu, and he really didn’t want to get up off the ground. Abu kept irritating him until Aladdin growled and snapped at him, but he got up. They reminded me of my kids. The trainer/guide was so knowledgeable and funny. She was even helping them pull off their Winter coats while she talked to us. Trust me, they don’t need their coats because it was 80 degrees that day!

You may be wondering where my husband and Alexis were during all of this? They were in Talladega, Alabama for the NASCAR race. It’s a yearly trip that they make together, and I think it’s wonderful that they get to spend time with each other one on one without the other kids.

They had a really fun time, and Ronnie made Lexie pose with him in front of all of the cars. It makes me smile, because he does it so he’ll have photos to bring me so I can scrapbook. It’s the little things in life that let me know he loves me. DaleJr.

I’m so glad everyone is home now. I feel like a chicken that’s been trying to get everyone back in the nest where they belong. Now that they are here again, I can relax. (Mostly!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ideas For Scrapbookers Autism Blog Hop

Types of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Thanks for joining the Ideas For Scrapbookers blog hop today.  If you've been hopping along, you just came from Cathy's blog where you learned about the signs of Autism.  If you've just joined the hop, you can get a list of all the participating Artists here.  I'm going to be sharing some of the types of autism with you today.

There are three different types of ASDs:

Autistic Disorder (also called “classic” autism)
This is what most people think of when hearing the word “autism.”  People with autistic disorder usually have significant language delays, social and communication challenges, and unusual behaviors and interests. Some people, about 25% of those with an ASD also have intellectual or cognitive challenges.

Asperger Syndrome People with Asperger syndrome usually have some milder symptoms of autistic disorder.  They might have social challenges and unusual behaviors and interests.  They typically do not have intellectual challenges.  While they usually do not have problems with forming words and speaking, they may have problems with language pragmatics (the use and rules of language).

Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)
People who meet some of the criteria for autistic disorder or Asperger syndrome, but not all, may be diagnosed with PDD-NOS. People with PDD-NOS usually have fewer and milder symptoms than those with other autistic disorders.  The symptoms might cause only social and communication challenges.

To learn more, please visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I’d like to share a layout I made using the autism colors a little while back. I have two special needs children, so I thought that reminding people to teach their children (and other people) to be tolerant and understanding of special needs would be an appropriate topic.

I am also offering a surprise RAK here on my blog to one lucky person who leaves a comment! (I haven’t had time to take a photo this morning!) Feel free to become a follower of my blog, and you’ll get an extra entry!

Next stop on the blog hop is Dolores who will be sharing information about the diagnosis process of Autism.

Monday, April 19, 2010

How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls?

Jordan’s birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated her birthday last weekend. I made her a rainbow cake that she saw in Family Fun magazine a few months ago. She was so thrilled with it, and I was thrilled that it only took a few minutes to make. Much easier than fondant! 

Here is a close up of the finished cake. The jellybeans tasted so funny to me, but she liked it. That’s what is important!

The reason why we had Jordan’s birthday party last weekend instead of on her birthday this weekend, is because she rode in her first horse show this past weekend. Check out those pink boots, and the pink bandanna. She also had a pink cowgirl hat, but she had to wear her helmet for riding. She met several new friends at the horse show including another little girl with cerebral palsy. It nearly broke my heart because she was so excited to find another little girl “just like her”. I exchanged numbers with her Mom so that we can get the two of them together in the future.

After everyone finished riding, they had an awards ceremony and Jordan won “Best Equineship” which is about how she “trains” her horse gently and carefully. She was absolutely thrilled. We are all so proud of all of Miss Jordan’s achievements!

After she accepted her award, she went back to our table to celebrate her win by eating petit fours. She might be a cowgirl, but she’s still a girlie girl!

A Pug’s Life Template Freebie

I thought it would be fun to share a sketch and template from one of the layouts I did for the GCD Studios spotlight on the Ideas for Scrapbookers blog. Here is the page I made of my spoiled rotten pug Lady Belle.

This is the sketch. If you just want to save the sketch feel free to right click and click on "Save Image As". You don't have to go to the download link.


If you want the layered digital template that corresponds with the sketch, you will need to go to the link below to download. Please respect my TOU!

Don't forget to send your completed pages to Pammy for the reader's spotlight posts on the Ideas for Scrapbookers blog!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

GCD Studios Lydia Spotlight!

I have awesome news! The girls at Ideas for Scrapbookers were asked to work with GCD Studios paper for a manufacturer spotlight. We were all so thrilled to be asked!

Here are the layouts I came up with using GCD Studios beautiful Lydia collection. The papers are all so richly detailed and the colors are so versatile!

Heather GCD 2

Heather GCD 3

Heather GCD 1

Heather GCD 1b

Want to see what the rest of the design team came up with?

Click here to go see!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don’t Rain on My Parade

I turned 30 this past Saturday. I’ve managed not to have a total breakdown about it. Mostly because I still feel 18 deep down inside. I remember being a child and thinking my Mom was older than dirt when she was in her 30’s. Thirty was incomprehensible to me then but not so much now.

We went to the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans to celebrate not only my birthday, but also Jordan’s 6th birthday which is on the 18th. She’s been asking to go to the Aquarium forever. We accidentally went the same weekend as the French Quarter Festival. Thankfully, we went early in the morning before it got too crowded. We had a good time for the most part, but Ronnie was in a mood. I refused to let him rain on my parade though. I just ignored him. I don’t understand why he has to be so negative sometimes. Sigh.

I got some pretty good photos of the scenery on the River Walk, and at the Aquarium. I thought I’d share a few.

Ronnie’s Mom bought Jordan a tutu and headband with flowers on them for her birthday. She put them on right away and she toured the Aquarium looking like a Princess. She was also wearing the pink cowboy boots that Ronnie and I had bought her for her birthday. She’s such a trip. (Later on that day she got a pink cowboy hat from my Mom to go with her pink boots. She is snazzy for sure!)

She especially wanted to see the penguins and was so excited when she “met” them. We bought her a stuffed penguin at the souvenir shop to mark the occasion. She toted it around everywhere.

Aquarium photos are harder to take than I realized, but here are the few photos I got of the actual animals.

This is an alligator with a gene mutation that makes him white with blue eyes. Apparently he’s not albino because his eyes are blue instead of red. He was quite creepy and very BIG.

Ever since I watched that Will Smith movie “7 pounds”, I have a whole new view on jellyfish. Yikes.

I’ll leave you with one final photo that cracks me up every time I see it. Jordan’s frowning, Lexie L. is posing, Lexie B. is getting ready to walk away, and Brandon is completely ignoring me. LOL


No, I didn’t have another kid! That’s my beautiful niece who came with my Mom. I wish I’d have gotten a photo of my Alexis petting the sting rays, but my hands were wet from petting them too. Who knew sting rays felt so slimy?!

Until next time…

Monday, April 5, 2010

Smarty Pants Digital Paper Pack

****The link for part 2 of the paper download is fixed now!!! Sorry about that. Thanks Belle for letting me know!****


I’ve been searching for a really cute teal and grey combo of digital papers for a layout I want to do about my son. Since I couldn’t find any… I made some of my own. These papers are textured, and very detailed. Some of them have cogs or gears. I had a blast making them. You can download with the links below. I split them up into three separate downloads because there are so very many papers! Please respect my TOU, and feel free to link me what you make. I’d love to see!


Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

We had a very eventful but wonderful Easter weekend, and I’ve got a ton of photos to share! I haven’t been taking many photos lately. I think I just got a bit burnt out from Project 365 last year. Well, I remedied that this weekend. BIG time. So here goes…

We dyed Easter eggs on Friday night. We were up very late, but we all had a blast. This year we managed to keep the color on the eggs instead of the table, and ourselves! Always a plus.

They were all so proud of their pretty eggs!

We went down to my grandparent’s house the next morning (Saturday) to celebrate Easter. The great grandkids had a wonderful time playing with the goats and chickens.

Jordan and Alexis B. with a baby chicken. So cute!

My Alexis with Brownie. The brand new baby goat that she got to name! Note the two missing teeth. That happened this past week. She was thrilled, and the tooth fairy is now broke!

Brandon decided that holding goats wasn’t his cup of tea. He decided being a goat would be better. He went in the goat yard and started climbing up the ramp that my grandpa built for the goats. LOL

This is my Mom and my nephew. I just love how the goat and Christian are checking each other out.

After everyone got to my grandparent’s house we took all of the great grandchildren out for their very first boat ride on the house boat. They each took turns “driving” and had an amazing time. In spite of the fact that we made them wear life jackets. Really, you’d have thought we were trying to kill them when we put them on.

The scenery was beautiful. It had been more than 10 years since I’d been out on a boat. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it! The photo below is of our state bird, a brown pelican.

After we got back we had our Easter egg hunt. My grandma’s yard is full of clover. The eggs really stayed hidden well. The kids had to search hard!

After the egg hunt we ate a marvelous lunch that my Mom made, and then it was nap time for the great grandparents! We headed back home to Covington. It’s about a two hour drive so the kids watched The Princess and the Frog again. Thank goodness for DVD players that work in the car.

Here are some photos of the kiddos on Easter morning. I just love how disheveled they look. It makes me smile. It won’t be long before they’re all grown and not excited about Easter baskets anymore.

After the sun came out, I brought the kids outside to do their yearly Spring portraits in their Easter clothes. They pretty much cooperated. These are some of my favorites out of the bunch.

See? Didn’t I tell you I made up for all of the photos I didn’t take this year? LOL I edited the photos with The Pioneer Woman’s free Photoshop Elements actions. Ree rocks!

I’m going to be posting a digital freebie in a bit as well. Just as soon as I get the preview finished. Stick around for that!